How to buy airtel airtime from mpesa without charges

How to buy airtel airtime from mpesa without charges

Below is how to buy airtel airtime from mpesa without charges..

Now, the best and most convenient way to buy airtime from mpesa to airtel number is by using the mpesa paybill number 207207 – and it is because it doesn’t charge any transaction fees.

So go ahead and try it.

Otherwise, you can try the following paybill numbers:

Mpesa paybill number 707707

Use paybill number 707707 if you are buying airtime below 100 – in short, 707707 is free if you’re buying below Kshs.100 airtime

Mpesa paybill number 573573

You can also go with mpesa paybill number 573573 – here the a/c number is the number you want to buy airtime for

Mpesa paybill number 913 913

The mpesa paybill number 913 913 will also see you get the full amount of airtime you buy getting credited to your account (there is no transaction fee)

Mpesa paybill number 220220

Still, you can get airtime via mpesa paybill number 220220- it is another paybill without any transaction fee.

Mpesa paybill number 215215

An alternative paybill number for mpesa to buy airtel airtime from without paying transaction charges is 215215……

Mpesa paybill number 136136

If you are buying credit below 100, you can opt to use mpesa paybill number 136136 ..just like paybill number 707707, it does not have any fee if you want to buy airtime below 100 kshs.

USSD code *369#

Another way that s free of charge is dialing the USSD code *369#…and then follow keenly the steps (complete the prompts). It is also 100% free of transaction fees

USSD Code *264#

If you find the mpesa paybill number method too tedious, You may also choose to dial USSD Code *264# from your phone- it will also not deduct a penny from your mpesa..

In fact, *264# allows you to  buy airtime for free to all networks


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