Kilifi county sub counties : Wards, Map, and other county details

This article highlights the various kilifi county sub counties as presently constituted.

To start with, there are 7 sub counties in Kilifi County as follows;

Malindi sub county

Malindi borders the world famous Tsavo East national park and comprises of Jilore , Kakuyuni , Ganda, Malindi Town, and Sheila Wards.

In terms of administration and geographical coverage, Malindi is the largest sub county in the whole county.

Kilifi north sub county

Sokoni, Kibarani, Dabaso, Matsangoni,  Watamu, and Mnarani are all in Kilifi north sub county.

Magarini sub county

Magarini brings together Marafa , Magarini , Gongoni , Adu , Garashi , and Sabaki wards/zones


Kaloleni sub county

Mombasa Technical Training Institute is domiciled in Kaloleni sub county.

Mariakani , Kayafungo , Kaloleni , and Mwanamwinga Wards make up Kaloleni sub county.


Kilifi south sub county

Junju , Mwarakaya , Shimo la Tewa , Chasimba,  and Mtepeni  are the wards making up Kilifi south sub county.

Rabai sub county

This is the smallest sub county in terms of the area occupied in Km2.

The four Assembly Wards here are Mwawesa, Kambe/Ribe, Ruruma, and Rabai Kisurutini.

The main inhabitants are wa Rabai, wa Ribe, wa Kambe, wa Giriama, Kambas and several other upcountry Kenyan tribes.


Ganze sub county

Ganze Ward (where Ganze town is), Bamba,   Jaribuni, and  Sokoke Ward are the 4 wards making up Ganze sub county.


Kilifi county map and other details

Kilify county has a total of seventeen (17) divisions, fifty-four (54) locations, and 175 sub-locations as you can see from the map.

Kilifi county sub counties
Courtesy: Kilifi County Government

Kilifi county sub counties : Frequently asked questions

How many sub counties are in Kilifi County?

At the moment, there are seven sub counties in Kilifi county. They are:

  • Ganze sub county
  • Rabai sub county
  • Malindi sub county
  • Kaloleni sub county
  • Magarini sub county
  • Kilifi north sub county
  • Kilifi south sub county

If you look at the Kilifi county map, you will realize that the boundaries of the above Kilifi county sub counties follow the former  divisions in Kilifi sub county.


How many constituencies are there in Kilifi County?

There are 7 constituencies in Kilifi county: Ganze,  Rabai , Malindi, Kaloleni , Magarini , Kilifi north , and Kilifi south constituencies.


How many wards are in Kilifi County?

There are 34 wards in the entire Kilifi county. They are distributed as follows:

Ganze sub county – 4 wards

Rabai sub county – 4 wards

Malindi sub county- 5 wards

Kaloleni sub county-4 wards

Magarini sub county-6 wards

Kilifi north sub county-7 wards

Kilifi south sub county-5 wards


What is the population of Kilifi County?

As per the 2009 census, Kilifi county has about 1,109,735 inhabitants.


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