Kwale County Sub Counties , Wards, Map, and More

So, which are the Kwale county sub counties as presently constituted?

Well, for starters Kwale is county number 002 and has a population of about 649,931. Kwale county is located in the former Coast province on the southern side.

Let’s go through the various Kwale county sub counties and their respective wards.

Kwale County Sub Counties and County Assembly Wards

Matuga Sub county

Matuga has 5 wards namely Tsimba Golini, Tiwi, Kubo South, Waa, and Mkongani.

Kinango Sub county

Kinango sub county also has 5 wards as follows:

  • Ndavaya
  • Kinango
  • Chengoni/Samburu
  • Puma
  • Mackinon Road
  • Kasemeni and

Lunga Lunga Sub county

Lunga Lunga sub county comprises of these 4 wards:

  • Kikoneni
  • Dzombo
  • Vanga
  • Mwereni


Msambweni Sub county

Mswambeni (the former msambweni division ) is the last sub county in Kwale county and is made of the 4 county assembly wards named below:

  • Gombato Bongwe
  • Ukunda ward
  • Kinondo
  • Ramisi

Kwale County Map

Courtesy: Elimu-org


Important facts about Kwale County

Kwale County Population :

649,931 (2009 National census)

Kwale County Headquarters :

Kwale county government operations are headquartered in Ukunda town.

Kwale County size (surface area):

Kwale occupies  an approximated 8,270 Km2 area.

Economic Activities In Kwale County :

Main economic activities are: fishing, apiculture, mixed farming, commercial businesses, forestry, mining, and tourism.

Main attractions in Kwale County:

Tsavo national park, Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary, mangrove beaches, Shimba Hills National Reserve, Maji moto springs, and Sheldrick Falls.

Kwale County Sub Counties: Frequently asked questions

How many sub counties are in Kwale?

Overall, Kwale County has a total of 20 county assembly wards across the 4 sub counties in Kwale county.

Who is the governor of Kwale County?

The governor has been Salim Mvurya Mkala since 2013.

What county is Diani?

Diani is part of Msambweni sub county in Kwale and has one of the most breathtaking beaches in the World.

The Diani resort town has even been voted the 6th most beautiful destination in Africa in the past.


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