Tala Loan App instant MPESA loans: step-by-step guide

Of all the dozens of loan apps in Kenya, Tala loan app remains one of the very best.

And the numbers bear witness to the loan app’s popularity…

Take a look at Tala loan app’s mind-boggling numbers:

  • Number of installations: over 5 million
  • Average rating by borrowers: 4.7 stars out of 5!
  • Number of customer reviews: over 350,000 (most of whom have very positive things to say about Tala loans.
  • Number of Facebook fans: over 540,000
  • Number of Twitter followers: over 15800
  • Number of countries present: 5 (Kenya, Mexico, India, Tanzania, and Philippines)
  • Loans advanced: Over shs.30 billion

Can you now see why Tala loan app (formerly Mkopo rahisi) has consistently been rated Kenya’s number 1 mobile phone loan app?

I personally borrow on Tala and I am not divorcing them any soon.

What I love most about them is the way the reward loyal customers..

For example, Tala has increased my loan limit to shs.28,500 after staying with them for just 1 year. That means I don’t have to beg my banker or friends because of shinda dogo dogo!

Then, if you have been blacklisted by CRB, no worries- Tala will give you another chance (I know that’s music to many people ears!).

And by the way, others are recognizing Tala’s good work…

For instance,  Tala has consistently featured in the prestigious Financial Inclusion Awards .

They have also been nominated by Google for the Google Play store awards in the past.

Anyway, I am here to show you the following..

  • How to download Tala loan app.
  • How to quickly apply for a Tala loan from your phone or via the Tala loan application form online.
  • How to withdraw money from Tala
  • How to pay Tala loan (Tala loan repayment process).
  • How to access bigger loans (Things to do to earn a Tala loan increase).
  • How to reset Tala pin


In short, I will be discussing everything about Tala- easily among the best loan apps in Kenya.

You know I want you to join us- the happy Tala community and feel the warmth of Tala (Ha,ha!)..

I don’t want to take much of your time so let’s start..


How to download Tala loan app (Android and Windows phone)

I know you might know this: You have to download the app to be able to borrow.

Fortunately, Tala works for both Android phones and Window Phones.

Here are the downloading steps.

Tala App Download for Android Mobile  (Tala app download uptodown )

  1. Now, if you’re reading this from an Android smartphone, simply click this link. It takes you to Google playstore. Be sure to click Install as soon as the app opens from your store.
  2. You can as well head over to your phone’s Google Playstore and type Tala App Loan. This triggers an in-store search and the app will show up on your screen within seconds. Simply click Install to commence the installation. Either way, remember to allow the app the permissions it requests for.
  3. Of course, you will need to wait as the app installs- it shouldn’t take long since it’s not a big application.

Before I explain how you’re supposed to register on Tala and borrow loans, let’s help out our Windows phone users to also download the Tala loan app.

Tala loan app for Windows phone

If you’re using a Windows Phone, rush to the Microsoft store by clicking here. Click Get as soon as the link opens.

Side note:

Sadly, the Tala loan app for iPhone isn’t available as yet since iPhones have stricter security controls and will block Tala’s access to some data that’s needed when advancing you loans.

I hope that you have by now uploaded the app and that you’re ready and excited to proceed with the next steps.

Allow me to now guide you on how to feed your details into the app followed by how to make a loan application.

How to quickly apply for a Tala loan from your phone or via the Tala loan application form online

Like I mentioned above, you have to key in some of your personal details before accessing the Tala loan application form in Kenya.

Do this:

  1. Click the Open tab (Highlighted in Green) to open your newly-downloaded Tala loan app.
  2. On the next screen, click Sign up
  3. Now type in your Safaricom Telephone number (on the space that comes up on your screen) then click Verify.
  4. Tala soon sends a verification code to your phone and it should automatically place itself on the placeholder. Press next.
  5. Not its time to complete the rest of the details- Name, ID number, date of birth, Education level, etc. You will also be required to create a strong 4-digit password.
  6. Most of the steps are straightforward so you should be done in less than 3 minutes.


