Chinese house construction companies in Kenya [The best 5]

There are a couple of reasons behind the rise of the number of Chinese house construction companies in Kenya including:

  • Use of alternative building technologies which often leads to cheaper construction costs.
  • Timely completion of housing projects
  • The bosom friendship between Kenya and China.

In addition, most of these companies are also known for top-quality workmanship making them a favorite among Kenyan real estate developers.

But which are these leading Chinese house construction companies in Kenya?

Well, that’s the question we are answering in this article. I will also be listing their locations and contact information (where available)– just in case you may want to talk to the engineers there.

Let’s go:

Chinese house construction companies in Kenya: contacts and location

The following are the Chinese builders participating in Kenya’s bulging real estate sector.


Zakhem International Construction

As well as having a name in housing, Zakhem is also considered one of the top Chinese road construction companies in Kenya

One of their biggest projects in Kenya was the Mombasa -Nairobi oil pipeline.

In addition, Zakhem international construction company has undertaken numerous sewage and wastewater, hospitals, water pipelines, leisure facilities, and residential housing projects locally and abroad.

Zakhem International Construction Contacts

Location:  Outering road, opposite G.S.U. Headquarters-Nairobi, kenya

Phone: 020 8562 116



China Wu Yi Engineering and Construction Company

A lot of Kenyans associate China Wu Yi with Thika superhighway, one of their mega projects in Nairobi. What you may not know is that the company has completed dozens of massive housing projects besides running a building materials supermarket- the first of its kind- at Athi River.

And so you can hire them to build for you in record time or purchase construction materials at rock-bottom prices.

These include wall panels, glasses, tiles, and doors.

China Wu Yi is ranked number 6 in the list of Chinese construction companies in Kenya.

China Wu Yi Contacts Kenya Contacts

Location: China Wu Yi Kenya Building, Athi River

Phone: 0729666624


Note: You can also check China Wu Yi’s sister company, China Wu Yi – Kenya Precast Company if you’re looking for pre-cast building materials.

China Zhongxing Construction Co Ltd Kenya

This is another highly rated option when it comes to international construction companies in Kenya.

China Zhongxing deals with housing building engineering, building decoration engineering, municipal public engineering, and other types of construction projects.

Their most popular project is perhaps the Nairobi Catholic Archdiocese-owned Cardinal Otunga Plaza along Kaunda Street.

China Zhongxing Construction Co Ltd Kenya contacts

Location:  Doctor Muchai Drive (Off Ngong Rd), Nairobi

Phone: 020 2726929 / 0787906860

China Jiangxi International Company

Jiangxi International is building what will eventually become Nairobi’s tallest office building, the NSSF Trade Centre.

There are other projects that this top-rated contractor is in charge of including several in the residential space.

China Jiangxi International Company Kenya contacts

Phone: 020 5201 783

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Sinohydro Kenya

This is owned by the Chinese government and has been the leading construction company in massive projects such as the proposed dualling of the busy Nairobi Northern Bypass and a couple of multi-million real estate developments.

Their mooted base in Nairobi will be serving Kenya and over 20 other African countries.


Zhejiang Chengjian Construction Africa

This is among the Chinese house construction companies in Kenya running operations at the coast.

They also accept construction contracts from elsewhere in the country including the city where they have been overseeing the building of the Nairobi Global Trade Center, a 42-story office tower.

Final thoughts

Unfortunately, some of these builders only maintain offices at the site – that’s why I was unable to include all the contacts.

As a result, you might have to travel to one of their projects to make inquiries or use an agent.


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