Utunzi loan app: Downloading and loan application guide

Utunzi loan app allows you to get an instant loan MPESA loan. All you have to do is download the app then complete the easy Utunzi loan application online steps.

This article will take you through the Utunzi mobile loan app download procedure followed by the loan application steps.

Utunzi Loan App Free Download procedure

Here are the Utunzi app download (free) steps…

  • Go to the Google play store in your phone and search for the Utunzi loan app.
  • Click install as soon as the application appears.
  • The app isn’t huge and will download in a few moments.
  • Don’t forget to allow the app the requested permissions when installing –Just click Accept when prompted.
  • Next, you need to register on the app so select create an account to type your details..

Don’t fret as you’re only required to type minimal information starting with your Safaricom mobile number and national ID card number.

Utunzi loan application: Step-by-step guide

Your goal is to get a quick loan to fix your financial emergency.

So let’s see how to fill up the various data in the app’s online application process.

Here is what you do:

  • If you haven’t exited the app, just click Apply for a loan. Otherwise, Login into the Utunzi app and choose Apply for a Loan.
  • Type your desired loan amount.
  • Now supply answers to the displayed questions.
  • Next, take a photo of your National ID card (or scan) then attach it.
  • Enter your referees’ details to give your loan application credibility.
  • Click on

Assuming that all goes well, your loan advance will be released to your MPESA in a short while.

On average, it shouldn’t exceed 5-15 minutes.

Utunzi Loan App Interest and repayment conditions

A lot of people want to know the interest rates and other terms before applying for loans to help them decide the best loan app to borrow from.

Now, for Utunzi, you will be charged about 12% as facilitation fee.

You might also be required to pay a variable service fee with some loans.

Here are the other loan offer terms:

  • Maximum loan amount: shs.300000
  • Minimum possible loan:300
  • Repayment period: According to Utunzi ventures website, Utunzi can allow you up to 365 days to repay your loan. The company hasn’t, however, set a definite repayment period and it varies from loan to loan depending on the borrowed amount.


How to repay Utunzi Loanapp loans

Perhaps the easiest method of paying back your loan is via MPESA.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone’s MPesa
  2. Choose Lipa-na-MPesa.
  3. Click Paybill.
  4. Type Utunzi loan app paybill number 800950.
  5. Type your Safaricom telephone number as your account number.
  6. Key in the Amount you wish to repay
  7. Confirm everything and send.

You are notified of the transaction success via SMS soon thereafter.

Utunzi loan application

Utunzi app update

Utunzi regularly upgrades their app to serve you better so it’s important that you update your installed application.

To update, head over to Google Play store then click on the installed apps tab.

Locate the Utunzi application then tap on the Update option.

Don’t be bothered if the Update icon is missing as it means that the app is up to date.


Utunzi Loan App Contacts and Customer care

Utunzi’s customer support team will be at hand to help you in case you run into trouble during the Utunzi loan app apk download, installation, or loan application.

The team also welcomes any questions about terms or any other app-related issue.

I prefer communicating with the help desk by writing them a message from inside the app but you can always call or write them an email.

Use these direct contacts:

Utunzi customer care telephone number: 0720686009/0721843974

Email address: admin@utunziventures.co.ke

Main website: https://utunziventures.co.ke/

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/Utunzi-Business-1974536779241498/

Twitter: @utunziventures

How to boost your Utunzi Loan limit

Utunzi rewards you for loyalty and excellent loan repayment behavior by allowing you to apply for bigger personal loans.

And so the secret to unlocking higher Utunzi loans is paying back your credit by the set due date.

Note that the company sends the details of defaulters to CRB meaning that it will impossible for you to access financing in Kenya from other apps or financial institutions.

About Utunzi Loan App

Utunzi app is an MPESA loan app owned byUtunzi ventures Ltd., a Kenya domiciled FinTech with a mission to empower Kenyans by lending fast, easy loans.

The app advances loans to all qualifying Kenyans and you can qualify for larger loans (at lower interest rates) if you repeatedly repay your loan on time.

Utunzi is a direct lender so loans are approved quite fast.


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