30 thoughts on “eCitizen Kenya: What it is, How to register, and Reset your Ecitizen Account”

  1. I lost my Kenyan number and my Email.
    How can i change my password and add a new email account.
    I live outside Kenya can i use my foreign mobile number? Pls assist.

      • Hi, when I follow the instructions above on changing my details in ecitizen it doesn’t work. I click on the right side my account/profile, but there are no options there for anything; only a page saying we could not find the page you are looking for.
        I can’t change my phone number, my emails or details.
        I find ecitizen website so poorly designed; sorry no offence. It’s frustrating especially when in diaspora.

  2. Hi
    Kindly help me i would like to reset my email for ecitizen passport and i want to use another email,where do i go??

  3. We live outside the United States.
    I have established an ecitizen account for single entry visas.
    Tried to reset password with original email and also account ID on separate occasions. I have not received emails to reset the password as described.
    Tried to call support at +254 780206306 on multiple occasions and no one picks up the phone.
    Emailed the support team at support@ecitizen.co.ke without a response.
    What should I do now?

    • Wow, Wow,
      I guess you have to keep trying your luck on the telephone.
      Here are more numbers:+254 743946150 & +254 709 480 000.
      Perhaps you can also try twitter @eCitizenKenya

      Good luck

      Good luck.

  4. Ecitizen may be a great portal whilist in Kenya but for us living in diaspora it’s hell.
    Can’t confirm my account coz ecitizen isn’t sending a verification code to my foreign number, and as I haven’t lived in Kenya for a long time I do not have a Kenyan number. They did not send me a verification email, they are just asking for my phone number which the system refused to send a code to ?
    So I’ve created an account. Can’t verify it, and therefore can’t apply for anything.

    • Hi Grace Kimani,
      It’s so true. Honestly it’s frustrating while diaspora. I can’t edit any of my details on ecitizen, the website is soooo poorly designed/set.
      Customer service is zero in action. One can call email en wait for ages no response. Genuinely I am so disappointed with the so called mwananchi website (ecitizen), it doesn’t serve it’s services with flexibility of editing or changing personal details. I find this not secure at all.
      Waaa hii Kenya yetu…I have no words.
      Take care en be blessed.

  5. I have tried signing up with the ecitizen website for an account. But I cannot get past the verify mobile number part. I need help because i live in the united States and it is not taking my united states number. I don’t have a Kenyan number and their support email doesn’t work either.

  6. Hallo admin my ecitizen account is indicating it was registerd by adifferent person , kindly assist i cant access any services

    • Hello. Sorry for that. Please get in touch with eCitizen customer care staff using the numbers we have given in the article.

  7. eCitizen support Desk is at Nyaho House counter 12. I had to go there because they do not answer phone calls, emails, twitter or Facebook!!!

  8. How are you guys willing to help us if non of you receive the phone no matter how many time I call instead what I get in return is being blocked now the call isn’t going through ,guys we need help some of us are outside country we cant make it to come to Nairobi for customer services

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