KASNEB registration deadline, KASNEB registration fees, and KASNEB Mpesa Payment

KASNEB regulations require that you observe the set KASNEB registration deadline and the kasneb deadline for exam registration to be able to sit for your exams.

The exams are usually held every May and November each year on varied dates as determined by KASNEB every session.

Now, KASNEB has in the recent past revised these dates in an effort to enhance its efficiency and ensuring timely preparation and processing of examination registration and bookings.

So, what are the current KASNEB payment deadline dates for registration and exams?

KASNEB registration deadline and last examination payment dates

  • KASNEB May examinations booking cut-off date: 15th March every year.
  • KASNEB November examinations booking cut-off date: 15th September every year. 

KASNEB Revised Fee Structure 2020

KASNEB Registration fees:

1.      CAMS(Certificate in Accounting & Management Skills)

  • Registration fee -shs.3,500
  • Annual registration renewal fees- shs.1,200
  • Registration reactivation fees- shs.2,000
  • Student ID replacement fees- shs.500


  • Registration fee – shs.6,000
  • Annual registration renewal fee – shs.1,600
  • Registration reactivation fee- shs.3,000
  • Student ID replacement fee- shs.500

3.      PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATIONS – CPA(certified public accountant)/CS(certified secretary)/CIFA(certified investment financial analysts)/CCP(certified credit professionals)/CICT(Certified Information Communication Technologists)

  • Registration fees- shs.7,500
  • Annual registration renewal fees- shs.2,000
  • Registration reactivation fees- shs.4,000
  • Student ID replacement fees- shs.500

KASNEB Examination fees:

1.     CAMS(Certificate In Accounting & Management Skills)

  • Level I-shs.3,000
  • Level II- shs.2,500
  • *Single paper

Level I- shs.1,000

Level II-shs.1,200

2.      Diploma Examinations

ATD(Accounting Technician Diploma)/DCM(Diploma in Credit Management)

  • Level I- shs.4,000
  • Level II- shs.4,500
  • Level III- shs.5,000

*Single paperS

Level I- shs.1,200

Level II- shs.1,400

Level III- shs.1,600

DICT(Diploma in ICT)

  • Level I- shs.4,600
  • Level II- shs.4,500
  • Level III- shs.5,600

*Single papers

  • Level I:  Theory- shs.1,200
  • Level II: Theory- shs.1,400
  • Level III: Theory- shs.1,600
  • Level I:  Practical- shs.2,000
  • Level III: Practical- shs.2,500

3.      Professional Examinations


Part I:

Section 1-shs.3,500

Section 2-shs.3,500

Total for Part I-shs.7,000

*Single paper-shs.1,750

  • Part II:

Section 3-shs.6,000

Section 4-shs.6,000

Total for Part II-shs.12,000

*Single paper-shs.3,000

  • Part III:

Section 5-shs.9,000

Section 6-shs.9,000

Total for Part III -shs.18,000

*Single paper-shs.4,500


  • Part I:

Section 1-shs.3,800

Section 2-shs.3,800

Total for Part I-shs.7,600

*Single paper(Theory)-shs.1,750

*Single paper(practical)-shs.2500 

  • Part II:

Section 3-shs.6,000

Section 4-shs.6,500

Total for Part II-shs.12,500

*Single paper(Theory)-shs.3000

*Single paper(practical)-shs.3600

  • Part III:

Section 5-shs.9,000

Section 6-shs.9,000

Total for Part III -shs.18,000

*Single paper(Theory)-shs.4500

*ICT Project-shs.10000

Early Bird Discount

Students paying their kasneb registration fees or examination booking fees before the usual deadlines are given a significant discount by the examination body and will pay the following amounts:

Discounted Registration fees:

  • Certificate(CAMS)- shs.3,000(A discount of shs.500)
  • All Diplomas- shs.5,000 (A discount of shs.1000)
  • All Professional exams- shs.6,000(A discount of shs.1500)

Discounted Examination fees:

A deduction of Ksh. 300 is given for a whole section or level across the board. Those booking for single paper re-sits enjoy a Ksh. 100 reduction as applicable.

Which dates qualify you for the Discounted KASNEB fees:

To earn the above early bird discounts, pay within the following dates:

  • May examinations: Pay from 1st October to 31st December every year.
  • November bookings: Pay from 1st April and 30th

Editors Note: KASNEB may stop halt the early bird discount anytime so its important you confirm from them when paying if the offer still exists.

