Accountant Salary in Kenya : How much can you make in 2021?

So, how much do accountants earn in Kenya?  Well, accountant salary in Kenya starts at between shs.35000-shs.50000 for CPA (K) holders.

This is the average starting CPA salary in most blue-chip institutions in Kenya including prestigious audit firms.

However, depending on your experience, you can pocket as much as shs.130000 (and more) per month in some organizations (on the higher end).

But this accountant salary in Kenya is mostly for positions with more responsibilities such as chief accountant and head of audit.

Having said that, the starting pay tends to rise to between shs. 53,000 per month to about shs.70000 in financial institutions such as SACCOs, banks, and insurance companies.

Here is a summarized accountant salary in Kenya scale depending on your qualification..

Accountant Salary in Kenya: Summarized according to qualification

CPA Level Salary
CPA-K Shs.35000 to shs.50000
CPA Part II Shs. 25000 to shs.35000
CPA Part I From Shs.20000

Let’s now turn our attention to accounting technicians.

Accounting technician salary in Kenya (ATD salary)

If you have complete your ATD (Accounting technician Diploma) from KASNEB or a Diploma in Accounting from KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council), expect to earn anywhere about shs.20000 to shs.30000.

In fact, some of the positions that you qualify for with an ATD like bursar and accounts clerk will pay much lower, especially if you’re working away from the capital.

And so you shouldn’t be surprised if a prospective employer offers you a measly shs.15000 with an ATD as an accounts clerk…

In a nutshell, ATD and Diploma in Accounting holders are worse off in terms of pay than their CPA counterparts, including those holding partial CPA qualifications.


Starting salary for Kenyan accountants with CPA plus masters in Kenya

In most cases, if you have a masters and a CPA, you are likely to be attractive to big companies, most of which pay very well.

But you must have relevant job experience, sometimes up to 5 years.

Additionally, computerized accounting qualifications and knowledge in ERP software like SAP may earn you a few thousands on top.

On average, with an experience of between 5-10 years, you can land a monthly salary of about shs.150000 in select companies, which is significantly higher than holders of an accounting degree and a CPA.

But this isn’t cast on stone and may differ drastically due to other factors such as gender and location.


Chartered accountant salary in Kenya

Fully chartered accountants are holders of CPA(K) or ACCA final qualifications and also take home anything from shs.35000 – shs.150000 based on skills, expertise, town, etc.

Having a degree in accounting can unlock a higher income particularly if your role involves managing teams.

Our survey has also revealed that accountants with forensic accounting papers are remunerated better than those with a plain CPA/ACCA.


Accounts clerk salary in Kenya

Like I had mentioned earlier, an accounts clerk pockets about shs.20000 to shs.30000 though you may make more in a few companies.

Similarly, some firms pay slightly lower, again if you’re working outside the city.

Final thoughts

Overall, accountants still attract good salaries in Kenya despite the emergence of technology and other market dynamics.

Notably, certain types of institutions among them NGOs and Telcos pay better than others.

Accountants working in the government also make more than CPAs employed in small and medium enterprises.

The location is another big factor.

Consequently, you’re likely to meet the best paid accountant in Kenya in Nairobi followed by Mombasa and Kisumu.

Well, it’s now your turn..

Tell us, how much are you earning as an accountant?


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