Mathenge Technical Institute: All The Courses And How To Apply

Mathenge Technical Institute is one of the leading government of Kenya sponsored technical training institutes in Mt. Kenya region.

Indeed, the college has expanded exponentially in the last few years and today boasts of thousands of students from every corner of the country.

Because of its ability to attract students from all over Kenya, it would be accurate to say that Mathenge Technical Training Institute literary represents the face of Kenya.

But to the education watchers in Kenya, this tertiary institution’s rising star status is not entirely surprising considering its massive investment in training facilities, competent faculty, and its exemplary performance in KNEC, NITA (National Industrial Training Authority), and KASNEB exams.

Further confirmation of this educational institution’s prowess in Technical training comes from the fact that the college was among the very first middle-level technical college’s to attain the revered ISO 9001:2008 certification in Kenya.

History Of Mathenge Technical Institute

mathenge technical training institute graduation
One of the workshops (Photo credit: Mathenge Technical Institute)

Mathenge technical institute was started as part of the Government’s Harambee Institutes of Science & Technology (HIST) initiative in the 1980s.

A prominent personality to play a major role in its opening is Kenya’s third president, retired president Mwai Kibaki who was the local MP during its formative years.

It is believed that it’s through Kibaki’s efforts that a steering committee – largely comprising of local reputable personalities- managed to pool resources which saw the college’s first buildings completed in time for the institution’s official opening on November 25th, 1984.

And several decades of sheer hard work has set the college well on the path to achieving its vision of being a center of excellence in scientific and technological training and high-impact innovations.

Mathenge Technical Institute Location

The institute, which admits KUCCPS students in a plethora of courses, is located about 18 kilometers from Nyeri town and 12 kilometers from Othaya town.

The college is also within a touching distance of the Aberdare ranges, a beautiful site for hiking and nature lovers.

You can access the college by taking the road to Othaya (From Nyeri) at the Othaya junction along the busy Nyeri-Karatina Road (around 1 kilometer from Nyeri Town CBD).

Don’t drive the distance to Othaya town but instead branch off at Kagere and head towards Munyange by driving straight along the tarmac.  The institute is approximately 6 kilometers after Kagere (just before reaching Munyange).

For public transport, take a Matatu at the Nyeri lower stage. Simply ask one of the touts to direct you to Mahiga matatus and you will be assisted.

Mathenge TTI Contacts

Telephone: (+254) 0725 737174 / (+254) 020-3523664



Postal Address: P.o. Box 665-10106, Othaya, Nyeri County, Kenya

Mathenge Technical Institute Intakes

Mathenge Technical Institute has three intakes in a year:

  • January every year: For various Diploma and certificate courses.
  • May each year: This is the most popular intake. Many students reporting during this month for their craft, certificate, and diploma courses of choice.
  • September: Intake for all courses is usually in progress.

How To Apply

mathenge technical training institute othaya Kenya
One of the College’s sports team(Photo credit: Mathenge Technical Institute)

Prospective students should apply by writing to the principal or by downloading the application from the college website.

You can also tour the college and apply for admission for your course of choice.

Those applying through KUCCPS have to wait for the KUCCPS portal to open and fill in the application documents.

From there, you can get your Mathenge Technical Training Institute admission letter from the college website or by collecting it personally from the college.

You will need to attach the photocopies of your K.C.S.E result slip, leaving certificate, birth certificate, plus all relevant testimonials.

Coming to the minimum grade requirements, Craft certificate courses require a minimum of D plain while Diplomas need at least a mean grade of C minus.

Those with lower grades can opt for artisan courses in various departments.

Mathenge TTI’s Academic Departments

  • Fashion Design and Clothing Technology: Here you find programs related to garment making and fashion
  • Automotive Engineering: This department has motor vehicle repair and motor mechanics programmes.
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT): All ICT courses are set under this department.
  • Food and Beverage (F & B): Courses here include catering, accommodation, and food production.
  • Business Studies: Learners pursuing careers in business areas such as business management and supply chain control are delivered by the Business Studies department.
  • Building & Civil Engineering: This huge department is in charge of training building artisans, plumbers, masons, and civil engineers.
  • Electrical & Electronics: Electronics and electrical engineering trainees fall under this category.

Courses at Mathenge Technical Training Institute

Diplomas Courses (KNEC) Minimum Grade
Diploma in Food & beverage management/service C- (C minus)
Diploma in Catering & accommodation
Diploma in Tourism management
Diploma in Automotive engineering
Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing technology
Diploma in Building technology
Diploma in Water technology
Diploma in Electrical & electrical engineering
Hairdressing & beauty therapy
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in Human resources management
Diploma in Business Management
Diploma in Supply chain management
Diploma in Co-operative management
Diploma in ICT
Certificates (KNEC) Minimum Grade
Craft in Food & beverage management/service D plain
Craft in Catering & accommodation
Craft in Motor vehicle mechanics
Craft in Tourism management
Craft in Fashion design & Clothing technology
Craft in masonry
Craft in plumbing
Craft in Electrical & electrical engineering
Craft in sales & Marketing
Craft in Human resources management
Craft in Business management
Craft in Supply chain management
Craft in ICT
Artisan Courses Minimum Grade
Artisan in Food & beverage D- and below
Artisan in hairdressing
Artisan in Motor vehicle mechanics
Artisan in welding/fabrication
Artisan in garment making
Artisan in masonry
Artisan in plumbing/water services
Artisan in Electrical installation

Why Study At Mathenge Technical Training Institute

mathenge tti contacts
One of the computer labs (Photo credit: Mathenge Technical Institute)


In addition to Mathenge TTI’s students consistently registering record-breaking performances in national examinations, the institution provides learners with some unique extras including:

  1. A serene learning environment away from the hustle and bustle of towns.
  2. Clean and spacious hostels within the college (offered on first-come-first-serve basis).
  3. Free fast Wi-Fi accessed from anywhere within the institute.

Students are also provided with expert guidance and counseling services not to mention an in-college student nurse.

Fees Aid

The institution accepts bursaries from public and private organizations and CDF/related education funds.

Moreover, like other public colleges under the ministry of education, Mathenge TTI  students are awarded HELB loans/KUCCPS capitation upon meeting the set requirements.

Most importantly, the fees is generally reasonable and within the reach of guardians and students from all walks of life.

Mathenge Technical Training Institute Graduation

mathenge technical training institute admission letter
Graduation Ceremony (Photo credit: Mathenge Technical Institute)

Like other accredited colleges in Kenya, Mathenge technical institute holds a graduation ceremony for students who have completed their relevant curriculum and passed their exams annually.

The college usually announces its upcoming graduation dates well in advance through mass media and internal channels.

Distinguished guests from different backgrounds preside over the College’s elaborate graduation ceremony as students celebrate this milestone achievement.


Mathenge Technical Institute could be your best bet as far as attaining a brilliant career in your specialization of choice is councerned.

This because the facilities, the environment, and the quality of training and everything else are all top-notch.

You can get in touch with the college using the above contacts to learn more about this fabulous institution of higher learning.

Good luck!






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  1. I faith makena would like to join the school to further my studies and hopefully you will help me since it’s my dream school.

    Yours sincerely

  2. I faith makena would like to join the school to further my studies and hopefully you will help me since it’s my dream school

    Yours sincerely

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