Looking for a Gynecologist in Nairobi? Check these 45 gynecologists

This post is for you if you have been wondering where to get a good gynecologist in Nairobi.

Just to be clear, gynecologists handle plenty of women issues, including pregnancy and childbirth, obstetrics, menstruation and fertility, hormone disorders, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), among others.

Now, many of the gynecologists we mention here have been attracting raving reviews from their patients due to unparalleled professionalism and quality medical care.

And we are convinced they could help you regain your good health.

Here they are and their contacts.

Gynecologist in Nairobi: Names and contacts

1.      Dr Jean Kagia

Location/address: Upperhill Medical Centre 4th floor

Tel: 0720592151

2.      Dr. Alfred Murage

Location/address: Kenyatta National Hospital – Doctors’ Plaza

Tel: 020 2726672

PS: You can also meet Dr. Murage at Harley Street Fertility Centre, located at OiLibya Plaza, Muthaiga Road, Nairobi.

3.      Dr. Frank Odawa Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

Location/address: Kenyatta National Hospital- Doctor’s Plaza, Rm number 46

Tel: 0733 716097

4.      Dr. David Kiragu

Location/address: IPS Building, 1St floor (wing B)

Tel: 0738 091713 or 0722 219140

5.      Dr Mulili Fadhili

Location/address: Shalom Clinic Buru Buru- Phase 5, Mumias road

Tel: 0729 592676

6.      Dr Kinuthia Muriu

Location/address: PrimeCare Health Services, Mayfair centre, 1st Floor -Ralph Bunche Road.

Tel: 0712-220450/0722-511598

7.      Prof Omondi Ogutu

Location/address: Nairobi Hospital- New Doctors Plaza, 2nd floor, Argwings Kodhek Rd

Tel: 0726 816519

8.      Dr Thagana Nathan Gatheru

Location/address: Kenya Re Insurance Plaza, 2nd Floor

Tel: 0726486422

9.      Dr. Karanja Stephen K

He is popularly known as Dr Karanja gynaecologist and is regarded as one of the best in the business.

Here are his contacts..

Location/address: UpperHill Medical Centre, Suite 3E, 3rd Floor

Tel: +254 727 084444/ +254 722 788962

10. Dr. Timona Obura

Address/location: Agakhan Hospital gynaecology clinic

Tel: 0728600018

11. Dr Wanyoike Gichuhi

Address/location: Upperhill Medical Centre, 4th Flr (Rm 4E), Ralph Bunche Road

Tel: +254 (20) 243 0362

12. Dr Godfrey W. Ngayu

His clients fondly refer to him as Dr Ng’ayu and he is another top-rated Gynecologist in Nairobi. He runs the busy Woman’s family health clinic at ICEA building in the city center.

See his full contacts below.

Address/location: The Womans Clinic, ICEA Building, 2nd Floor, Banda street

Tel: 020 2713095

13. Dr Barcley Onyambu

Address/Location: ANKH Women’s Clinic, NHIF Building (2nd Floor), Ragati Rd/Haile Selassie Avenue juntion.

Tel: +254 (20) 273 1036

14. Dr Francis were

Address/Location: Tumaini Hse, Moi Avenue, 3rd Floor,

Tel:0722 519346

15. Dr. George K. Onyango

Address/Location: Electricity house, 3rd floor

Tel:0722 519388

16. Dr. Stephen Maina

Address/Location: Pioneer hse, Kenyatta Avenue just next to I&M Building 4th floor

Tel: 0706 666200/0722 733867

17. Dr.Ephantus Wachira Murage

Address/Location: Savanna health care services, pioneer house, Kenyatta Avenue, mezzanine floor

Tel: 0722 764545/0733 764545

18. Dr John Aswani

Address/Location: Nelson Awori Centre, Rm A4, 3rd Flr, Ralph Bunche Rd

Tel: +254 20 234 5774

19. Dr. Florence Mukii

Address/Location: Jubilee Exchange Building, 4th floor, rm 437

Tel: 0734 533396/0713 592075

20. Dr. Ruku Oyaku Bhilen

Address/Location: Reinsurance plaza, 2nd floor

Tel: 020 2223010/(+254) 020 2224664

21. Dr George Moses Ogweno

Address/Location: 5th Avenue Office Suites, opposite Traffic Police Headquarters, 5th floor

Tel: 0731 440039 or 0708 728 005

22. Dr. Cromwell M. Mwakirungu

Address/Location: 5th Avenue Office Suites, opposite Traffic Police Headquarters, 3rd floor

