Top Places To Visit In Mombasa And Mombasa Travel Guide

Mombasa is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kenya.  And there’s a bucketload of thrilling places to visit and fun things to do while in the sunny coastal town.

Here is our selection of the top places to visit in Mombasa, charming stuff to do there, and our Mombasa travel guide.

  1. Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary

Nguuni is an exciting hideaway away from the hustle and bustle of the coastal City. Located about 10 minute’s drive from the city and full of animal life, this is one of the greatest picnic sites in Mombasa.

Impalas, zebra, Ostriches, giraffes, elands, snakes, buffalos and dozens of other game abound.

Apart from the nice scenery, Nguuni nature sanctuary is fantastic for bird viewing and being one of the most romantic places to visit in Mombasa, you can carry your partner.

What to do: Go for picnics with friends and family or team building activities with colleagues.

Alternatively: Enjoy the awesome sundowners

How To Get There: It’s off kiembeni road, in the north coast towards Mwakirunge a 15-minutes’ drive from Mombasa’s Haller Park.

Charges: Kshs.350.00 residents Non-Resident: $6


nguuni nature sanctuary

  1. Mombasa’s Marine National Park

Forget the World Famous Maasai mara…. Mombasa’s Marine national park is the place to be at the coast.

You sail deep into the shores to a rich mix of flora and fauna. The lush seagrass beds, dense mangroves, mammoth coral reefs, and exhilarating sandy beaches are a huge attraction as are thousands of marine creatures that dot the waters.

I am referring to, among others, the majestic seahorses, water-loving eels, and shy stingrays .

What to do: If you enjoy soaking, diving and snorkeling will be your thing.

Alternatively: Have the time of your lifetime just watching the marine mortals go about their daily business from your glass-bottom boat while docked at the panoramic mombasa marine national park and reserve.

 How To Get There: Talk to the beach boys at Nyali, Shanzu, or Bamburi beaches. They will connect you to a boat captain who can take you there. You can also go through the official KWS Gate.

Charges: Rates are negotiable.

mombasa marine national park

3.     Haller Park

The former quarry is now an amazing ecosystem and an animal-lovers haven. You are welcomed by adorable wildlife including giraffes, zebras, Cape buffalo, waterbucks, and towering hippos.

Haller Park is also a bird-watchers paradise with weaver birds, pelicans, cranes, and storks being star attractions.

What to do: You can feed the giraffes. But be sure to confirm the feeding times from the attendants.

Alternatively: Walk the nature trail to the elegant butterfly pavilion.

How To Get There: The park is in Bamburi, along the busy Mombasa Malindi Road. Take a matatu / tuk tuk and ask to be dropped off haller park

Charges: Kenyan adults shs.300 (children shs.170) while foreigners pay $17($13)

Haller Park

4.     Pirates Public beach (Jomo Kenyatta Public beach)

A key component of mombasa tourism trip are the beaches and pirates public beach features up there with the best.

Pirates is a forever bustling, family-friendly beach full of intriguing water equipment which you can hire affordably plus memorable boat tours.

It’s an extraordinary beach so you can engage in all sorts of water fun or just laze around the white sand and enjoy the striking beach view as you watch the waters storm to and from the shores in another dazzling display of Mombasa’s natural richness.

What to do: Swim with friends in warm cool waters. You can hire life guards and/or a boat from the numerous operators.

Alternatively: Wait for the night and just sit there with a warm drink to enjoy the cool ocean breeze or sample meaty sea food.

How To Get There: The beach, one of the top mombasa is just off Malindi road in Nyali. Take a matatu or a Tuk Tuk from the CBD and ask them to drop you at pirates.

Charges: Free pass.

Pirates Public beach

5.     The Ferry

The ever busy ferry boat service will take you across the massive Kilindini Harbour and towards the south.

Indeed, if you have some places to visit in south coast Mombasa, you have to pass through here.

You’ll find the ferry ride eventful as people, cars, and even chicken fight for space in this essential government service.

If you are lucky, you might sight one of the big ships coming from the high seas as it crosses over to the port to dock.

Be sure to avoid the pick pockets especially at the ferry entry as the locals make a mad dash for the ferry amidst a lot of shoving and pushing.

What to do: ride the ferry and enjoy the sea line.

Alternatively: Take selfies with the blue waters on the background.

How To Get There: Take one of the Matatus/Tuk Tuks from the GPO in the city center whose ‘Makanga’ announces “ferry” ,“ferry”..

Charges: Free pass.


6.     Mama Ngina Drive

Another popular leisurely spot in mombasa county, Mama Ngina park/drive along the Indian Ocean has something for everyone.

You can for instance sit on a seaside bench and watch the ships head to or leave the port. If not, you treat yourself to the tasty street foods…from fried Cassava’s (muhogo), Cassava chips, coconut, Madafu, fish….and by the way everything comes at a pocket-friendly price.

What to do: walk the length of the drive and treat yourself to the view and the food.

Alternatively: sit somewhere and feel the cool breeze .

How To Get There: Mama Ngina Drive is close to the ferry so board the mamatu/tuk tuk from the GPO but ask to be dropped at Mama Ngina.

Charges: Free pass.

likoni ferry mombasa kenya

7.     Mamba Village

If you love big reptiles, you can watch the over 10,000 crocodiles close here basking in the sun.  And you can enjoy the succulent roasted crocodile meat too.

What to do: Watch the staff feed the crocodiles but you have to be in the farm by 4.00pm to catch a glimpse of the reptiles as they jump up high to grab the meat.

