Car dealers in Mombasa: Get the best car deals in Mombasa

Car dealers in Mombasa are generally more affordable than upcountry. Also, maybe because the importation port is just a stone’s throw away, they manage to stock a bigger variety.

Some of them organize clearance sale periodically during when the prices are dramatically lowered. Try to time such car sales bonanzas if you want to get the very best deals.

Here now is a list of the reputable Car dealers in Mombasa.

Car dealers in Mombasa

1.      Planet Motors Ltd

Planet motors Address has a wealth of choices- from saloon cars, SUVs, and even pickup trucks.

The company makes your journey to owning your first car seamless.

Address  Lumumba Rd, Mombasa

Telephone: 0706590210



Car dealers in Mombasa

2.     Toyopet Automobile K Ltd Mombasa

Toyopet Automobile offers a very complete and honest service. Their stock comprises of cars which have passed their strict quality tests and Well Taken Care of.

Address Moi Avenue, Mombasa opp. ABC bank /near Equity bank

Telephone: 0733 588888


3.      Lota Motors Ltd.

This is simply one of the best car dealers in Mombasa.

Every one of their certified used cars is in top-notch condition thanks to their thorough pre-importation inspection procedure.

We especially recommend that you check their Subaru cars stock.

Address Jomo Kenyatta Avenue., Makupa Roundabout

Telephone: 0714 000001


4.      Delights Motors Limited

Delight motors delights with their impressive consignment of cars. This quality car dealer has very helpful staff and dealing with them is generally a very pleasurable experience.

Address Steve Biko Avenue, Mombasa

Telephone: 0722 709612toyopet automobile k ltd mombasa

5.      Fahari Motors Mombasa

Fahari motors  have a brilliant selection of pre-owned cars including BMW, Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and more.

You are likely to find a great ride at an unbelievable price.

Address  Off Moi Avenue, Ganjoni Post Office-Tangana Rd, Mombasa

Telephone: 041 2225152

6.      Al-Husnain Motors Ltd

Al Husnain Mombasa has created a name for itself because of their impressive track record in used cars importation and onward sales.

They go out of the way to make sure that you land the vehicle to serve your exact needs.

Address Tangana Road Junction, Archbishop Makarios Road-Mombasa

Telephone: 0702 115693


7.      Auto Selection K Ltd Mombasa

Here you’re served by a passionate team and you’re guaranteed genuine deals. Best of all, Auto selection motors has a comprehensive car lineup so you may not need to look further than them, whatever your car.

Address:  Haile Selassie Rd., Mombasa

Telephone: 0723 355016


8.      Aisha Motor Dealers Mombasa Kenya

The fast-growing Aisha motor dealers have dozens of used cars for sale in Mombasa and have been giving the big boys a hard run for their money

Their knowledgeable sales associates are always ready to walk you around offering advice until you meet your dream car.

Address:    Machakos Street, Opp. Coastal Paint Centre, Mombasa

Telephone: 0722 834228fahari motors mombasa

9.      Mombasa Car Importers Limited

Mombasa car importers is yet another genuine car dealer operating from the port city.

Just place your order and leave them to do the rest.

You should have your vehicle in no time thanks to their excellent connections with both local and overseas car suppliers.

Address:    Tangana Rd, Near Kilindini Posta, Mombasa

Telephone: 0723 652975

10. Jan Japan (K) Limited

This dealer specializes in importing ex-Japanese cars and is one of the largest importers operating from Mombasa.

They have very affordable prices.

Address:    Mbaraki Road, Mombasa

Telephone: 0755 344487


fahari motors mombasa


This list of car dealers in Mombasa is just a guide to help you know where to shop for your fancy car in the coastal city.

We don’t in any way endorse the highlighted dealers so do your background research before entering into any deals.

You can start by looking at what others are saying regarding your dealer of choice both offline and online.

Also, be on the lookout for deals that sounds too good to be true-if it seems too good, it probably is.


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