Filling in the Tala loan application form

To request for a loan:

  1. Open your app (if you had exited) and click Apply Now (otherwise, click Apply now directly).
  2. Answer all the questions in the form accurately. For example, you’ll be asked about how you’ll be using the loan (personal or business expense) and so forth.
  3. Also, remember to specify if you have any outstanding loans and practically everything else.
  4. Click Next after every answer. Don’t forget to review the final details when presented just to be sure before progressing.
  5. After you’re through with everything, the system will quickly evaluate your application and then determine how much Tala will advance you.
  6. And then, Boom! a message comes to your screen congratulating you on getting the specified loan. Click Accept this offer so that the cash can be sent to your Mpesa number.

And that’s all.

As you have seen, the steps are pretty much similar to other personal loan apps download and online loan applications.

Tala Loan App
Courtesy: Tala

How to withdraw money from Tala

The cash is instantaneously sent to your MPESA so you can withdraw from your favorite MPESA agent the normal way.


How to pay Tala loan (Tala loan repayment process).

To Repay your Tala loan:

  1. Go to your MPESA menu and open Lipa na MPESA.
  2. Choose PayBill
  3. Type Tala Paybill number 851900
  4. Now type your MPESA phone number (the one you used when registering on Tala) as your account number.
  5. Then enter the amount, your MPESA pin, and finally press OK.
  6. If Okay with the details, wait for the confirmation text from Tala and MPESA.

Another advantage of Tala is that you can make your loan repayments mdogo mdogo (in installments) as long as you will have cleared the entire loan by the set due date.

You can always check your outstanding balance by opening your Tala loan app (it’s always shown on the Tala app dashboard).

Tala Paybill

I have previously indicated that Tala paybill number is 851900. Remember that to make any loan repayments via Tala paybill, you have to use the telephone number you had signed up on Tala with.

Tala interest rates and loan terms

Tala loan app has varied terms depending on your loaned amount and preferred repayment duration.

In general, the loan app lets you choose your most comfortable repayment term after which it determines the applicable charges as follows:

  • If you select a 21-days repayment term, you will be charged between 5-11% of your loan as a one-time service fee.
  • If you opt for 30-days term, the one-time fee will rise to about 7-15% of your debt.

The service fee percentage starts high but reduces with more borrowings (and timely repayments).

Tala Mkopo Rahisi terms and conditions summary

  • One-time service fee: 5-15% of the principal.
  • Minimum repayment time: None. You can make your repayments any time after loan disbursement.
  • Maximum repayment time: 21-30 days
  • Penalty on late payment: 8% of the principal (one time). Further interest may be charged on late loans.
  • Effective APR on Tala loans: 85.17-182.5%.

To make this a bit clear, if you take a shs. 50 loan for 21 days, charged at 11% service fee, your total amount due will be shs.55.50  if you repay on/before the due date.

Tala loan limit

Having said that, Tala maximum loan limit stands at Sh 30,000.

Coming up next are some tips to help you qualify for these bigger loans from Tala…

How to access bigger loans (Things to do to earn a Tala loan increase)

If you want bigger loans, try to first and foremost make timely loan repayments. If possible, don’t even wait for the deadline if you have some funds available.

In addition, you’re likely to qualify for a fatter loan if your MPESA is busy. For this reason, try to channel most of your cash receipts and payments via your MPESA wallet.

You can, for example, pay school fees, water bills, and even shop using MPESA. Likewise, ask your debtors to send your money to MPESA.

The increased activity certainly indicates a better financial standing and will see Tala enhancing your credit limit eventually.

I should add that you should as well be punctual in paying loans from elsewhere (if you borrow from other Apps) if you wish to see your Tala loan limit grow.


How to reset Tala pin

If for some reason you forgot your Tala PIN, the system makes it easy to make a PIN reset.

Here is what you should do:

  1. Open your Tala App then select the Forgot Pin
  2. Now type your national ID number. The system will shortly send you a temporary Tala PIN via SMS.
  3. You will enter this New PIN in the app to login after which you will be prompted to create a new PIN.

If you can’t get a way out at all, contact the Tala contacts given below for assistance.

Tip: You should follow these same steps if you want to change your PIN.

What to do if your PIN is blocked

You are supposed to capture a clear photo of your ID (both sides) then send a message to Tala (using email, Facebook, or chat) briefly explaining that your PIN was blocked.

It will be unblocked and communication made to you to that effect.

Update Tala App

People ask: Why should I update Tala app yet its running smoothly?

