PSC Kenya to hire thousands of interns

The government is moving in to ease the biting job crisis and is now offering to recruit thousands of interns into various state departments through the Public Service Commission (PSC Kenya).

According to the Public Service Commission (PSC Kenya) chairman Stephen Kirogo, the state will recruit about 3000 interns beginning August at a monthly stipend of shs.25000.

Interns will be expected to commence duty at their new work stations as from mid-September and are to be selected from countrywide.

In fact, PSC Kenya plans to hire at least 30 job seekers from every constituency in Kenya through a competitive selection process.

Speaking to the National Assembly of Kenya Committee on National Cohesion, Kirogo said that already the arrangements are at an advanced stage and the commission is currently drafting the guiding policy to help streamline the process.

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“We (shall) start the recruitment process in August and interested qualified individuals shall be expected to apply straight to the PSC” said Mr Kirogo.

It’s worth noting that Kenya has been registering dismal numbers in terms of job creation in the formal employment sector.

The last one year has been particularly awful in terms of white color job creation, as according to statistics, less than 80000 new formal jobs emerged in Kenya’s formal employment segment.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of fresh graduates are joining the market each year.

Yet, Kenya’s unemployment rate is among the worst in the continent – it currently stands at an estimated 40%.

This makes the government’s move more welcome.

According to PSC Kenya fresh college and university graduates will get a chance to hone crucial market –driven skills and learn on the job.

It’s noteworthy that employers have always complained that fresh graduates lack market readiness skills in addition to specialized experience so this could be a win-win.

At the same time, about 60000 civil servants will be retiring in the next three years so it’s also an opportunity for the government to ease the job crisis in Kenya’s civil service as the new interns assume the positions of retiring workers.

Parliament has already allocated shs.1 billion to the commission to cater for the internship recruitment drive.

Details about the minimum qualifications and the exact hiring process are expected to be available from the upcoming internship advert.

We shall post the details as soon as we get them.

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