Zidisha Loan App: Downloading and loan application guide

Zidisha loan app targets micro businesspeople and offers direct loans to qualifying entrepreneurs through the phone.

It’s hence a good app when you’re looking for quick funding to sort out a pressing financial need.

Zidisha loan app is significantly different from other Kenya online loans app…

First, it’s a peer to peer platform meaning you’re borrowing from other members and not from a financial institution such as a bank like in other cases.

Secondly, the loan app may charge you a one-time premium fee to access higher loan amounts- you’re usually prompted to pay this fee after borrowing severally.

Thirdly, zidisha loan app doesn’t levy interest on your loan and instead imposes a 5% administration and management fee (calculated on your loaned amount).

Finally, some loans might carry a 5-30% credit risk payment. This is used to reimburse lenders on defaulted loans.

However, this percentage reduces gradually depending on your borrowing-repayment cycle.

Alright? We shall discuss this peer-to-peer lending platform further..

But that will be after I have shown you how to download the Zidisha loan app and how to access loans.

How to download Zidisha Loan App and apply for a loan

Like other loan apps, you have to first download the Zidisha loan apk from Google Playstore (The iPhone  Zidisha loan app version is yet to be released).


  1. Go to your phone’s Playstore and search for Zidisha loan app then click on Install. You can also Click here then select install once the Zidisha loan app Kenya link opens.
  2. The app isn’t that big so it won’t be long before it completes installing.

How to apply for a Zidisha Loan

To apply, first create an account so that the system can construct your Zidisha profile.

Note that you have to be logged in to your Facebook account to proceed with the Zidisha account registration process.

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  1. Click Open (on your newly downloaded app) to start the registration. You will be presented with the continue with Facebook button. Just Click on it.
  2. At some point, you will be asked whether you want to continue as XXXX (Your facebook name). You will again click Yes.
  3. Next, Click Agree once the app displays its terms and conditions.
  4. Finally, click Got it.
  5. You will be taken to the next screen where you are to type your Email Address and create a Good Password.
  6. You must also enter your First name as well as Last name followed by your Safaricom Mobile number (you can ignore the Other Phone Number tab).
  7. Next, you’re supposed to enter your Date of birth plus National ID number then your City/Town and Neighborhood estate (including how to locate your Home)
  8. Now type a Referral code (This is for those referred by other Zidisha community members). You can ignore the bit asking you to say how you heard about the Zidisha loan app.
  9. Click
  10. Now click Continue and Allow the App the necessary permissions it’s asking for (Calls, files, location, etc.)
  11. Again click Next to view the loan contract (and about Zidisha).
  12. Here you’re supposed to tick answers to the various Questions…

To begin with, you’ll be asked about how you want your loan to be funded at Zidisha (By a bank, By a loan app company, or By ordinary people)..

You will also be questioned about your highest possible loan you would wish to borrow in the future (shs.50789, shs.202958, or shs.1014790)

  1. Please pick the answers I have underlined. Also, regarding how you’ll qualify for bigger loans, be sure to answer By paying small test Loans.
  2. Click Got it (If the system presents some Profile tip on your Phone screen as you move on with the steps)

Completing your Zidisha dashboard and profile.

Unfortunately, you still have to complete Your Zidisha profile by feeding in other information.


  1. Type at least 10 characters to introduce yourself. Eg. You can say I am Alex, an entrepreneur etc
  2. Next, describe your Source Of Income briefly Eg. You can say I am in business/I am employed (Make sure it’s a minimum 10 characters).
  3. The rest of the questions will depend on the answers you have given above. In my case, I was asked about how much I generate as Revenue and Profit from my business.
  4. Depending with the systems assessment, you might be required to pay a one-time membership fee so a request will be sent to your Mpesa asking you to type your Mpesa PIN. Do that now (if ready) or skip to the next step.
  5. Here comes the interesting part: The system now displays your Loan amount and expected repayment schedule. (Sadly, I didn’t pay the membership fee so it tells me I can only get a shs.52 loan!)..
  6. Anyway, once you select your ideal repayment plan, click next.
  7. Now, you have to enter your loan purpose including your Loan project title…Here I typed Expansion before typing buying new stock under what you want to do with the loan.
  8. Finally, review your Application and if satisfied, click Confirm and Publish
  9. The money is soon deposited to your MPESA account.

Now, one of the common Zidisha criticism is the many details they ask for and I have to admit that they really ask for a lot.

The levying of the membership cash is also controversial though some borrowers have reported getting bigger loans afterward and seem pretty satisfied.

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How do I repay my Zidisha loan?

  1. To repay your Zidisha loan via MPESA, go to your MPESA menu on your phone.
  2. Select Lipa na Mpesa.
  3. Click Pay bill.
  4. Now enter 600201  (Zidisha pay bill number).
  5. Next, type your Account number (This should be the Safaricom telephone number you gave during registration).
  6. Enter the Amount followed by your MPESA PIN then OK.
  7. Confirm everything then click OK.
  8. You will shortly receive an SMS text confirming the repayment.


Zidisha Pay Bill Number

We have already seen that Zidisha pay bill number is 600201.


Zidisha loan app terms and conditions

I had already explained that you’re not charged interest but you will be required to pay a flat processing and administration fees.

Then, Zidisha loan repayment period is flexible- you can set your most convenient weekly repayment schedule (1 week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, etc).


Zidisha loan limit

Loan starts small but increases with regular timely repayments of lent funds.

That being said, the Zidisha loan limit is capped at US $10 000 (about kshs. 1,000,000).


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Zidisha loan application minimum requirements

To qualify, you must have the following:

  1. A Safaricom registered telephone number.
  2. An active Facebook account.
  3. Be at least 18 years old.
  4. An active email address.
  5. Some income from which you will be making the weekly repayments.

Zidisha loan app at a glance

As I hinted earlier, the app brings together borrowers and lenders internationally under the Zidisha Inc umbrella.

The philanthropic organization’s mission is to empower ordinary people launch/expand business by providing short-term funding.

Besides being offering loans in Kenya without security, Zidisha extends funding to borrowers from across the planet again without asking for collateral/guarantors.

In short, this online loans Kenya app is open to everyone.

Turning to the numbers, the app has attracted over 10,000+ downloads and is rated 3+ stars by over 400 reviewers.

So far, the company has loaned out over shs $16000000 (shs.1,600,000,000) to over 350000 borrowers locally and abroad.

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Zidisha loan app contacts

Website: https://www.zidisha.org

Email:  service@zidisha.org  or team@zidisha.org

Because they run a multinational operation, Zidisha doesn’t maintain physical offices so I didn’t access a reliable telephone contact.


That’s all there is about the Zidisha loan app.

Be sure to repay your advanced amounts in timely fashion regularly if you wish to request bigger loans in the coming days.

Well, I will recommend that you check the Haraka loan app if you’re unhappy with what Zidisha offers you.

Till next time..

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