Cheapest places to buy land in Kenya: The best areas to invest

This guide will educate you about the cheapest places to buy land in Kenya.

Of course, we are Africans and we all want to own a piece of land…

In fact, for some, no investment in Kenya is sweeter than land.

Problem is the scary prices that are offered by some of the land selling companies in Kenya- You look at the price then your income and your heart melt out of despair.

Now, don’t lose hope.

What you do -as you wait to accumulate cash to buy your dream property – is go for the cheap plots for sale across Kenya.

Land appreciates pretty fast in this country so later you can sell all these plots and have several millions to enable you afford land prices in Nairobi or other big towns.

I know of a friend who used this strategy and is now building rentals near Thika town.

Let’s take an example:

There are plots going at just shs.30000 in some of the cheapest places to buy land in Kenya.

Let’s say you buy 10 of these over 5 years.

You hold them for another 5 years (the longer, the better) then sold them. If lucky, you can fetch 10 times the original price meaning you will pocket a cool shs.3000000.

That’s enough cash to buy and possibly have some leftover amount to start constructing a home in a metropolitan area.

So, which are these cheapest places to buy land in Kenya?

Read on to know where you can get land for sale in Kenya at rock bottom prices.

The cheapest places to buy land in Kenya and where to start

The following are the areas to target if you’re looking for cheap land for sale in Kenya.

Cheap areas to buy land in Nairobi

We shall start with the best places to buy land in Nairobi for those looking for cheaper opportunities.

Juja farm

Juja farm’s proximity to Thika superhighway gives it lots of potential and you can buy and wait. There’s also a proposed bypass here.

Prices range from shs.200000 to shs.350000

Joska and other areas along Kangundo road

All areas around Kangundo road are hotcakes as we speak and you’ll do well to invest in Joska, one of the zones with immense potential here.

You can start your search for plots at Joska at any of the land selling websites in Kenya or visit the area for research.

You can as well target the neighboring Kamulu and Malaa.

Admittedly, some of these areas are sparsely populated and semi-arid but according to experts, prices could shoot up astronomically in the next few years as people continue moving out of Nairobi.

Also, consider Koma, Tala, Mutathia, and Kantafu.

Prices are between shs.250000 to shs.500000 depending on the area (you can buy cheaper if you go deeper).

Kona along the Eastern bypass

A 50×100 plot is going at between shs.500000-shs.700000 and the beauty of it is the tremendous developments coming up in the surrounding areas.

We have the Kenyatta family’s Northlands city, the proposed dualling of the eastern bypass not to forget that the greater eastern bypass passes through there.


Kimuka (Ngong)

This small trading center should be a sizeable town in a couple of years and you can invest here then bid your time.

The SGR and the brand New Ewaso Suswa road will boost prices further.

Who knows? It might even outgrow Kiserian town.

Prices: shs.250000-shs.350000 in most cases

Don’t forget to check the nearby Kibiko.


Of all the outskirts of Nairobi, Isinya remains up there in terms of growth.

Prices: Starting at Shs. 450000


Kimana town

This is on your way to Oloitoktok and the Maasais here are very welcoming.

It’s a great place if you’re after land for Agri-business.

The place is between 2-3 hours drive from Nairobi.

Prices: Plots start at shs.300000


Lusigetti / Nachu area (Kikuyu)

This is another fast-growing area and will be heavenly, especially if they get the sewerage system right.

Prices: starting at shs.500000



Prices at Mwihoko have skyrocketed but you can still stumble on affordable plots in the farther corners with between shs.500000-shs.600000.

Ndeiya (Limuru)

If you want to invest in real estate in Kiambu county, the best place to go for cheapest price is Ndeiya, Limuru.

The rate of growth in this area is phenomenal and many Kenyans are still unaware.

It could actually be another Ruaka.

Buy and give it 2-5 years.

Prices: starting at shs.500000 and shs.300000 in locations close to Ruthigiti shopping center.

Can we now turn to other towns now that you know where to buy cheap land in Nairobi and the surrounding areas?


Where to buy cheap land in Nakuru

Nakuru is one of Kenya’s biggest cosmopolitan areas and you can’t go wrong with land investment here.

Here are the places you can potentially find a treasure.


