Services you will be denied for not registering for Huduma Number

It has now emerged that the Government is keen on making sure that everyone has registered for Huduma Number.

You see, a significant number of Kenyans failed to register for Huduma Number – code name for NIIMS (The National Integrated Identity Management System)- despite the prolonged registration period earlier this year.

And now the government is taking action in the form of proposed dire consequences as listed in the proposed Huduma Kenya Bill, 2019.

According to the bill, non-compliant Kenyans will be locked out of essential government services including marriage registration services.

In fact, you will pretty much be like an alien considering the huge number of critical government services you will be denied. Take a look:

Services you will be locked out of if you’re not registered for Huduma number

  • Title deed: you will be unable to purchase or sell land.
  • Marriage registration services.
  • Voter registration- you’ll be unable to vote.
  • Kenya passport including ePassport- it will be impossible to travel abroad.
  • Driving license- This effectively means you can’t drive on Kenyan roads.
  • Mobile phone number- No mobile numbers will be issued to non-registered Kenyans.
  • KRA services- This includes KRA PIN, tax compliance certificate, and tax payment services
  • Trade in Kenya’s financial market- you can’t, for instance, buy/sell shares at the Nairobi Securities Exchange.
  • Banking services- you will be unable to open/operate a bank account
  • Sale or purchase of vehicles- you can’t buy/sell your car.
  • Business name registration services- you will be unable to register a new company/businesses.
  • Utilities- It will be impossible to apply for water / electricity connection to your home/business.
  • Universal health care- You will as well be excluded from accessing universal health care in all public hospitals.
  • Government housing schemes- Recently the government launched the Boma yangu affordable housing initiative and you’ll again miss out.
  • Educational services- You will be blocked from accessing enrolment services in public schools including public universities.
  • Social protection services – you will also be kept out of social protection services like the programme where senior citizens are paid a shs.2000 Monthly stipend.

In short, Huduma number will be a must-have for any state-related service if the bill successfully sails through parliament.

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How to register for Huduma Number from the diaspora

If you live outside Kenya, the government has launched A Huduma Number Online Registration Portal to help you acquire the number. Here is how it goes.

  1. Go to the 
  2. Once there, fill all the required details by on clicking register now button. The system will then issue you with a serial number.
  3. You will then travel to your nearest Kenyan mission and present this number for the second stage of the registration.
  4. At the embassy/consul, your biometrics, passport photo, and ID documents (passport or National ID card and birth certificate for children) will be captured.

That’s all. The government will later communicate where and how to pick your huduma number at a later date.



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