Mombasa Sub Counties : Complete list and all the wards

This article lists all the six Mombasa sub counties as currently constituted.

And just in case you’re in a hurry, I will quickly highlight them.

Here they are:

List of Mombasa Sub Counties as presently constituted

Changamwe sub county

Changamwe is primarily an industrial sub county and hosts several industries including refineries and food processing industries.

Besides, Changamwe has a number of residential towers and has been a constituency for long.

Changamwe sub county population: 147,989

Changamwe sub county wards

  1. Port Reitz Ward
  2. Kipevu Ward
  3. Airport Ward
  4. Changamwe Ward
  5. Chaani Ward


Jomvu sub county

Jomvu is more or less a mixed economic sub county and is also a constituency.  Interestingly, it was curved from Changamwe constituency in a past boundaries review.

Jomvu sub county population: about 117,487

Jomvu sub county wards

  1. Miritini Ward
  2. Mikindani Ward
  3. Jomvu Kuu

Kisauni sub county

Kisauni is sometimes in the news for all the wrong reasons- the Sub County is regarded as one of Mombasa County’s most violent zones because of frequent gang attacks.

Kisauni is dominated by a blend of Mombasa’s indigenous Muslim community, native Mijikendas, and migrants from upcountry.

Kisauni population: 117,889

Kisauni sub county wards

  1. Mjambere Ward
  2. Junda Ward
  3. Bamburi Ward
  4. Mwakirunge Ward
  5. Mtopanga Ward
  6. Magogoni Ward
  7. Shanzu Ward


Nyali sub county

Nyali is mostly a residential sub county within the coastal City and is on mainland, north of the County.

It’s the favorite residential area for the well-off at the coast and hosts dozens of palatial homes.

Nyali population: 185,990

Nyali sub county wards

  1. Frere Town Ward
  2. Ziwa la’ Ngomb’e Ward
  3. Mkomani Ward
  4. Kongowea Ward
  5. Kadzandani Ward


Likoni sub county

Likoni is located towards the south-west of the county.

Likoni has the second -highest number of villages in the entire county, just behind Kisauni Sub-county…

Current population: 200,000

Likoni sub county wards

  1. Mtongwe
  2. Shika Adabu
  3. Bofu
  4. Likoni
  5. Timbwani


Mvita sub county

Mvita is also within the former Mombasa municipality.

Mvita’s most famous son is arguably the late Sharrif Nassir, Former powerful Mombasa KANU chairman.

Mvita population :143,128

Mvita sub county wards

  1. Mji wa Kale Ward
  2. Tudor Ward
  3. Tononoka Ward
  4. Shimanzi Ward
  5. Majengo Ward


About Mombasa

Mombasa is county number 001 in Kenya and is one of the few counties in Kenya to host a city- Mombasa town.

The six Mombasa sub counties have a total of 30 wards.


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