Tel: 0722 948515/020 8092015

23. Dr. Alfred Mogaka Mokomba

Address/Location: Nelson Awori center, 3rd floor, suite 4B

Tel: 0724 520922 or 0733 946009

24. Dr. Agnes Wanjiku Gachoki

Address/Location: Mayfair center, 2nd floor

Tel: 0722 832884 or 0728 408210

25. Dr Onesmus W. Gachuno

Address/Location: Upperhill, KMA Centre, Mara road, suite 212, 2nd floor

Tel: 0722 851 914 or 0726 489432

Dr John Odero Ong’ech

Address/Location: Nelson Awori Center, Suite A2, 3nd Floor

Tel: 0706 069 808 or 0722 282449

27. Dr. Eunice Cheserem

Address/Location: Nairobi Hospital -Doctor’s plaza, room 303 (3rd floor)

Tel: 0722 722440 or 0707 463020

28. Dr. Samson H.M. Wanjala

Address/Location: Nairobi Hospital, Doctors plaza, New Building

Tel: 0722 854753/020 2710238/020 5101062

29. Dr. Patrick Amoth

Address/Location: UpperHill Medical Center, 3rd Floor-Ralph Bunche Road

Tel: 0722 700650

This post is for you if you have been wondering where to get a good gynecologist in Nairobi.

30. Dr Meshach O. Asimba

Address/Location: Fortis Suite (Hospital Road) off Ngong road- 1st floor, Suite 111

Tel: 0722 473352

31. Prof Dr. R. Koigi Kamau

Address/Location: Nairobi Hospital -Doctors Plaza,1st floor

Tel: 0725 002585 or 0722714402

32. Dr. Paul Ngumbi

Address/Location: Upperhill Medical Center, 4th Floor-Ralph Bunche Rd

Tel: 020 342871

33. Dr. Simon Mucara kigondu

Address/Location: Hercules healthcare, KMA Centre -2nd flr, suite 207

Tel: 0722 339986

34. Dr. John Ong’ech

Dr. John Odero Ong’ech is one of the senior-most gynecologists in Nairobi and was once picked to the CEO position at Kenyatta National Hospital but decline to concentrate on serving women- his ‘true calling’ as he said then.

His full contacts are as given below..

Address/Location: Nelson Awori Centre, Suite A2, 3rd Floor, Ralph Bunche Road

Tel: +254 706 069 808/+254 722 282 449/+254 723 737 315

35. Dr Carol Odula Obonyo

Address/Location: Nelson Awori Centre, 2nd floor

Tel: 0721371948 or 0722 780889

36. Dr. Wanjihia S.M.

Address/Location: Doctors” Plaza, Nairobi Hospital

Tel: 020 2845000

37. Dr Kavoo Linge

Address/Location: Tumaini House, Rm 310, 3rd floor, Opp. Kencom House, Moi Avenue

Tel: 0722 522085

38. Dr Edward Sang

Address/Location: Nelson Awori Center, Ralph Bunche Rd, 3rd Floor

Tel: 0723 114160

39. Dr.Sikolia Wanyonyi

Address/Location: Aga Khan Hospital, Doctors Plaza

Tel:  020 3662000

40. Dr Wahome Ngare

Address/Location: Mercy Medical Centre- Jubilee Insurance House, Wabera Street, Rm 234.

Tel: +254 733 370022

41. Dr.Sammy Kyalo

Address/Location: 5th Ngong Avenue, 2nd Floor

Tel: 0733-533502/0722-767672

42. Dr Bosire  Alex

Address/Location: Velvet Women & Children Clinic, Nelson Awori Centre, 5th floor, room B7, wing B
Tel: +254 717 383333

43. Dr. Mukaindo Abraham Mwaniki

Address/Location: Aga Khan Hospital, Doctors Plaza

Tel: 254 020 3662179

44. Dr Wanjiru Ndegwa  Njuguna

Address/Location: Footsteps-to-Fertility Centre, Kugeria Court, Upper Hill, Suite 9

Tel:  0700-041955

45. Dr Frank Kagema

Address/Location: nyaku house, Hurlingham, 1st Floor

Tel:  +254720432634


There goes our compilation of some of the best gynaecologists in Nairobi.

And we hope that you now know where to get a Gynecologist in Nairobi but as usual remember to do your due diligence.

Good luck and good health.

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