Audit Firms in Mombasa [Contacts and locations included]

This article highlights the contacts and locations of ICPAK approved audit firms in Mombasa.

I have also included other audit firms in Kenya with branches in Mombasa.

To begin with, let’s look at the ICPAK approved audit firms in Mombasa..

Audit firms in Mombasa : Contacts and Locations


A. S.Omar & Company (-Omar Abdulhalim Said)

Physical location: Ganjoni area, Sauti ya Kenya street/Road.

Postal address: 87167- Mombasa 80100

Telephone contact: 0722-499951 or 041-2222620


A.A.C-Kenya- (Saima Abdulwahid Aboo & Zulfiquarali Shamsudeen Aboo& Aboo Abdulwahid-Mohamed Haji)

Physical location: Sea View Plaza, Mama Ngina Drive, 3rd Floor

Postal address: Box 83313- Mombasa, 80100

Telephone: 041-2223917

Email: or

ACE. Associates (-Salyani Ahmed Yusuf, &Rajhid Ahmed, &Ebrahim Mohamed Abdulla)

Physical location: Lootah Road(Off Jomo Kenyatta Ave.)

Postal address: Box 16916-Mombasa City, 80100

Telephone: 0707688699 /0706869892/0720-932050



Achode&Company (-Malingu Benjamin Achode)

Physical office: Ambalal House

Postal address: Box 84639, –80100, Mombasa

Telephone: 041-2228115 or 041-2227661



Achode Mokua and Company(-Malingu Benjamin Achode&Obiria George Mokua)

Offices: Bima Towers(1st Floor)

Postal address: B.o.x 84639-Mombasa City, 80100

Telephone: 041-2227661/041-2228115



Alexander Grant&Associates (-Kothari Bakulchandra Jayantila-)

Offices: Shiva Tours (Kwa Shibu Road)-Ground Floor

Postal address: Box 80518,- Mombasa City,80100

Telephone: 041-2313984 /0722-326245/041-2228172



Ambale ANDCo. (Fredrick Ambale Mugwang’a)

Offices: Tenant Purchase Number 53- Likoni-Lungalunga Rd

Postal address: Box 41953,Mombasa City-80100

Telephone: 0721-601437/0733 -900964



A.M.L. Associates (-Lukale Aggrey Moyi)

Physical location: Royal Complex House-1st Floor(Malindi-Mombasa Rd).

Postal address: Box 85220, Mombasa City-80100

Telephone: 0721597875

Email: //


Anant S. Bhatt (Arunkumar Anantroy Bhatt)

Offices: City House(Mombasa Nyerere Avenue)

Postal address: Box 80766-80100 Mombasa

Telephone: 0722511590 (or 041-2226542)



Athman Errey&Company (-Errey Said Omar Athman-)

Offices: Savani house(1st floor) Meru Road

Postal address: Box. 197- Mombasa City- 80100

Telephone: Call landline 041-2222184/5/ (or 041- 2230687/2315471)



Athman Nabahany&Company(-Athman Athman Ahmed-)

Offices: Plot Number.197/XXX, along Gusii Street

Postal address: Box 83020, 80100-Mombasa

Telephone: (041)2318906/0722-411662



Other accounting and audit firms with operations in Mombasa

The following tax firms in Kenya also operate from the coastal city of Mombasa.


RSM audit firm (RSM Ashvir mombasa)

Physical location: Bayview Place, 3rd Floor, Moi Avenue

Postal address: P.O. Box 87227-Mombasa

Telephone contact: 041 2311778

Email address:


Wambugu and Associates Mombasa

Physical location: 1st Flr, Motor Mart Building, Rm no. 2, Moi Avenue-Mombasa

Telephone contact: 0722 817400

Email address:



Whether you’re looking for a professional auditor to prepare with your financial books or jobs in audit firms in Mombasa, the above mentioned audit firms in Mombasa should be of help.

Good luck.



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