Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs In Kenya

Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs In Kenya

Our recent article online jobs in kenya for students elicited a lot of reactions with most people asking about where to get genuine online data entry jobs in Kenya.

And so in this article, I will be talking about current data entry jobs in kenya.

Let’s go:

What Do Data Entry online jobs in kenya involve?

Well, as I had mentioned, in data entry, you are given some information may be as a pdf document, an image, a video, or even raw data and then you are required to type (enter) this information in your computer as per the instructions.

But that’s not all:

Sometimes data entry work involves some researching (data scraping) from the internet and then entering and sorting this information in a certain format, for example, in microsoft excel or Google sheets.

Also note that data entry jobs aren’t limited and your employer may need assistance in other areas, for example, sending emails, arranging the information in forms, making summaries etc.

What Are The Requirements To Be Hired For Data Entry Jobs In Kenya 2018?

Like other online jobs, hardly are formal qualifications required but you must be skilled in some way. Most importantly, you have to be good at typing. Indeed, most companies insist on a minimum typing speed of 30 wpm (Words per minute).

Other helpful competencies include:

  • Basic computer typing skills (and proficiency in spreadsheets such as Microsoft excel)
  • Be a fast learner
  • Have a good command of English language
  • Be self-driven
  • Be an excellent communicator.
  • Love technology.
  • Have attention to detail.

You need to have a computer (or a laptop) and a good internet connection.

genuine online data entry jobs in Kenya

Where Can I Get Genuine Online Data Entry Jobs In Kenya?

There are several ways you can access genuine online data entry jobs in Kenya.

  1. Freelancer Websites

Most online jobs data entry jobs come from international freelancing websites such as

For these websites, you need to visit the website, create an account, and start bidding for jobs.

Before that, create a PayPal account (here is how) because these sites pay through PayPal.  Additionally, have a working Gmail e-mail account.

Here are the leading online data entry jobs sites:

Website link Comment
UpWork UpWork has thousands of data entry jobs from all over the world
iFreelance Has jobs and offers flexible terms
Guru A reputable website
PPH(People per hour) Excellent website though it may not have as many jobs
Fiverr One of the best. Make sure your create awesome Gigs (adverts)
Truelancer An upcoming freelancing website and is steadily growing

Clickworker Doesn’t pay that well but has a steady flow of jobs

These websites offer data entry online jobs without registration fee. Though it works for some Kenyans, I don’t recommend because of scammers. Plus, they tend to ask for some registration fees.

  1. Local Agencies

There are firms which offer online data entry jobs in Nairobi and are a fantastic training ground for new online workers.

As a matter of fact, these companies go beyond online typing and data entry jobs and also hire transcribers, graphic designers, and more.

Cloud Factory is one of such agencies and occasionally advertises online data entry jobs in kenya that pay through mpesa.

What I love about them is that they first train those who pass the interview before issuing jobs. Pay depends on your accuracy and speed.

However, online typing jobs in kenya that pay through mpesa are not as plentiful as in the biggest mass websites.

How Much Can I Earn?

Like in other data clerk jobs in Kenya, pay varies. There are sites which have very high hourly rates while others pay per job.

Thing is if you are lucky and very efficient, you can earn as much as $400 (kshs.40,000) from some of the latest data entry jobs in kenya.

Having said that, some data entry online paying jobs in Kenya pay peanuts and you may not be able to pay your bills fully unless you combine with other online jobs in Kenya like Academic writing or graphic design.

online data entry jobs in kenya that pay through mpesa

What Challenges Can You Expect?

From my experience on upwork, genuine online data entry jobs attract a lot of bidders and it can be tough to land the first client.

But with determination and focus, it shouldn’t be long before you win a job. The secret is in knowing how to write killer pitches (Check this example)

The other issue is pay and I have already mentioned this. Some employers pay lowly rates and aren’t worth it. Again you can start by applying for low paying jobs then scale up your rates as you get experience.

Now, considering that you are competing with thousands of other typing ‘experts’ from India, Pakistan, and Philippines, you must be able to offer something special to successfully hike your fees.

Lastly, there is always a chance of meeting scamming websites not to mention that the flow of work can be poor unless you get repeat clients or working for an agency.

Final Word

It’s possible to get genuine online data entry jobs in Kenya either through the freelancing websites like or agencies such as

For the big mass freelancing websites, register an account and start bidding. For the Kenyan agencies, you apply and get hired if you pass the interview.

Finally, to qualify, a good typing speed is a must.

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