Best investment companies in Kenya and opportunities offered

This article will introduce you to the best investment companies in Kenya.

But first, a brief background:

Now, we all long for financial freedom.

But your salary won’t give you wealth.

Instead, making smart investments from whatever you earn will eventually get you there.

Problem is, you might be clueless as to where to start when it comes to pursuing the available investment opportunities in Kenya.

That’s where the best investment companies in Kenya come in- they will hold your hand through the exciting investment journey and can immensely boost your chances of getting good returns.

So, which are these companies and what opportunities do they offer?

Read on to discover the best investment companies in Kenya and the opportunities they offer.

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Best investment companies in Kenya: Offers and contacts

You see, a lot of people burn their fingers because of investing blindly.

But with an investment company, you’ll be receiving expert advice to help you make the right moves.

And you should, in the end, achieve your financial goals.

Some even invest on your behalf in return for a small cut- you just sit back and wait for your paycheck.

Here are some of the leading financial firms in Kenya and the type of investments they deal with.

Diversified investment companies in Kenya

We start with companies that help Kenyans to invest in myriad areas.

Cytonn investment

Cytonn is one of the leaders and offers opportunities in various sectors of Kenya’s economy plus alternative investments across the East-Africa region.

What does Cytonn investment deal with?

Cytonn’s portfolio is among the most diversified – they have interests in education, the money market, and real estate, pension funds…you name it.

Their main business is to connect you to new and classic investment opportunities to help you grow your money.

They will allow you to choose where to invest depending on your wealth-building goals.

How to invest in Cytonn investments

You’ll need to visit their offices (check the contacts below) or to attend one of the open forums they hold regularly to get first-hand advice.

They maintain offices and/or representatives all over Kenya and in the US.

Cytonn investment contacts and offices

Physical addresses…

  • Nairobi:

Fedha Plaza, 6th Floor, Westlands.

Liaison House, 3rd Floor, State House Avenue.

The Chancery, 6th Floor, Valley Road.

  • Nyeri:

Sohan Plaza, 3rd Floor, Kimathi Way

  • Nakuru:

Westside Mall, 3rd Floor, Kenyatta Avenue

  • Kisumu:

Centre Court Building, 3rd Floor,  Oginga Odinga Street

Official Contacts:

Telephone: 0709 101 000 /020 3929 000

WhatsApp: 0748 070 000



Centum is a publicly-listed investment company with a long, successful history when it comes to helping Kenyans accumulate wealth.

They as well have a strong presence in nearly all economic sectors and have consistently recorded amazing results from the assets under their control.

The list of their past and present investments makes for impressive reading-Tanzania Breweries Limited, UAP insurance company, Two Rivers Mall, Almasi Beverages Limited (Coca cola franchise holder), KWAL (Kenya wine agencies ltd), and more.

Centum’s goal is to connect you to a portfolio of exclusive, diversified investments and is widely regarded as one of the best investment companies in Kenya.

Centum contacts

Physical address: South Tower, 9th Floor/8th Floor, Two Rivers Mall (Gigiri area), Nairobi

Telephone: 020 223 0518/ 0737 095124/0726 971599

Investors email address:

General numbers: 020 228 6000 / 0709 902000

General email address:



Transcentury was started by 20 ambitious men including businessman Jimnah Mbaru as an investment club about 2 decades ago and has grown to become one of the best companies to invest in Kenya.

There was a period they underwent a lot of turbulence but they have now recovered and are back on the path to become a premier investment vehicle for budding investors.

Most of their investments are in power, transport, and related infrastructural projects.

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Investment companies that can help you in the stock market

Shares are great and have created renowned billionaires including Warren Buffet (USA) and Chris Kirubi (Kenya), especially if you can invest for the long term.

Note that the least number of shares you can buy in Kenya is 100 and you have to open a CDS account first.

This space is dominated by investment banks and a number of private companies.

Here are the best investment companies in Kenya for those interested in the stock market:

Faida Investment Bank

Faida offers stock brokerage, market research, and advisory services.

You can access live trading and online trading services from their portal.

Faida investment bank contacts

Physical address: Crawford Business Park, along State House Rd, or Windsor House, first floor, Nairobi

Telephone: 0733 243 811/0724 721 014

Whatsapp: 0743 552341




NIC Securities Limited

You can also consider NIC Securities, a subsidiary of NIC bank.

The good thing about them is that you can again invest in the comfort of your home via the mobile app as well as through their website.