Well, you have plenty of reasons to do so..

To begin with, you need to update your Tala app to enjoy enhanced security for your personal data.

Besides, Tala is always improving the app to make it more interactive.

Lastly, you may miss out on the app’s new features if you’re using an outdated version.

Which brings me to the question: How then do you update your installed Tala loan app?

I say, simple!

Just follow these steps:

  1. Connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi or load enough bundles.
  2. Then Go to Google Play store and Open
  3. Under the Previously Installed Apps Section (near the top) Scroll to where your Tala loan app is then Click on it.
  4. Now tap on the Update option if shown (Note that the Update button shows only when updates are available). Absence of the Update icon means that the app is up-to-date.


Tala loan contacts

If you’re stuck or want any help from the friendly Tala customer care team, simply use the myriad Tala loan contacts as explained below to get in touch.

Tala loan app official website: https://tala.co.ke (you can initiate a live chat with a Tala customer care agent)

Email contact: hellokenya@talamobile.com

Tala contacts phone number:

Tala SMS contact‎: ‎ 21991


Tala contacts on social media

Tala Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/talakenya

Tala Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/talamobile?lang=en

Tala instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talamobile

Tala on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tala-mobile/


Tala loan app: Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

I will now tackle your other typical questions on Tala.

What happens if i don t pay Tala loan

I will tell you this: that might not be a very bright idea.

I know that life is unpredictable and you might have fallen into further problems after borrowing but overall, things will be tough if you join the infamous Tala loan defaulters club.

I say so because your details will be submitted to the dreaded CRB and you won’t like the repercussions..

First, it will be next to impossible to get further loans from any other app or bank.

I don’t want to remind you that you could be even jeopardizing your future employment chance given that some employers ask for a CRB clearance when hiring.

Not only that:

Tala has contracts with external debt collectors and they will soon be on your neck with incessant calls and other inconvenient actions.

In short, just pay back your Tala loan.

In any case, timely payments will make you an attractive borrower and Tala will readily award you bigger amounts with time.


Very well!

Help! My phone was registered to another account

If your phone had been already registered by another person, tell him/her to contact Tala and confirm that they will no longer be using Tala on the phone.

They should send a message bearing their full name and mobile phone number from their Tala-registered line via SMS 21991.

You will soon be sorted.

How does Tala app work?

Like other Top 20 Loan Apps in Kenya, Tala relies in your phone data to weigh your creditworthiness and to issue loans.

The app accesses crucial details by scanning your MPESA SMS transaction messages to get a glimpse of your current financial situation.

It also uses this information to validate your identity so it’s difficult to cheat the system.

It’s worth noting that the software is very secure so your data remains safe.

Furthermore, Tala doesn’t pass over your private details to other parties without you consenting.

Can I pay Tala loan using another number?

Sure, yes.

But the number you’re paying from must itself not have a Tala loan. Then, remember to quote your Tala-registered number as the account number in the MPESA paybill steps highlighted above.

When paying for a friend or another person from your phone, type that person’s Safaricom Tala-registered number as account number.

How do I reapply for another loan at Tala?

If you’re after another loan, simply log in to your app and click Apply loan.

For older borrowers, simply login to your app then Click Apply loan.

How long does Tala loans take to be approved?

Tala loans are approved instantly and sent to your MPESA as long as you have provided all the details in the application form.

Can I borrow from my current Tala account with my new phone? I lost my previous phone

If you have a new Android smartphone, download the updated Tala App. The app will automatically prompt you to get in touch with Tala so as to link your new phone to your old Tala account.

How do I contact Tala customer care?

Use SMS 21991 or email: hellokenya@talamobile.com

You can also elect to use the other Tala contacts I listed earlier on.


What is Tala?

Tala is one of the best apps to apply loan from in Kenya but actually runs an international operation since it raises funds from global lenders and loans the same to its clients in Kenya, India, Philippines, etc.

The app is available for download from Android and Windows phones.

Tala is owned by an American-based finance company.


At some point in our lives, whether you are studying, starting a family, or busy building a career, there will be instances where you need money real fast.

That’s where Tala loan app comes in.

I have explained everything thoroughly and I believe you will benefit from Tala.

Please drop me your comment if you would like any clarification.

Good luck!



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