App Loans in Kenya:Where to get an Instant MPESA Loan

According to a survey by FSD Kenya, a financial inclusion development firm, about six million Kenyans have borrowed app loans in Kenya.

This is unsurprising considering that mobile loan apps such as Zawadi loans offer more borrowing benefits than banks.

For instance, there aren’t hidden fees on a micromobile loan app so you know precisely how much to pay back immediately you take the loan.

In addition, you can conveniently borrow from your beloved smartphone- no queues, tiring documentation, or tough collateral conditions.

However, not all loan apps play by the rules and some are pretty cunning (more on this shortly).

And so I decided to compile a list of the best loan apps in Kenya to save you the trouble next time you find yourself in financial distress.

Here they are..

App Loans in Kenya (Top 20 loan apps in Kenya)

Like I said, some apps play funny games.

For example, there is a cheeky loan app that texts and calls all your relatives if you’re late to make your repayment by even 1 day (Jeez!)

Others charge an arm and a leg as interest.

I can bet my girlfriend that you don’t want to fall in the hands of these shady operators.

Can I then introduce you to the phone loan apps with the friendliest terms for app loans in Kenya?

Here we go..

Branch Loan App

Branch makes it super easy for Kenyans to access loans for emergency bills 24/7.

You download the app then sign up for Branch app loans in Kenya.

You then apply for your desired amount.

Branch disburses your cash straight to MPESA in less than 3 minutes.

Branch is fast, convenient, and very reliable.

The app doesn’t levy late charges or penalties for late payment.

Summary of Branch Loans terms

Loan amount


shs. 250 – shs.70,000
Repayment term


4-48 weeks
Monthly Interest rate 2% – 16%


Download Branch Loan.


Tala Loan App

Can you imagine a loan app that listens?

Believe it or not, I once called and pleaded with the guys at Tala to extend my due date by an extra day.

And guess what? They obliged and didn’t blacklist me internally or with CRB.

I have never been that impressed!

 Summary of Tala app Loans in Kenya terms

Loan amount


shs. 1000 – shs.30,000
Repayment term


21 or 30 days
Loan fee 5-11% (21-day loans)

7-15% (30-day loans)  one time service fee on the principal

Note that Tala may charge a one-time loan extension fee of 8% on the principal and interest due for delayed loans.

How to obtain a Tala loan

Stawika loan app

Stawika loan app has attracted over 500,000+ installations from Google playstore and a positive rating of 3+ and is another trustworthy app issuing app loans in Kenya.

All you need to get an immediate MPESA loan is complete the straightforward application.

The company’s 24/7 customer care team readily lends you a hand if you run into problems when using the app.

Summary of Stawika loans terms

Loan amount


starts from 500
Repayment term


21 days
Interest Varies

Try Stawika loan app.


Haraka loan app

Haraka is arguably the quickest loan app in Kenya and one of the most interactive.

The app request very few details- no bank or credit history information- while the verification takes less than a minute.

Remember to agree to the Haraka app terms after downloading the app.

Download Hara loan app.

Saida Loan App

With Saida, you can access amounts large enough to even expand your business like this guy here.

You can as well get smaller amounts for your bills or other emergencies.

But you have to install Saida to first check if you’re eligible.

Don’t fret if you don’t qualify- Saida guys will explain in detail why and advise you on the action to take and/or when to reapply.

Summary of Saida loans terms

Loan amount


Repayment term


1,2,or 3 months
Loan fee 3-21% of the loan

Saida won’t penalize you for late payments but may add a one-time debt collection for loans overdue by 35+ days

Install Saida loan app.


Shika loan app

Shika app loans have reasonable interest rates and are released to your MPESA promptly making it a cool app to use when you encounter a financial crisis.

Plus, like Saida, the Shika Team is very responsive to queries.

Again, the more times you borrow (and pay), the faster your loan limit grows.

Summary of Shika app loans terms

Loan amount


Starts at shs.500
Repayment term


30 days
Loan fee 15% of your loan

Late payment attracts a roll over charge of 10% of the outstanding loan.

Download Saida loan app.

Zidisha loan app

Zidisha was launched by an international lending platform to advance micro business loans to small entrepreneurs who are traditionally shunned by banks.

As a result, you must be in business to be eligible.

Moreover, you must be in a position to make weekly repayments.

Summary of Zidisha Loan terms

Loan amount


Depends on your ability. Maximum is shs.1000000
Repayment term


Weekly installments. Term length varies.
Loan fee 5% of the principal plus a 5%-30% credit risk premium

Download Zidisha

Zenka Loan App

Zenka is an amazingly flexible personal loan app and packs plenty of unique features.

For instance, your first loan is 100% free…yep, you heard me right- zero registration fee, zero commission, and zero interest!

What’s more, you can apply for an extension and have your due date postponed by 7, 14, or even 30 days.

The registration is simple as is the application process.

Summary of Zenka app Loan terms

Loan amount


Starts at shs.500
Repayment term


Starts at 1 day.
Loan fee Starts at 9%

Download Zenka loan app.


Timiza Loan app.

The Timiza App is owned by Barclays bank and issues easy loans even to non-Barclays bank customers.

It’s quite an intuitive loan app and enables you to open an account and borrow within moments.

And yes, the interest rates are awesome.

You can dial *848# to register or download the app.

