Hospitals in Nairobi: Comprehensive Listing , Contacts, Locations

Hospitals in Nairobi are regarded among the best in the country in terms of personnel and facilities.

Indeed, Nairobi has a healthy mix of outstanding private hospitals as well as some of the biggest public hospitals in Kenya.

This article lists private, community, and public hospitals in Nairobi. I will also include the contacts and the physical address for each facility.

Here is the full list (private and public hospitals mixed in no particular order)..

Hospitals in Nairobi

1.   Nairobi South Hospital

Known for its exemplary standards, Nairobi south hospital delivers top-notch medical care services to Nairobians and Kenyans at large.

The hospital has invested heavily in technology and owns state-of-the-art diagnostic and testing equipment.

Nairobi South Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone: +254 (0) 20 514300

Physical Address: South C Estate, Nairobi-Kenya
E mail:



2.   Avenue Hospital Nairobi

Founded by the late renowned surgeon Dr. B.P. Patel in 1976, Avenue Hospital Nairobi has made great strides and is today one of the busiest private hospitals in Nairobi.

The 140-bed health facility new centre offers much-needed tertiary medical care services— including intensive care, dialysis, and specialized radiology (CT scans and MRIs).

Avenue hospital Nairobi Contacts and Location

Telephone: 0732 175 000 / +254 711 060 200 

Physical Address: First Parklands Avenue , Nairobi

E mail:



3.   Metropolitan Hospital Nairobi

The founders of the busy Metropolitan Hospital Nairobi have remained true to their original vision of delivering quality healthcare cost-effectively to Kenyans.

This was one of the very first Hospitals in Nairobi to adopt a fixed consultancy fees system in order to make healthcare more affordable.

Metropolitan Hospital  Nairobi Contacts and Location

Telephone: 0722 207 665/ 0733602114 / (020) 2020263/ (020) 2002145

Physical Address: Rabai Road, Nairobi (Opposite Jericho Market, Buruburu Phase III)

E mail:



4.   Nairobi West Hospital

Nairobi West Hospital runs a world-class Fertility Centre and an excellent maternity wing although the Nairobi west hospital maternity charges are a bit on the high-end.

On the other hand, the general consultation fee is quite low and starts at just Kshs 500.

Nairobi West Hospital Contacts And Location

Telephone: 0722 200944/ 0730 600 000/ 0734 200 944

Physical Address: Gandhi Avenue, Nairobi West (off Lang’ata Road)

E mail:  



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5.   Meridian Equator Hospital

Also located in Nairobi West estate is the Meridian Equator Hospital, a medium-cost fully-fledged hospital over 50 beds.

It opened its doors in 2010 and is one of the fast-rising new hospitals in Nairobi.

Meridian Equator Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone: 0722 207623

Physical Address: Bukani Rd, Nairobi West (off Lang’ata Road)


6.   The Mater Hospital

Managed by the Catholic Church, Mater hospitals has been in operation since 1962 making it one of the oldest private hospitals in Nairobi.

It’s a massive facility and includes a maternity center, ICU, several high-end theaters, and a medical training college.

The Mater Hospital Contacts And Location

Telephone: 020 6903000

Physical Address: Mukenia Rd/ Dunga road , South B, Nairobi

E mail:



7.   Kenyatta National Hospital

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) is the biggest of all public hospitals in Nairobi and Kenya.

It’s mainly a referral facility and its best to visit the KNH only when your condition has proved to be beyond other Hospitals in Nairobi.

It’s also the teaching hospital for University of Nairobi’s College of Health Sciences’ students.

Kenyatta National Hospital Contacts And Location

Telephone: 070985400/ 0730643000/ 020-2726300

Physical Address: Upper Hill, Nairobi

E mail:


8.   Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi

If you’re looking for thoroughly professional medical services from an exquisite medical center, then you may not need to look beyond the World-class Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi.

This 254-bed gem offers diagnostic as well as treatments services for even the most-difficult chronic ailments like Cancer.

It’s a popular medical destination for Kenyan politicians and business moguls.

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi visiting hours: 12.00noon-1.30pm & 5.00pm-7.00pm

Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi Contacts and Location

Telephone: 020 3662000

Physical Address: 3rd Parklands Avenue, Limuru rd. Nairobi, Kenya

E mail: 

Website: https://hospitals.aku.ed


9.   Karen hospital

Another premier healthcare facility in Nairobi, Karen hospital has World class Doctors, technology, and care personnel.

Karen is a multi-specialty healthcare center and is managed by a talented team of specialists.

Karen hospital Nairobi Contacts and Location

Telephone:  020 6613000/ 0702 222222

Physical Address: Lang’ata-Karen Road, Nairobi

E mail:



10.   Coptic Hospital Nairobi

Coptic is one of the few church-run hospitals in Nairobi and is actually among the most affordable quality healthcare institutions in Kenya.

The facilities -starting with the building- are amazing, super-clean, and very well maintained.
Their laboratory is ISO certified (ISO 15189:2012).

 Coptic Hospital Nairobi Contacts and Location

Telephone:  0732 341241

Physical Address: Opposite China Centre, Ngong road.

E mail:



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11.  Ladnan Hospital Nairobi Kenya

Ladnan hospital Nairobi is a fairly new general hospital and care facility operating from Pangani.

The hospital offers a variety of inpatient and outpatient health services including maternity, dialysis, theater, and HDU/ICU.