NIC Securities contacts

Physical address:  NIC House, Ground Floor,  Masaba Road, Upperhill

Telephone: 020 2888464 / 0711 041 464


Investment companies that can help you to invest in Unit trusts

A unit trust is a collection portfolio comprising of interest-bearing instruments such as bonds and treasury bills in addition to variable return assets such as stocks.

Unit trusts generally yield higher returns on your money than when you keep your cash in a bank account.

You don’t participate in them directly but through a fund manager (your chosen investment company).

Here I recommend two companies as follows:

Old Mutual Securities

Old mutual is a leader in this segment and has other fantastic opportunities in high-yield securities, insurance, and more.

You can even buy a unit trust through your phone via a platform called i-INVEST (just dial *480#).

Old Mutual Kenya Contacts

You can contact one of the investment advisors for assistance if you’re not okay with the i-INVEST platform.

Their investment hotline number is 0711 065000.



The professionals at CIC are excellent at gauging risk and potential reward opportunities before making investment decisions and tend to offer a slightly higher return than most of the competing companies.

CIC actually controls 1/3 of the unit trust market.

CIC Contacts

You can get in touch with CIC via 0703 099 120/122/124.

Use 0703 099 120 for Whatsapp.


The best investment companies in Kenya for money market funds

A  Money Market fund (MMF) is simply a low-risk fund consisting of diversified interest producing tools and near cash assets including fixed deposits in Kenya.

I recommend this option if you have a low appetite for risk and you’re mainly looking for a way to safely preserve your money.

MMFs are pretty close to unit trusts and are given a special name by the managing institution.

For instance:

Sanlam Unit Trust markets theirs as Pesa+ account while Alpha Africa Asset Managers refer to theirs as Kasha Money Market Fund.

At the same time, Genghis Capital Investment has the GenCap Hela Fund.

The beauty of money market funds is their liquidity- you get your cash within 3-5 days after sending a withdrawal request email.

So, which MMFs do I recommend?

Granted, there aren’t many differences between the various alternatives apart from the interest rates.

Nevertheless, the following two MMFs seem to attract more investors.


CIC asset management rates are consistently among the best and the withdrawal process hassle-free.

Your interest is deposited to your account monthly and the minimum investment amount you can start with is Kshs. 5,000.

I already gave you CIC contacts above.

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Zimele asset Management Company

Zimele Asset Management Company is licensed and regulated by the CMA (capital markets authority) and RBA (retirements benefit authority) and manages the Zimele money market fund on behalf of investors.

You can track your account’s performance online.

Zimele Contacts

Call Zimele via 0734-207662 or 0722-207662. You can Whatsapp them on 0733-111106 too.

Investment companies offering Sharia-compliant opportunities in Kenya

There’s a company that specializes in Sharia-complaint products and that is….

Kurwitu Ventures

Kurwitu Ventures is perhaps the first investment company in Kenya to solely provide sharia-compliant investment opportunities.

They have been listed at the NSE to make it easy for Islamic investors to venture into Kenya’s capital markets.

The company has invested heavily in the agri-business sector.

Kurwitu Ventures contacts

Physical address:  Woodland’s Office Park-Suite 2B Road, Woodlands Road

Telephone: 020 2399958 / 0704 106948


Other Investment companies worth a mention

The following investment companies have been attracting raving reviews from investors because of topnotch customer service and impressive returns.

GENGHIS capital Kenya

Genghis has grown tremendously in a short time and offers a well-balanced portfolio of investment tools including unit trust, stocks, and money market fund (GENCAP Hela Imara Fund).

In addition, Genghis capital research arm offers in-depth research on profitable investments.

GENGHIS capital Kenya contacts

Physical address:  Purshottam Place, first Floor, Westlands road

Telephone: 0709 185000


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SBG securities Kenya

This is owned by Stanbic Bank and buy/sell shares on your behalf.

SBGsecurities Kenya contacts

You can contact SBG securities ltd using the following details:

Physical address:  Purshottam Place, first Floor, Westlands road

Telephone: 020 363 8080



Final word

One of the best ways to build wealth and earn the financial freedom you have always craved for is by investing a portion of your earnings.

And as you have seen, the best investment companies in Kenya have a lot to offer and can make your journey to financial security less stressful.

You can trust them to do all the heavy lifting and to advise you accordingly.

As always, do your due diligence before parting with your hard-earned cash. After all, this is Kenya!





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