Hospitals Offering DNA Test In Kenya in 2023

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the hereditary molecule that holds genetic characteristics in living things including human beings.

These elements are compact and are used to determine the ancestral line-age of an individual.

The good thing is that, unlike the past, there are more hospitals offering DNA test in Kenya today.

Of course, among other reasons, you might need to visit one of the hospitals offering DNA test in Kenya to uncover the truth about your kids/grandkids- Are you the father of your children?  Are you the grandparent? And so on.

Below is a list and the contacts of some of the hospitals offering DNA test in Kenya.

Hospitals offering DNA test in Kenya

Fact: In Kenya, it is estimated that over 32% of men who take DNA tests are not real dads to the ones they raise (whoa!).

So, where can I get DNA test in Kenya?

Well, hospitals offering DNA test in Kenya includes those of the public and the private sector.

Here they are the best known:


Kenyatta National Hospital

KNH is the best rated level six public hospital among those offering DNA test in Kenya.

It is also one of the oldest public organizations with over 100 years in service.

Best of all, the charges are highly affordable.

KNH Contacts

Tel: 0202 726 300



Nairobi hospital

Your next option Nairobi hospital, a private facility with over 60 years of experience, excellent staff, and quality services.

The cost is a little high but you will get good value for money at Nairobi Hospital.

Nairobi Hospital Contacts



Contact:   +254 703 082 000

Easy DNA

Easy DNA another superb choice for those who want to take a DNA test in Kenya.

It is privately owned and offers a wide range of DNA testing services.

Easy DNA contacts

To get in touch with Easy:



Tel:      0722 219 352/ 0722 622 166

Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya

Bioinformatics Institute is also accredited to offer DNA tests in Kenya.

They are currently using one of the most advanced DNA testing technologies including metabolomics, isothermal amplification, DNA sequencing, AI, and more.

Bioinformatics Institute of Kenya Contacts



Tel:    0716 335 266

Embassy clinics

These include medical clinics run by embassies such as the American and British embassies.

They are best option if you want to take a DNA test as part of immigrant visa application process.

You will need to reach out to the respective Embassy to book for a test (USA Embassy is in Gigiri near Kenya Teachers Technical College while the UK embassy is in Upper Hill).


KEMRI has a well-established DNA identification laboratory for humans (HID) and it can be yet another great option.

Private customers as well as court referrals are welcome for DNA Testing at KEMRI.

KEMRI Contacts



Phone:   0202 722 541


Requirements for DNA test in Kenya

DNA samples of the expected father and that of child in question MUST be provided.

That said, the mother’s specimen is optional though important.

Now, for those who would prefer discreet testing without using cheek swabs i.e. blood, spit, or cheek cells (for instance you want to go for a paternity test without the father’s knowledge), hair, chewing gums, fingernail clippings, toothbrushes etc. would play part greatly.


Cost of DNA test in Kenya

Cash is, of course, your next necessity

The cost of DNA at government-run facilities is around Ksh 10,000 for two (say like for a father and his child) – on average the charge is Kshs5500 per head.

KEMRI paternity test is also within this range.

That said, if you are inclined towards a private hospital, the pay can go as high as double.

Example, Lancet DNA test price is estimated at Ksh 10,000 per person.

Does NHIF cover DNA test?

You might be wondering – does NHIF cover DNA test?

Well, I did not find any evidence of NHIF paying for NHIF test in Kenya (DNA Testing is not listed among the Laboratory Tests and investigations that NHIF pays for).

Which is not surprising as this is not part of essential medical tests – I mean those tests needed to determine what you are ailing from.

In short, be prepared to pay for your own DNA tests (Of course, you can choose to have the tests in a public facility since they are more pocket friendly).

DNA test during pregnancy in Kenya

A DNA test can reveal child’s paternity prior to their birth. In fact, the test can be conducted after just 8 weeks of pregnancy.

During this period also, it can be determined of whose father is the unborn child through either a non-invasive prenatal paternity test (NIPPT) which costs more or an invasive test.

Some of the places you can check out for this kind of DNA testing include Bioinformatics Institute.

Isn’t that good news for Kenyan parents?

Wrapping it up

DNA testing in Kenya can either be legally requested or a personal decision (when you want to be sure you’re the daddy).

Keep the following in mind before going for DNA testing:

  1. Consider if you want to unearth the truth
  2. Will be you comfortable going through the process it involves?
  3. Understand that emotional implications will arise and you need to be prepared to handle them.
  4. Prepare yourself psychologically since you might feel as if your privacy is being invaded
  5. Understand what the Kenyan law says about paternity testing in Kenya (if it is part of a legal process)


Till next time…


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