How to clear from CRB in 3 easy steps and get clearance certificate

As a follow up to my previous article about how to check whether you’re in CRB, I will today explain how to clear from CRB.

What you need to know is that getting listed on CRB isn’t the end of the road.

In fact, hundreds of Kenyans successfully apply to have their names removed from the CRB daily and even get a clearance certificate promptly.

Read on to discover how to clear from CRB after getting blacklisted.

How to clear from CRB : Step-by-step guide

Step 1: Know who has listed you

You’re, of course, blacklisted after failing to pay back your loans on time.

In addition, and this is something some don’t realize, you can be listed on the CRB portal if somebody you guaranteed a credit facility defaulted.

That means you may never be sure which institution or loan app has blacklisted you so your first step is confirming who listed you.

How to check who listed you:

  1. Using your phone (Safaricom SIM card), dial *433# then simply follow the given procedures (Metropol).
  2. If not, visit metropol website, create an account, then Login to check your status.
  3. The other method will need that you Visit Google Playstore to download the Metropol Crystobol app. You can Login from there (after installation and verify your CRB.


There are other CRBs -Transunion CRB and iCreditinfo- and their steps may be slightly different (check this article).  

You can also contact any of the CRBs offices, a Cyber, Huduma center, or  SACCOs like OASIC SACCO and request for your report.


Step 2: Contact whoever has listed you

Your next move is to obtain the contact details of your lender and immediately get in touch.

Call, email, SMS, Whatsapp, or use social media and tell your lender you wish to clear your debt.

The good news is most of the lenders will agree to delist you even if you just pay part of the amount.

I was once a victim (a friend I had guaranteed defaulted on shs.5000 KCB MPESA loan) and they delisted me after promising to be paying shs.1000/- per month.

Be sure to keep your word lest you’re relisted.


Step 3: Follow up

After you pay, the agent of the bank/app that had listed will usually write to the CRB company asking them to delete your name.

But some delay and you might need to call to remind them.


Step 4: CRB certificate application

Once you have confirmed removal, apply for a CRB clearance certificate and submit it to your employer or whoever had requested it.

Just dial *433# or use your Metropol CRB Kenya login details to request for the certificate.

You will be charged a Sh2200 processing fee, which you can pay via MPESA as follows:

  1. Open MPESA.
  2. Choose Lipa na MPESA.
  3. Enter 220388 (Metropol business number).
  4. Type your I.D. number as the account number.
  5. Enter 2200 for the amount.
  6. Type your usual MPESA Pin then click send.


How to clear from CRB online

Some of you have requested I explain how to clear with CRB after being blacklisted without going to the CRB offices and that’s what I have elaborated above.

To recap:

  • Use your phone/website to find out who blacklisted you.
  • Get in touch with your creditor (or creditors) and discuss your payment plan with them.
  • Pay the amount agreed and wait for your details to be erased.
  • Follow up, after let’s say one week, and confirm that you have been cleared.
  • Pay for and download your clearance certificate.


How to improve your CRB rating

Now that you know how to remove your name from CRB blacklist, you should strive to build a positive CRB rating.

This will not only earn you cheaper loan deals but will also make it easier for you to obtain loans from various institutions in Kenya.

The following tips will help you upgrade your credit rating.


Pay your installments promptly

This is self-explanatory and one of the best ways to better your standing.

Indeed, there’s no point in waiting up to the last minute – pay the soonest you can (and always pay the full installment by the due date).


Give honest information

Some of us tend to be dishonest when applying for credit.

Unbeknown to many, inconsistencies in the information you submit risks lowering your rating since the CRB system might already be holding your details from past submissions.

Remember lenders send are obligated to send your details there each time you borrow – not just when you default.


Observe good borrowing practices

All said and done, you’ll always be safer if you follow what finance gurus teach about borrowing.

The most important rules are:

  • Borrow wisely

Never borrow to cater for your daily bills and expenses.

As a matter of fact, doing this signals that your money management skills are wanting or a yawning gap in your income/earnings.

Either way, you have to resolve this immediately lest you’re forever trapped in debt that you’ll never afford to pay (which means a permanent stay in the CRB website for you).

  • Run from greedy lenders

Secondly, never allow bad lenders to hoodwink you.

You see, there are apps that charge humongous interest rates while offering incredibly short repayment periods (just 7 days, in some cases).

Worse still, they’re super quick to blacklist your name if you delay even by one day!

CRB contacts

Transunion CRB (Transunion Nipashe Contacts)

Offices: Delta Corner Annex (Westlands Ln/ Ring Road), Nairobi
Landline: 020 7603700/020 3751799

Metropol CRB

Offices: KCB Towers, Kenya Road, 15th Floor-Nairobi
Landline: 020 2689881/020 27113575
Mobile: 0727 413 733/0732 774666

Creditinfo CRB

Office: Park Suites, 2nd Floor, Parklands road., Office 12

Landline: 020-3757272




How to clear from CRB: Summary

I will leave you with a summary of the steps:

  1. Get your latest credit report by dialing *433#
  2. Talk to the lenders that have listed you.
  3. Pay as per your agreement.
  4. Follow up for confirmation.
  5. Apply for an updated clearance certificate.

That’s all.


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