4.      Exemption fees

You may qualify for exemptions in some units if you have undertaken a Diploma or a relevant degree course prior to enrolling for KASNEB exams.

Here are the due exemptions charges:

Diploma Examinations

  1. ATD/DCM
  • Level I: Per paper-shs.1500
  • Level II: Per paper-shs.1700
  • Level III: Per paper-shs.1900

Professional Examinations

  • Part I per paper-shs.2500
  • Part II per paper-shs.3500
  • Part III per paper-shs.4500

5.     Sale Of Publications

You can also order for a copy of the KASNEB syllabus and/or past examination papers at the following rates:

  • Syllabus Per Copy(all examinations)-shs.500
  • Past Papers (Per Level/Section)-shs.200

How To Pay KASNEB Fees

There are several methods of paying the various KASNEB fees before the scheduled kasneb payment deadline.

KASNEB Mpesa payment

Pay VIA Bank

Here are the KASNEB fees bank accounts

  • KCB:1203681194
  • KASNEB National Bank of Kenya Account:01001031572601
  • Equity Bank Ltd:0170299238025
  • Post Office Bank Ltd:0744130009246
  • Co-operative Bank Ltd:01129128535900
  • UBA Kenya Bank: 55030160004156
  • KCB dollar account:1123096465

How do I pay Kasneb via mpesa?

The best way is to use the e wallet which needs that you download the e-kasneb app on your phone.


Stage 1- Registration
1. Go to play store on your phone, Search for and download e-kasneb. You will of course install it on your phone.
2. Once installed, select sign-up then fill-in the required details.
3. Now wait an activation code through sms/email as you selected.
4. Next, log in onto the e-kasneb app using your email address and the password you created.
5. Either choose the option student with a registration number (existing students) or new student if you’re in the process of registering with KASNEB.

Stage 2- Paying

  1. Once logged in to your e-kasneb app, click on the service you desire, for instance, select examination.
  2. Follow the subsequent instructions to generate an invoice while confirming the amount payable.

Stage 3- Top Up E Wallet

Top up you e-wallet via mpesa before going ahead to pay. Here is how:

  1. Go to your mpesa menu.
  2. Choose lipa na mpesa (paybill).
  3. Enter KASNEB paybill no. 832222.
  4. Account No: Enter your mobile number.
  5. Enter the amount to pay.
  6. Type your usual mpesa pin number.
  7. Confirm the transaction and send.

That’s all. You will receive a message confirming your kasneb mpesa payment to your e-wallet.

Stage 4- Complete the payment

  1. Head back to your e-kasneb app.
  2. Click Pay now and then:
    (a) Enter your mobile telephone number.
    (b) Enter your normal e-wallet pin.
    (c) Pay the appropriate amount.
  3. Lastly continue with the remaining instructions.

ü  KASNEB Payment at Huduma Centres

kasneb has counters in various Huduma Centres in Kenya from where you can get assistance with your payment. These are:

  1. Nairobi: GPO, Kibera, and Makadara.
  2. Huduma centers in: Mombasa, Kisumu, Kisii, Eldoret,Meru, Nyeri, and Nakuru.

ü  Pay by banker’s cheque

You can also pay by buying a Bankers Cheque/Draft of the correct amount in favour of KASNEB. You will need to send your banker’s cheque via post office to KASNEB or hand deliver as you submit your kasneb registration form.

Can I pay KASNEB Fees cash?

KASNEB still accepts cash at their head offices though you’re likely to encounter long, slow-moving queues especially if it’s near the deadline.

Consequently, KASNEB strongly advises that you pay into the above Fee Collection Accounts at any respective bank branch and carry the bank deposit slip or send it to them with your forms.kasneb news

KASNEB Contacts

Head Office Location: KASNEB Towers, Upper Hill, Off Hospital Road
Postal address: P.O. Box 41362- 00100 Nairobi.
Telephone: 020 -2712640/ 020-2712828
Email: info@kasneb.or.ke  /Complaints@kasneb.or.ke

Website: https://kasneb.or.ke

Final word

Ensure you make the necessary payments early enough to beat the kasneb registration deadline not just to get the discount but also to avoid the inconveniences that arise when rushing to pay at the very last moment.

And as we have seen, you can use the app, Bankers cheque , or pay into the KASNEB fees collection account. Use the app is even much better.

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