TSC compassionate leave : A complete guide [Updated 2023]

When it comes to TSC compassionate leave, teachers are allowed a total of 15 days (maximum) per each calendar year.

The idea behind the compassionate leave is to give you time to attend to unfortunate occurrences such as sickness, bereavement, or the hospitalization of your dependents.

Now, there are several requirements that you have to meet before you can proceed for this leave.

Take a look:

TSC compassionate leave requirements

Like with other types of leaves for teachers in Kenya, the key condition is that you should have compelling grounds to be absent from duty.

Having said that, the leave is given at the discretion of your sub-county director of education and the principal or headteacher.


How to apply for TSC compassionate leave

You are expected to apply to your head of institution (principal or head-teacher) or his/her agent for approval via the prescribed compassionate leave form.

You can search for and download this form from the TSC website here..

Just submit the duly filled form to your immediate supervisor for approval.

Overall, the leave is expedited unless there are unforeseen issues surrounding your application.


When to apply for the TSC compassionate leave

As stated earlier, the aim of the compassionate leave is to give you time off duty to commiserate with your immediate/expanded family during times of distress occasioned by events like death or serious illnesses.

It’s at such times that you may apply for the compassionate leave

Concerning the exact timing, you should apply for the break as soon as you learn of the event but of course, depending on the circumstances.


Which other circumstances does TSC consider when granting compassionate leave for teachers?

Besides bereavement and sicknesses, the commission may also grant a compassionate to a teacher in the event of a court case, marital turbulence, arson, house eviction, etc.
There are no guarantees whatsoever and the employer assesses these cases on per merit basis.

Needless to say, you won’t get a compassionate leave to tackle business matters or attend fun activities like sports.


The compassionate leave for teachers is 15 days long (maximum) and is intended to help you join your family and loved ones in times of distress.

You apply for it through your sub-county director or school head using the prescribed form.

Overall, the leave is granted expeditiously unless there are other emerging issues.


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