Cyber security companies in Kenya [Contacts and services]

Are you looking for cyber security services in Kenya?  Below we present a list of the leading cyber security companies in Kenya offering various solutions to deter cyber-attacks in businesses and government agencies.


List of cyber security companies in Kenya : Contacts and services of the best cyber security companies in Kenya

HLABS Kenya ltd cyber security

HLabs LTD has a team of exceptionally qualified cyber security techies focusing on areas such as:

  • Penetration tests/information security audits.
  • Incident response.
  • Consultancy on cyber security best practices.
  • Development of secure systems.
  • Online systems vulnerability scanners.

HLabs has worked with dozens of major brands in locally and internationally.


Email address:

Telephone: 0746517606


Website: click here to visit their website

Enovise kenya

Enovise provides a host of premium digital forensics along with litigation support services to Kenya firms including financial institutions as well as telecoms.

Their main focus is:

  • Gathering of electronic evidence and counsel throughout the litigation process for cyber security related incidences.
  • Detailed investigations into all types of cybercrimes.
  • Detection and response to cyber-attacks in real-time.
  • Integration and the deployment of cyber security systems.
  • Researching and creating cyber security solutions for intelligence arms and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Assessing and testing (by simulating attacks) existing cyber security systems to accomplish agreed mission objectives.
  • Training and support of cyber security teams



Phone: 0714 370 253/ 0727 950 013

Physical offices: Park Suites, Parklands Rd, Nairobi, Kenya


Techinnova Ltd.

Also rated among the top IT security firms in Kenya is Techinnova Ltd.

The company is headquartered in Nairobi and again supplies a host of information security solutions and tools to the Government, SMEs, Corporates, and more.

They also offer IT Consultancy services in areas such as Web Development, Cloud computing, Mobile App development, etc.

Talk to them if you’re searching for World class vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, disaster recovery services, and related cyber security engineering solutions.


Phone: 0771 599172 or 0724 109551


Physical offices: The RiverFront, 4th Riverside Drive.



Cyber Security Africa

Cyber Security Africa has an office in Nairobi and provides a wide variety of information security products including the assessment of network security, firewall systems, and several web applications security solutions.

Also get in touch with them if you’re looking for topnotch fraud investigation services.


Telephone: +254 518 007 755

Mobile number: 0722 102 854 /0786 629 775



Kenya Internet Security (KIS)

KIS delivers prevention, detection, and response services, including endpoint, network, and Email cyber security solutions all under one roof.

The firm also consults on all services touching on protecting your organization/business cyber threats.


Telephone numbers: 0722 209 414/0720 858 137

Physical offices: International House, 4th Floor, right Opp. Hilton Hotel (Mama Ngina Street).





Global business consultant PwC has diversified to the Cyber Security sector and has introduced a couple of innovative solutions to thwart cyber attacks in Kenya.

They rely on partnerships with cyber security companies in Kenya and internationally including cyber security giant Tanium.

PwC can help your organization design transformative cyber security strategies to counter emerging digital security challenges too.

Here are their most popular services:

  • Strategy transformation and development
  • Cloud security
  • Cybersecurity risk governance
  • 3rd party cyber security risk management services
  • Emerging technologies security
  • Security awareness training/culture transformation


Telephone number: 020 2855000

Physical offices: Waiyaki Way, PwC Tower, Nairobi



Serianu is perhaps the best known cyber security consultancy company in Kenya because of their annual Cybersecurity reports and were among the industry pioneers.

The company will help you collect, shield, and analyze assorted critical business information.

They also run a leading training centre, the Cyber Immersion Center where you can hone your cyber security skills.

Serianu Contacts

Telephone number:  020 2006600

Physical offices: 14 Chalbi Drive, Nairobi, Lavington




Check Point Software Technologies Ltd

Check Point is the biggest network cyber security provider globally and has been delivering cutting edge IT security solutions to government and corporates for years locally.

Check Point has invented what they refer to as fifth generation cyber security (Gen V) platform which is essentially an advanced tool providing real-time threat prevention to protect all networks-virtual, cloud, mobile, and remote offices.

The company is Israeli owned.





Forcepoint  is also another World leader to have a presence in Kenya through Crescentech Africa and has grown to become one of the top-rated cyber security companies in Kenya.

They build and deploy cybersecurity software to stop employees from accessing inappropriate or malicious information or even leaking confidential organizational data.

It also markets cloud access, firewall, and cross-platform IT security products.


Telephone number:  020-4440719 / 9378

Physical offices: West 1 Building, Parklands Road, 4th Floor, Nairobi, kenya




Protec Kenya

Protec (Professional Technologies Ltd.)brings you peace of mind by securing your systems against attempts by computer criminals to hack into them and steal sensitive data.

According to their website, Protec has the best ICT security, risk management, as well as audit services in Kenya.

Here is a summary of information security services from Protec Kenya:

  • General data protection.
  • Payment services security.
  • Governance, risk, and compliance services.
  • Incident response, cyber forensics, and business continuity planning services.
  • Protection of vital IT systems infrastructure.

Overall, Protec follows the NIST Cybersecurity Framework but importantly partner with their clients to come up with customized cyber resilient strategies that works.


Telephone number:  020-2722485

Physical offices: Geomaps Center, Matumbato Road, off Elgon road, Nairobi Upperhill




Ernest and Young Kenya (EY)

Like their rivals PwC, EY has also ventured into the cyber security arena and you can procure a powerful IT security solution from their experienced cyber security teams.

EY implements what they call Security by Design.

In this approach, the organization collaborates with EY to put into place measures that enable trust in the IT systems, designs, and the data to allow firms to take on more business risk, innovate with confidence, and lead transformational changes.


Telephone number:  020- 2886000

Physical offices: Kenya Re Towers, just Off Ragati Road.


Wrapping it up

There goes our list of cyber security services in Kenya.

We hope that your search for an innovative IT security solution is now going to be less stressful now that you know who you to talk.

Of course, there are other players out there but these are the 11 ICT security companies in Kenya that impressed us most.


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