Mutaita/ Kongasis Trading center

This is in Nakuru past Pipeline and is very promising.

Budget anything from shs.200000.



Gilgil is situated between Naivasha and Nakuru along the busy Nairobi – Nakuru highway.

The population here is growing fast and so the prices of land are expected to rise with time because of the increased demand for housing.

Gilgil most popular installation is the NYS (National Youth Service) training college.

You can buy yourself a strategically located plot with shs.300000.


Cheapest places to buy land in Nyandarua

Nyandarua County is a sure bet for those passionate about agribusiness including commercial tree planting.

Plots and Shambas around Njabini, Dundori, Ol Jorok, and Engineer are all very affordable.


Wider Laikipia

Land in Wiyumiririe, Ngobit, Gwa Kung’u, and Rumuruti is unbelievably cheap.

Rumuruti is quite good because the Laikipia county headquarters will be moving there at some point.

The other location you can consider is Posta, a growing area along the Rumuruti-Maralal road.

The road has been carpeted so expect prices to shoot up soon.

Prices: shs.30000 to shs.200000


The following are the locations you can get the cheapest land for sale in Nanyuki, an area frequented by tourists.



This is on the outskirts and has very cheap plots.

You can even invest in agricultural activities if you get one near a water source.

Prices: shs.150000-shs.200000



Timau is brilliant for farming and you can buy 1 acre piece of land at shs.600000.



Nturukuma is about 10 minutes’ drive from Nanyuki Town and is again a fast-growing area.

Electricity and piped/metered water are already on-site in most corners and prices start at shs.300000.



Mukima landowners enjoy a breathtaking view of the Loldaiga Hills and the snow-capped Mount Kenya, Africa’s second-highest mountain.

Prices at Mukima start at shs.300000 (40×80).


Ol Pejeta conservancy area

Prices start at shs.350000 per acre here.


Cheapest places to buy land in Kenya- coastal region

Kenyan coast hosts some of the fastest developing towns in Kenya and can also be a worthwhile investment area.

Here are my recommended areas:


The outskirts of Malindi looks promising if you’re in the coastal area.

Prices: shs.50000 – shs.150000


This is in Kilifi and prices start at shs. 500,000.00  not very far from Vipingo golf club.

Where to search for cheap land for sale in central Kenya

Central doesn’t have a reputation for having the cheapest prices but there are some places with reasonable land prices.

These include:

  • Nyeri– Nyaribo near Kimathi university is fast-rising and prices start at shs.350000 (near Nyaribo airfield).
  • Muranga– Kenol area but you have to travel a few kilometers from the Nairobi-Nyeri highway for the cheapest land.

Cheapest places to buy land in Kenya: Other inexpensive locations

Here now is a summary of other places you can buy a plot in Kenya affordably.



I have seen 1 acre Plots (about 15 kilometers from Embu Town) going for shs.300,000. The same case applies to certain areas in Mbeere.


Keroka, Kisii

There is cheap land for sale in Keroka, a fertile agricultural zone. Plots start at shs.400000 (50×100).



There are several new developments near and around Isiolo county including the Isiolo international airport and the proposed LAPSSET Corridor project yet prices are still sluggish.

You can buy an acre at shs.200000.


Where to search for affordable land for sale in Ukambani

Forget Syokimau..

Ukambani has a lot to offer if you’re looking for cheap land for speculative reasons if you’re a risk-taker.

From Mua Hills to faraway areas zones like  Maanzoni, there is land for all budgets.

Chumvi and kilimambogo (Machakos)  and Masii (along Kitui road)are great for first-time investors.

Prices at Masii start at shs.350000 (per acre).

Where to start your search for cheap land in Kenya

To invest in the highlighted cheapest places to buy land in Kenya, start by visiting websites and social media pages selling land online in Kenya for the finer details.

Some of these platforms bring the actual sellers and buyers together so you’ll avoid the fees that usually arise when buying via a land broker.

But it’s always best to travel to the ground to get a clear picture of the growth prospects for your preferred location before committing your hard-earned cash.


Wrapping it up

Overall, these are the best places to invest in Kenya for those on a tight budget.

But as always, do your due diligence.

After all, this is Kenya.


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