MPESA daily limit: All you need to know

So, what is the MPESA daily limit?

Well, at the moment, the daily MPESA transaction ceiling is Sh140,000 meaning you can’t send/receive more than shs.140000 in one day.

At the same time, you can only send up to Sh70,000 per MPESA transaction while the maximum amount you can have in your MPESA account is capped at Sh100,000.

The shs.70000 upper limit for cash transfers applies regardless of whether you are sending the money to registered or unregistered MPESA users.

This automatically means that you can’t receive more than shs.70000 via MPESA at a go.

MPESA daily limit: Other restrictions

Here is what else you should know about MPESA daily limit…

Phone Withdrawal limit (From MPESA Agents)

You cannot withdraw amounts below SHs.50 at any M-PESA agent.

Free transactions MPESA Daily limit

As you might be aware, Safaricom doesn’t charge you a penny to send amounts between shs.1-shs.100.

However, even this has a limit to avoid abuse.

Indeed, you are only afforded 3 free transactions daily to send amounts from Ksh.1 to Ksh.100.

From the 4th transaction, you will be charged Kshs.1 to send amounts between shs.1-49 and Kshs.2 to transfer amounts from shs.50-100.


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ATM Withdrawal Limit

You can, of course, make MPESA withdrawals from your bank’s (or PesaPoint) ATM machines.

But you are again limited to withdrawing a maximum of shs.20000 from an ATM per transaction.

This corresponds to the policy of most Kenyan banks which restrict ATM cash withdrawals to shs.20000 (some allow shs.30000 and will subsequently allow a shs.30000 MPESA withdrawal).

But you can make multiple ATM cash withdrawals although the highest withdrawal amount is still fixed at sh.70,000 per day.


MPESA Limits for transactions to unregistered subscribers

Besides the aforementioned MPESA limits, you can’t send over Ksh35,000 to an unregistered MPESA user at once.

Well, this is because Safaricom strictly observes Central Bank’s Know Your Customer (KYC) and other Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies.

Under these regulations, Safaricom lacks the mandate to permit transfers exceeding shs.35000 to users of other mobile money providers.

Having said that, there is no lower limit and you’re allowed to send as little as sh.1 on M-PESA (for free).

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When will Safaricom Review the MPESA Daily Limit?

Safaricom has recently been pressurizing the government to allow them to increase the daily transaction ceiling of Ksh140,000, citing the increased adoption of online commerce locally.

In fact, Safaricom has been negotiating with the Central Bank to be allowed to double the daily MPESA transaction limit as a way of facilitating efficient person-to-person payments in e-commerce.

It also not lost to Safaricom that banks are permitted to transact up to kSh.999,999 through their inter-bank mobile payments channel, PesaLink.

As a result, the Telco feels that they have enough grounds to request for an upward review of the existing limits.

It’s, however, not clear if and when this will be approved so for now, you have to stick to the shs.140000 rule.

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The  MPESA limit on phone is shs.140000 daily (sending/receiving) while you can only send shs.70000 and shs.35000 at a go to registered and unregistered users respectively.

Lastly, the maximum floating balance you can have on your MPESA at any given time is shs.100000.


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