Alternatively: Take a photo with one of the young crocodiles and her egg. Horseback, camel riding, bar and restaurant services, and bouncing castles are also available.

How To Get There: Mamba village is on Links Road in Nyali. 10 kilometers from town and opposite Nyali’s Golf club.

mamba village entry fee : Kshs.300

mamba village entry fee

8.     Fort Jesus

If you love history, visit the Fort Jesus, an architectural masterpiece whose story spans several centuries.

Here you will see the bunkers that were used by the Portuguese, Arabs, and later, British colonialist soldiers used to hide as the fought for control of the Mombasa port and its trade from the 16th century.

You can ask for a guide if you want to maximize as you head to the museum.

What to do: Take a tour of the facility and learn some bit of history.

Alternatively: Buy some souvenirs from the shop located inside. Don’t forget to take some photos of the classic war canons.

How To Get There: Fort Jesus Mombasa is off Nkrumah Road, not far from the town center. Fort jesus opening hours is 8.00am-6.00pm local time.

Charges: Kshs.200 entry fees

fort jesus kenya

9.     Tudor Water-Sports

If your taste of entertainment is in exuberant water games, tudor water-sports is a premier mombasa watersports location.

The scenic facility offers dozens of water sports including water rafting, rowing boats, kayaking, and speed boats starting from the creek and all the way to the Nyali bridge.

In addition to leaving guests in high spirits, there’s good food as well as accommodation plus camping options.

What to do: Enjoy a sport of choice.

Alternatively: They have sweet juices.

How To Get There: It’s just a couple of meters from the city’s CBD, along Tom Mboya Avenue and is easily accessible using a tuk tuk. Just advise the drive to drop you at Tudor water sports marina.

Charges: Free entry but the sports are charged separately.

tudor water sports

10.                        Mombasa Tusks

The ‘gateway’ to Mombasa and located within a few meters from a number of prime hotels in Mombasa along Moi Avenue, the Mombasa Tusks is a beloved site for a photoshoot.

However, there’s a park right opposite the tusks where you can walk or just lounge as you munch on Mabuyu (baobab seeds).

What to do: Snap away with the tusks standing prominently on the backside.

Alternatively: Cross over to the lush green uhuru gardens park and spend time there as you reminisce on your tour.

How To Get There: The tusks are on Moi Avenue so many of the teeming matatus/tuk tuks can take you there.

Charges: Free

Mombasa Tusks


11.                        Go Kart Mombasa

Tucked away in Shanzu, the mombasa go kart Mombasa is another interesting location to unwind with the big news here being the amazing racing course.

Guests who are not in the adrenaline rush common in cart racing also have exceptional choices. For example, you can participate in any of the family fun activities like paintball shooting, target practice, and more.

The place is super cool and quiet.

What to do: Go go-karting. The staff is very helpful so even newbies enjoy mind-blowing moments.

Alternatively: Enjoy a yummy barbecue.

How To Get There: The racing center is along Mombasa Malindi Road about 1.5 km after passing Whitesands hotel and next to  Petrocity gas station. Check out for big signboard (with two flags) along the road.  .

Charges: Depends on the activity.

mombasa go kart mombasa

Mombasa’s night life

When the sun sets, the party shouldn’t stop. Nightlife in Mombasa is as thrilling as anywhere else.

Here are the Joints:

  1. Casablanca club

There’s the Casablanca club, a cool place for an evening drink as you enjoy good music. The staff here is super respectful and the food as good as it gets in any of the other top restaurants in Mombasa town. The club is on Mnazi Mmoja Road slightly Off Moi Avenue.

casablanca club mombasa kenya

  1. Sheba Lounge

Sheba Lounge is another glamorous night club in Mombasa island. It’s perched top of the lively citymall in mombasa and have trendy music, a pool table, and massive high-definition screens. Their sound system is up there with the best and is another favorite joint for a drink.

  1. Florida Nightclub & Casino (FNC)

If you want to be stay close to the beach, Florida Nightclub is the place to be. The refreshing breeze from the nearby ocean hits you as you sip and whirl the night away.

The soothing music is a bomb and service friendly.

However, the club seems as if it has seen better days.

  1. Z Lounge

Tucked away in a hidden, silent surrounding, the Z lounge promises and delivers great music and gold-standard services.

But for me, the winner is the splendid non-alcohol cocktails plus the medley of revelers. You will find locals, Caucasians, Somalis, Indians…practically everyone so prepare to make new friends.

You will find them just behind Citymall , 2nd Avenue street.

  1. Pirates Beach Bar & Restaurant

Our Mombasa travel guide cannot be complete without the mention of this incredible entertainment hospot.

It just next to the jomo Kenyatta beach and offers a breathtaking view of Mombasa beach. Apart from the music, you have a high chance of bumping into a beach girl for company.

The layout is convenient and the service friendly. You can board a matatu from the city center to the Pirates beach.

pirates public beach mombasa, kenya

  1. Continental resort

Mombasa’s  Continental Resort is another of the topmost Mombasa county tourist attractions.

It’s on serena road, adjacent to serena hotel, off the mombasa-malindi road. The disco and the bar are classy and you will love the food quality and the service.

Proximity to the beach makes it irresistible not only to the first timers but also veterans.


Final Thoughts About Top Places To Visit In Mombasa And Mombasa Travel Guide

There you have it…our selection of the top places to visit in Mombasa and  mombasa travel guide including the exquisite places to visit in south coast Mombasa

We previously wrote about the most affordable places to stay in Mombasa so you are now fully armed and ready to get a blast when at Kenya’s coast!

So, can we meet down there?







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