Looking for a Travel agent in Kenya? Check these companies

Are you searching for a travel agent in Kenya?

Well, in this article, I will briefly introduce to you the leading travel agents in Kenya plus their contacts to help make a decision.

Before then, let’s answer a question I am normally asked: Do you really need the services of a travel agent when preparing for a trip?

Well, a travel agent gives you much-needed peace of mind when travelling by handling all the planning and the involved logistics.

As a result, you can maximize the trip and the holiday (if headed for a holiday).

So, yes, I believe it’s good to use a travel agent!

I will now reveal the names and the contact information for the top-rated travel agents in Kenya.

Here we go:

Travel Agent In Kenya: The top 10 agencies to choose from

1.      Muthaiga Travel

Muthaiga travel has been serving travellers from all over the globe for the last 30 years. They have cultivated an excellent reputation for premier services and customized client experiences.

To help seamless travel logistics, they have struck partnerships with agents and travel companies from over 78 countries globally.

In short, they’re one of the best travel agencies in Nairobi Kenya

Contact and location

Physical Address: Muthaiga Shopping Centre, Limuru Rd

Telephone: +254 718 002012

Email: info@muthaiga.co.ke

Website: https://muthaigatravel.com/


2.      FCM Travel Solutions Kenya (Formerly Charleston Travel)

If you need a super-efficient travel agent in Kenya, look no farther than FCM travel solutions.

The agent has contacts and offices in over 95 nations worldwide so we’re speaking at a firm with the connections to make travel for you and your family fun.

And yes, they have outstanding corporate travel packages.

Contact and location (also Charleston Travel Kenya Contacts)

Physical Address: Waiyaki Way, 10th Floor, Muthangari Drive, Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone: 020 4266000

Email: info@ke.fcm.travel

Website: https://www.fcmtravel.com/en-ke


  1. Carlson Wagonlit Travel Kenya

Carlson Wagonlit travel Kenya is one of the leaders in the Kenyan travel and tourism industry.   They organize holidays and tours in exquisite destinations such as Zanzibar and the far east.

Whether you want to book an air ticket to your honeymoon or travelling on a business trip, Carlson Wagonlit travel Kenya got your back.

Carlson Wagonlit travel Kenya Contacts

Physical Address: Park Place, 2nd Floor, Limuru Rd , Nairobi

Telephone:  +254 (020) 3685 990-999 /+254 722 205 910

Email: info@carlsonwagonlit.co.ke

Website: https://www.bunsontravel.com/

PS: Carlson Wagonlit travel Kenya also has offices in Mombasa. Here is their full address..

Physical Address: 5th Floor, Imaara, Dedan Kimathi Avenue

Telephone: +254 772 060 759/ +254 717 665 870

Email: cwtmbsa@carlsonwagonlit.co.ke


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4.      Acharya Travel Agencies

Acharya travel agencies also feature prominently in the list of the top travel agents in Kenya.

It’s one of the fastest growing bespoke travel agent in Kenya and they cater for nearly everything…

From your transportation to & from the airport and all the way to last-minute emergencies, Acharya travel agencies handle it all.

Plus, if you so wish, they will hook you up with spectacular guides who make your experience even more memorable.

Just talk to them and they will create for you an incredible customized traveling package to any of your dream destinations.

Contact and location

Physical Address:  Moi Avenue, right next to Ebrahim Supermarkets, Nairobi

Telephone: 0722963902/ 0722523174/ 0721671493

Email: info@acharyatravel.com / reservations@acharyatravel.com

Website: www.acharyatravel.com


5.      Travel Shore Africa Ltd Nairobi

Travel shore Africa has won the hearts of Kenyans thanks to its professionalism and high-quality customer service.

You can trust them to facilitate your travel to any destination on the planet.

Contact and location

Physical Address: Rattansi Trust Building, 2nd Floor, Koinange Street, Suite D14

Telephone: +254  715 976709/+254 786 852 666

Email: sales@travelshoreafrica.com

Website: https://www.travelshoreafrica.com/


6.      Bunson Travel Kenya

Bunson travel Kenya also made it into our exclusive list of highly rated travel agents in Kenya, mainly due to their awesome deals.

Well, if you want to travel in style without breaking the bank, Bunson travel Kenya knows how to negotiate unbelievable deals for their clients.

I also love their flexibility – sometimes you want to change your booking and appointments because of unforeseen situations and they handle everything calmly.

In a nutshell, Bunson is one of the very best travel agencies in Nairobi Kenya.

Contact and location

Physical Address: Park Place, 2nd Floor, Limuru Rd , Nairobi

Telephone:  +254 (020) 3685 990-999 /+254 722 205 910

Email: info@carlsonwagonlit.co.ke

Website: https://www.bunsontravel.com/


7.      Incentive Travel Limited

Though not as old as some of the others, Incentive Travel agent in Kenya has made major milestones and is one of the favorite agents when it comes to dream getaways.

Overall, they offer hotel bookings, safari expeditions, car hire, air ticketing, travel insurance, airport transfers, and team-building services.

Contact and location

Physical Address: Adlife Plaza, Ring Road Kilimani, Nairobi

Telephone:  0722 483043

Email: holidays@incentivetravel.co.ke

Website: https://incentivetravel.co.ke


8.       Travelstart Kenya

Travelstart is a topnotch Travel agent in Kenya.

It has actually expanded steadily and is today regarded as one of Africa’s leading online travel agents.

Wherever you want to go and/or do, Travelstart  Kenya will take you there in luxury and delight.

They run a simplified online booking platform (visit the website – link is below- to access it) and have a great team waiting for you in various destinations.

Besides, you can interact with their friendly staff through their Flapp app  (download link).

Contact and location

Physical Address: Fedha Muthithi Apartments- 30 Muthithi Rd, Nairobi

Telephone: 020 2597002/ +27 21 468 4300

Email: info@travelstart.com

Website: https://www.travelstart.co.ke/


9.      Kenya Budget Safaris

The name tells it all: If you’re looking to go on holiday in Kenya but you are on a tight budget,  your best bet is Kenya budget safaris.

They organize amazing camping safaris for thousands of budget travellers in Kenya to all the famous destinations in Kenya….

Maasai Mara, Tsavo, Amboseli, ,Samburu, Lake Baringo, Lake Nakuru, lake Bogoria…you name it.

And all at super affordable prices.

Contact and location

Physical Address: Suraj Plaza, Opp. Jamhuri High School, Limuru Road, Nairobi

Telephone: 0721 490052

Email: info@kenyabudgetsafaris.com

Website: https://www.kenyabudgetsafaris.com/


10. Kendirita Tours And Travel Limited

The final Travel agent in Kenya to make it to the top 10 list is Kendirita Travel, a one-stop Travel Agency and tour management firm with its head office in Westlands.

Kendirita Tours And Travel Limited has myriad holiday excursion packages to fit all budgets- big or small.

The best bit? You can even pay in installments for your chosen package!

Contact and location

Physical Address: Madonna House, Westlands Rd, Mezzanine Floor, Room 09

Telephone: +254 0733649245/ +254720786348/+254 20 237 8948

Email: safaris@kendiritasafaris.co.ke

Website: https://www.kendiritasafaris.co.ke/



Kenya has dozens of travel agents who can aid your preparations for your upcoming trips saving you time and stress.

Unfortunately, not all are reliable and you can sometimes get frustrated if you land in the hands of the wrong agent.

Luckily, with our list of travel agencies and tour operators in Kenya, you know where to start.

So, who is your favorite travel agent in Kenya?

Mention your answer in the comments and your reasons.

Bon voyage.

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