Mpesa Reversal Failed

Mpesa reversal failed. Know what to do when this happens.

Even though money can be reversed if it is sent to the wrong number, some people realize it too late, after the receiver has already withdrawn.

This may result in “Mpesa reversal failed.” But that isn’t the end of the story…

“Then what?” you’re probably wondering. It’s worth knowing what to do if this ever happens to you.

So, in this article, I’ll tell you what to do if an Mpesa reversal fails.

Let’s get started…


Mpesa reversal failed

There is no need to panic if you are unable to reverse an Mpesa transaction. Do not be alarmed; the Kenyan government has taken precautions to safeguard your funds.

Mpesa reversal failures are most common when the wrong recipient has already used the funds or has refused to accept a reversal.

So, if you are unable to reverse your money using the various reversal methods:

  1. Contact Safaricom customer support to notify the recipient to return the money. Safaricom will engage the recipient to consent to the reversal.

You can as well engage the recipient and negotiate a reversal.

  1. If the recipient refuses to return the money, legal action should be taken. You should contact the police and report the issue, and let them follow up with the issue.

Despite the process being time-consuming (reporting to the police), you will soon receive your money as soon as the person is arrested or charged in court.

People used to get away with it before, but times have changed for the better.

Did you know that failing to reverse Mpesa cash sent to you wrongly can land you in jail?

Well, with the new law in place, withdrawing money sent to the wrong number will now land you in prison.

It is a crime to intentionally hide or hold electronic messages, payments (including Mpesa), and credit and debit card details sent in error, according to the Computer and Cyber Crimes Act of 2018.

According to Section 34, anyone who fails to reverse an erroneous Mpesa payment faces a two-year prison sentence, a Kshs. 200,000 fine, or both.

Anyone attempting to flee with cash sent to them by mistake is easily tracked down.

This is because all Mpesa customers are identified by their national ID numbers, making it easy to identify them whenever this type of crime occurs.

Furthermore, with Kenya’s advanced technology, it’s easy to identify mobile numbers involved in such a crime.

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Mpesa reversal from wrong till number

It’s also possible to recover your money after a wrong buy goods till transaction.

While contacting the recipient may not work in this case, you should call Safaricom Customer Care at 234 and ask them to assist you with the reversal process.

A reversal request will be initiated, and your money will be returned to your Mpesa account within 72 hours.

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Mpesa Reversal Failed—FAQs

What is the Mpesa reversal code?

456 is the SMS code you should use to request an Mpesa reversal. Simply copy the Mpesa transaction you sent to the wrong recipient and SMS it to 456.


Final words

So, if an Mpesa reversal fails because the recipient used up the funds and refused to reverse, take the initiative and report the matter to the police.

To be safe, however, you should always exercise extreme caution when conducting transactions.

Also, to avoid making mistakes, it’s best to use the Mpesa app or the Hakikisha method to reduce erroneous transactions.



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