Summary of Timiza Loan terms

Loan amount


Repayment term


Flexible but starts at 30 days.
Loan fee Existing CBR rate + 4% + 5% of your loan amount.

There is a roll-over fee if you fail to repay on time at a percentage to be determined by the bank.

Kuwazo loan app.

Kuwazo is super-fast in loans disbursement.

The good news is that you always have your loan limit reviewed upwards with each timely repayment.

Notably, you will be asked to send identification documents such as your KRA pin at some point for verification.

But other than that, they offer very fair terms including allowing you to repay your loan in installments.

Be sure to follow the instructions to the last detail when applying.

Summary of Kuwazo loan terms

Loan amount


Starting loan varies but maximum is shs.30000
Repayment term


Up to 30 days.
Loan fee Varies


Download Kuwazo app.

Kopa Chapaa

Kopa chapaa app is managed by Faulu microfinance bank.

The cash is sent to your Airtel mobile money account so you must have a registered Airtel number to get a loan on this platform

You are to repay your loan in 10 days and you can borrow up to Sh100, 000.

The minimum you can borrow is Sh500.

Download Kopa Chapaa loan app.

KCB M-Pesa

KCB Bank was one of the pioneers of app loans in Kenya through their phenomenal KCB MPESA platform.

You can borrow as much as shs.1 million at just 7.5% per month.

The bank customer care team is polite and won’t bombard you with rude messages if you are in a fix and unable to pay on time.

To start, dial *844# from your Safaricom line.

Summary of KCB Mpesa loan terms

Loan amount


Shs.50- shs.1000000
Repayment term


30 days.
Loan fee 7.5%



Most Kenyans know about M-Shwari though it’s a bit different from standard app loans in Kenya.

First, Mshwari is exclusively for Safaricom subscriber- and you must be an active MPESA user for at least 6 months.

Then, you access loans from your phone’s MPESA Kit rather than from an app (though you can use Safaricom app in your phone).

Now, Mshwari loans are arranged virtually by CBA bank meaning they can loan you huge amounts so long as you have a positive credit history.

Summary of Mshwari loan terms

Loan amount


Shs.100- shs.50000
Repayment term


30 days.
Loan fee 7.5%


Okolea Loan App

With Okolea, you are allowed to borrow multiple loans provided you don’t exceed your loan limit.
The interest rate is set at 0.5% of the loan amount per day and you are guaranteed a 20% raise on your loan limit with each timely repayment..

The app is light and downloads in seconds.

Summary of Okolea loan terms

Loan amount


Starts at shs.10. Maximum is shs.250000
Repayment term


2 days, 1 week, 3 weeks or 30 days.
Loan fee 0.5 percent daily (15 payment maximum)


Download Okolea app to enjoy flexible app loans in Kenya

OPesa loan app.

Opesa is another handy option if you are in an unforeseen financial calamity and you dislike borrowing from your friends or family.

And you’re assured of repeat loans so long as you are prompt in repaying.

O-Pesa’s customer service is up there with the best.

Summary of Opesa mobile loan terms

Loan amount


Shs.500- shs.30000
Repayment term


From 14 days.
Loan fee 12% APR

Opesa also have a 21-days loan at an interest rate of 0.2% daily.

Download Opesa loan app.

Ezzy Banking

Ezzy banking is a Great loan app and has robust multi-tiered security features.

If you’re an Equity Bank customer, you can borrow as much as your account cash flow allows.

You choose your most convenient repayment term.

The user interface is absolutely beautiful!

Download Ezzy Banking app.


Everything in KopaKash is seamless starting from the issuance of approved loans to the repayment process.

Once you apply, you’re requested for some details and the loan sent after about an hour.

KopaKash customer care staff usually calls you to confirm the transaction.

First-time borrowers are advanced shs.1000

KopaKash mobile app loans in Kenya terms

Loan amount


Shs.1000- shs.30000
Repayment term


From 14 days.
Loan fee 20% (Maximum)


Download Kopakash Instant loan app.

PesaZone Loans

Another loan app to issue up tp Ksh 50,000 loans via the phone is PesaZone Loans (repeat borrowers)

You may instantly apply for another loan as soon as you clear current debt.

Loans limits start at shs.250.

PesaZone Loans Loan terms

Loan amount


Shs.250- shs.50000
Repayment term


1-2 weeks.
Loan fee 25% (Maximum)

Be prepared to pay a roll over fee if you’re late.

Download PesaZone Loans app.

Senti loan app

Senti is another fast app and may award you a significantly bigger first loan than some of the other app loans in Kenya.

They offer 14 and 30 day emergency loans.

Senti Loan terms

Loan amount


Shs.250- shs.40000 (maximum)
Repayment term


14 or 30 days.
Loan fee 10-15% for 14 days loans.

15% for 30 days

Download Senti Loan app.

Utunzi loan app

Utunzi means generosity and Utunzi loan app is literary very generous especially if you’re loyal.

That’s because they can loan you a staggering shs.300000 without security…

In addition, very few loan apps allow as much time as Utunzi (91-365 days) for repayments.

Summary of Stawika loans terms

Loan amount


Repayment term


91 days-1 year
Loan fee 12% one-time facility fee (on the principal)

The one thing i found strange with Utunzi is their tendency to ask for a shs.400 registration fee from new borrowers..


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