Ladnan hospital Nairobi Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0707 000730

Physical Address: Ole Thruba Road, Pangani, off Juja Road, Nairobi

E mail:



12.  Nairobi Hospital

Nairobi hospital really needs no introduction-some Nairobians actually believe that it’s the best private Hospital in Nairobi.

…..such is its fame.

The over 350-bed hospital provides all medical services under the sun from its imposing facility along Argwings Kodhek Road.

Nairobi hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0707 000730/ 0703 082 000/ 0730 666000

Emergency Line: +254 702 200 200

Physical Address: Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi

E mail:



13.  M P Shah Hospital

MP Shah Hospital is another of the highly-rated Hospitals in Nairobi.

It’s a contemporary 210-bed medical facility and has a team of highly-skilled experts and a host of professional medical staff delivering services.

MP Shah Contacts and Location

Telephone:   020 3742763-7

Physical Address: Shivachi road, Parklands

E mail:



14.  Gertrudes Children’s Hospital

For years the go-to children Hospital in Nairobi, Gertrudes Hospital specializes in paediatric healthcare.

It’s an impressively-run facility and today attracts sick children from as far as central Africa.

Gertrudes Children’s Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0722 898948/ 020 720 6000

Physical Address: 34 Muthaiga Road, Nairobi

E mail:



15.  Jamaa Hospital

Jamaa hospital is also under Catholic Church (Sisters of Our Lady of Charity) and has over 40 expert doctors ably assisted by over 50 nurses.

The 85-bed capacity provides maternity, paediatric, general medical, and even surgical medical care to the public.

Overall, Jamaa hospital maternity charges are quite affordable.

Jamaa Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:    0722681534/0725 221456  /020 -7787033, 7786547

Physical Address: Rabai Road, Uhuru Estate

E mail:



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16.  Mother & child hospital

One of the leading hospitals in Eastleigh Nairobi, Mother & child hospital is a 24-hour 32-bed ultra-modern medical facility offering general and specialized medical care services to Nairobians.

They also offer maternity services.

Mother and Child Hospital Eastleigh Contacts And Location

Telephone:   0722 570363

Physical Address: First Avenue Eastleigh, Nairobi (opp. Al-Yusra Towers, near California Estate)

E mail:



17.  Nairobi Womens Hospital

Nairobi Women’s Hospital serves an estimated over 300,000 outpatients on top of 120,000 inpatient clients annually and has been running for over 17 years.

They have a couple of branches across the City.

Nairobi Womens Hospital Contacts And Location

Telephone:   (+254) 709 667 000

Physical Address: Argwings Kodhek Road, Hurlingham Medicare Plaza

E mail:



18.  St Marys Mission Hospital

St Mary’s is one of the most affordable maternity hospitals in Nairobi. Their super-friendly and caring staff work are always welcoming.

St Marys Hospital Contacts And Location

Telephone:   020 7851300/ 0722 762392

Physical Address: Otiende estate, off Langata road

E mail:



19.   Melchizedek Hospital

Melchizedek Hospital is located in Kawangware and has a branch at Ngong Road

Melchizedek Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0733 241238/ 0720 768892.

Physical Address: Naivasha Road, Kawangware

E mail:


20.   Lions Sightfirst Eye Hospital

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital (LSEH) is a quality eye care institution and serves Kenyans from diverse socio-economic backgrounds.

The Hospital is now the biggest specialized eye hospital not only in Kenya but also for in the wider East African Region.

Lions Sightfirst Eye Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   020 4183239/0728 970 601/0733 619 191

Physical Address: Kaptagat Road, Loresho

E mail:



21.   Madina Nursing Home

Madina Nursing Home is also located in Eastleigh. It’s in the list of NHIF hospitals in Nairobi.

Madina Nursing Home Contacts and Location

Telephone:   020 6761784/0721-303311

Physical Address: Eastleigh Section 2, 9TH Street, Opposite KCB

E mail:



22.  Armed Forces Memorial Hospital

Another facility rated among the very best hospitals in Nairobi. Plus, the rates are extremely pocket friendly.

It’s a public hospital under the management of the KDF (Kenya defense forces).

Armed Forces Memorial hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0704 476662

Physical Address: Golf Course Estate, Nairobi

E mail:


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23.  Mathare Hospital

Mathari Hospital is Kenya’s only psychiatric hospital. It holds 675 patients and is situated along the busy Thika superhighway.

Mathare Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0717 6943399/ 0731 649846/ 020 2337694

Physical Address: Thika Road, Muthaiga area


24.   Mbagathi District Hospital

This public hospital is adjacent to the Armed Forces memorial hospital and KNH.

It’s a level 4 hospital serving Nairobi County.

Mbagathi District Hospital Contacts and Location

Telephone:   020 2724712/020 2728530

Physical Address: Mbagathi Way, Ngumo Estate


25.   Maria Immaculata Hospital

Maria Immaculata Hospital promises Exceptional care for your family and has assembled a fantastic team of  wellness providers and care staff to help achieve its mission.
Like in most community and mission hospitals, Maria Immaculata Hospital maternity charges are pretty reasonable.

Maria Immaculata Hospital  Contacts and Location

Telephone:   0710 392757 / 0722 421798

Physical Address: Plot 330 Gitanga Road, Nairobi

E mail:




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