How to withdraw money from bank to mpesa and bank paybill numbers

This article will show you how to withdraw money from bank to mpesa in case of an emergency or other reasons.

In fact, many of the banks operating in Kenya either have an MPESA paybill or an USSD code to allow you to conveniently withdraw your money from bank to mpesa 24/7

For the few that lack either, you use the app to withdraw money from bank to mpesa.

All you have to do is register for your bank’s Mobile banking facility to enjoy this convenient service.

Here is how to withdraw money from bank to mpesa…


How to withdraw money from bank to mpesa: step by step

As I hinted, you conduct bank to mpesa transfers Via the USSD code for your Bank.

I have listed the Mobile banking USSD codes for various banks after the steps so you don’t need to call your bank.


  • Just dial your banks USSD number then follow the instructions given on your screen.
  • Suffice to say that the steps vary from bank to bank but they are straightforward so just follow the easy prompts to complete the withdrawal to your mpesa wallet.

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Kenyan banks USSD number

  • KCB Bank  –Dial *522#
  • Commercial Bank of Africa -Dial *654#
  • Co-operative Bank -Dial *667#
  • Standard Chartered Bank -Dial *722#
  • Barclays Bank K LTD -Dial *224#
  • NIC Bank Limited -Dial *488#
  • Family Bank Ltd -Dial *325#
  • CFC Stanbic -Dial *208#
  • Equity Bank –Dial *247#
  • National Bank -Dial *625#
  • Chase Bank -Dial * 275#
  • I & M Bank Limited –Dial * 458#
  • Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) -Dial *385#
  • Ecobank –Dial *335#
  • Jamii Bora Bank -Dial *344#
  • IMPERIAL BANK LTD -Dial *356#
  • Credit Bank -Dial *699#
  • Consolidated Bank LTD –Dial *262#
  • Equatorial Commercial Bank –Dial *286#
  • K-REP BANK -Dial *527#
  • Transnational Bank -Dial *862#
  • Post Office Savings Bank -Dial *498#
  • Gulf African Bank -Dial *399#
  • Housing Finance Company Ltd -Dial *231#
  • Bank of Africa (BOA) -Dial *987#
  • UBA Bank –Dial *368#
  • Guardian Bank –Dial *356#
  • KWFTDTM -Dial *378#
  • SMEP DTM -Dial *741#
  • Musoni –Dial *279#
  • Vision Fund Kenya –Dial *985#
  • Rafiki DTM -Dial *366#
  • Sumac MicroFinance Bank -Dial *882#

I already mentioned that some banks allow the withdrawals only from their banking applications so download and use the app. if your bank doesn’t appear in this list..

Okay? That’s how to withdraw money from bank to mpesa …

Advantages of using mpesa to withdraw your money from the bank to the phone

  • Convenience: you are able to transfer money easily to your phone without having to travel to your bank (which comes at a cost) or hustling to beat the often winding queues in some of Kenyan banks.
  • Access to your cash 24/7: You can always sort your cash emergencies even when the bank is closed. Your kid can fall sick, you may run out of cooking gas, etc. so this bank-mpesa transfer can be really helpful.
  • Security: the cash comes to your phone so it lowers the dangers associated with handling hard cash. That’s because many business have paybills and you can hence pay for nearly everything via mpesa.

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How to send money from M-PESA to the Bank

Having looked at how to withdraw money from bank to mpesa, it’s only fair that we look at how you can do the reverse- send money from your mpesa to bank.

Now, here we don’t use the USSD codes. Instead, you can only transfer cash from your mpesa wallet to your bank account via the bank’s paybill number (listed after the steps).

Here are the actual steps..

  1. Go to your phone’s M-PESA menu
  2. Select Lipa na M-PESA then choose the PayBill option
  3. Enter your bank’s business/paybill number (check them below)
  4. Next, you type your bank account number (this is the number of the account you want to send the cash to).
  5. Type the amount
  6. Enter your M-PESA pin.
  7. Confirm everything then wait for an SMS confirmation from mpesa and your bank.

In most case, the mpesa cash deposit reflects immediately in your bank balance.

Bank paybill numbers (Mpesa to Bank cash transfers)

Here now are the Bank paybill numbers Kenya details.

Bank Paybill number
KCB  paybill 522522
CBA (Commercial Bank of Africa) 880100
Cooperative bank paybill 400200
Standard Chartered Bank 329329
Barclays Bank 303030
NIC Bank 488488
Family Bank 222111
CFC Stanbic bank 600100
Equity Bank   paybill number 247247
National Bank 547700
Chase Bank 552800
I & M Bank 542542
Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) 516600
Ecobank Kenya 700201
Jamii Bora Bank 529901
Imperial Bank 800100
ABC Bank 111777
Credit Bank 972700
Consolidated Bank 508400
Equatorial Commercial Bank 498100
Krep Bank 111999
Transnational Bank 862862
Post Bank 200999
Gulf African Bank 985050
Housing Finance (HFCK) 100400
Bank of Africa 972900
UBA Bank 559900
Guardian Bank 344501
Prime Bank 982800
Guaranty Trust Bank 910200
Kenya women finance (KWFT) 101200
SMEP bank 777001
Musoni   microfinance 514000
Vision Fund Kenya 200555
Rafiki microfinance 802200

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Many of us will want to access our money from the bank at odd hours, for example at night maybe because of an emergency so you must know how to withdraw money from bank to mpesa.

As we have seen, you simply dial your bank’s USSD code then follow the simply steps.

On the other hand, it’s very easy to deposit cash to your bank from mpesa.

Again I have explained the direct steps using your bank’s paybill number.

Note that you can also undertake both withdrawals and deposits online using your bank’s app. Just download it from Play or Apps store then proceed with the registration.


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