ACCA Exemptions For CPA Kenya : All the details and charges

So recently we received this email about ACCA exemptions for CPA Kenya

Hello. I am a CPA K (Kenya) and want to pursue ACCA. What exemptions do I qualify for and what is the fee. Finally, which colleges would you recommend for me in Nairobi? Thank you. My email is mailto:*********

And so I wrote to ACCA Kenya office asking for details about their ACCA exemptions for CPA Kenya (CPA-K).

The guys at the ACCA Nairobi office were super-excited and immediately got back to us with the information.

And so if you’re pursuing a CPA and harbor dreams of holding both a CPA-K and the ACCA qualification, this will be interesting for you..

I say so because ACCA is currently running an amazing promotion where they are waiving nearly three-quarters of the usual ACCA exemptions fees (The offer expires in November 2019).

Take a look:

ACCA Exemptions For CPA Kenya : Full analysis

The analysis includes the savings you will make if you register for the ACCA before November 2019.

Note that the exemptions depend on the year you completed your KASNEB exams.

For instance, you are eligible for 9 exemptions (ACCA has 13 papers in total) if you passed your CPA-K from 2015 going onwards.

Here are the actual ACCA Kenya exemption units and the applicable charges.


ACCA Exempted module Usual Cost (GBP/ KES) Promotional Price (GBP/ KES)
Applied Knowledge Units    
Accountant in Business (AB) 80 GBP (Kshs.12,000)    0
Management Accounting (MA) 80 GBP (Kshs.12,000) 0
Financial Accounting (FA) 80 GBP (Kshs.12,000) 0
Applied Skills Units    
Corporate and Business Law (CL) 111 GBP (Kshs.15,000) 0
Performance Management (PM) 111 GBP (Kshs.15,000) 0
Taxation (TX) 111 GBP (Kshs.15,000) 0
Audits and Assurance (AA) 111 GBP (Kshs.15,000) 0
Financial Reporting (FR) 111 GBP (Kshs.15,000) 0
Financial Management (FM) 111 GBP (Kshs.15,000) 0
Examinable Units (No exemptions)
Strategic Professional
Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL) 196 GBP (Kshs.26,500) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900)
Optional(Any Two to be completed)  
Advanced Financial Management (AFM) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900)
Advanced Performance Management (APM) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900)
Advanced Taxation (ATX) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900)
Advanced Audits and Assurance (AAA) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900) 140 GBP (Kshs.18,900)
Other costs
Ethics and professional skills module 62 GBP (Kshs.8,300) 62 GBP (Kshs.8,300)
Annual subscription- 1st Year of study 55 GBP (Kshs.7,400) 0
Total 1,639 GBP (Kshs. 224,900) 678GBP  (Kshs.91,530)

In a nutshell, your total exam cost to complete your ACCA after earning the above ACCA Exemptions For CPA Kenya would be Kshs.91,530.00.

Note that you can take one paper at a time if you’re a bit squeezed financially.

Other ACCA charges

Item Standard ACCA fees (Kshs) Offer price(Kshs)
Registration fees 11,700 4,500 (You save shs.7200)
1st year subscription KShs.7,800 0(You save shs.7,800)
 Total payable Shs.4,500 (You save shs.15000!)


Why pursue the ACCA?

·         You will earn an enhanced professional profile

Your personal profile is greatly boosted when you add the ACCA to your CPA.

·         You are automatically awarded an MSc in Professional Accounting from the prestigious University of London

Under ACCA’s partnership with the University of London, ACCA students earn their MSc. in Professional Accounting after sitting the 4 core exams!

Again this can boost your resume massively.

·         You become a globally chartered accountant

ACCA is a pre-requisite in many countries if you want to work in auditing, taxation, accounting, and other finance roles.


ACCA Colleges in Kenya: ACCA-approved tuition providers

For tuition, you can attend any of the following colleges if you’re in Nairobi.

  • Strathmore University
  • KCA University
  • Oshwal College
  • USIU
  • Catholic University
  • Excel Global College
  • Cornerstone Training Institute
  • SCLP Samaj Australian College

Students in Mombasa can enroll for ACCA at Jaffery Institute of Professional Studies, an ACCA platinum accredited learning partner.

ACCA Exemptions For CPA Kenya: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This section answers some of the questions readers often ask us about ACCA.

Is ACCA eligible for CPA?

Yes. You can register with KASNEB and pursue the CPA with your ACCA. The good news is that you will benefit from various CPA exemptions for ACCA holders.

Currently, you are exempted up to CPA section 4 as follows:

Section 1:

  1. Financial Accounting
  2. Commercial Law
  3. Entrepreneurship and Communication

Section 2:

  1. Management Accounting

Section 3:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Financial Reporting

Section 4:

  1. Auditing and Assurance
  2. Quantitative Analysis

In short, you will only need to pass 10 papers instead of 18 to earn a CPA-K certificate if apply with your ACCA qualification.


Can I do both CPA and ACCA?

Yes, you can pursue both the CPA and an ACCA certification.

In fact, you can take both simultaneously- though you have to be wary of the workload- or after completing either of them first.

The second method is easier not only in terms of the workload but also with regard to the due fees thanks to the exemptions.

Again, with the exemptions, you’re likely to take less time to graduate with your second certification.


Which is better between CPA and ACCA?

In our opinion, we feel that it’s unfair to attempt to rank the two qualifications ranks higher/lower than the other.

Not only is the course structure is quite different in either case but they also differ in terms of outlook.

For instance, even a CPA is internationally accepted and respected in many countries, the ACCA has a more global outlook.

Unsurprisingly, most ACCA jobs in Kenya come from multinationals and consultancies with foreign operations.


Is CPA easier than ACCA?

The short answer is Nope despite some students believing that a CPA is easier than the ACCA.

And that’s because you will pass neither the CPA nor the ACCA exams without adequate preparations and masterly of the syllabus.

Perhaps some mistakenly consider the CPA friendlier due to the ready availability of CPA revision notes and study materials including from KASNEB’s own e library.


ACCA Kenya Contacts

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the ACCA office in Nairobi if you need any clarification on the ACCA Exemptions for CPA Kenya.

Use the following contact details…

Telephone numbers: Call 0724255918 / 0736730731 / 020 2650973 /020 2650967.

Email address:

ACCA Kenya Facebook:

You can also visit them at the Zep-Re Place, Upper Hill, Longonot Road, Nairobi.

Wrapping it up

Overall, there are a maximum of nine ACCA Exemptions for CPA Kenya based on the year you passed your CPA Part III exams.

Remember that when you join, you get unlimited access to various insightful ACCA resources including monthly webinars, Professional Reports, and study support resources such as study packs.

Best of all, you will save over shs.100000 if you enroll between now and November 2019.


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