Most popular cars in Kenya (Updated 2021)

We have been looking at our roads and yes, Kenyans have taste for good Cars.  From the sprightly Subaru’s to the beastly V8s of our World, cars in Kenya come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. But which are the most popular cars in Kenya?

Read on to get the answers…

Most Popular Cars In Kenya

1.      Toyota Vitzbest toyota cars in kenya

Forget the pessimists. According to Kenyan second hand car importers, it’s true that the car in front of you is always a Toyota but it’s not the Toyota you’re thinking about……

It’s actually a Vitz.

And its official- it’s no longer our ladies pushing its sales. Data shows that as many Men as Kenyan ladies are in love with this fuel most fuel efficient car.

2.      Toyota Probox Vanmostpopular used cars in kenya

It attracts critics and supporters in equal measure but the Toyota Probox is one of Kenya’s most loved cars.

And unlike the urbanite Vitz, you will meet this workhorse even in the remotest parts of the country- From the hills of Nyambene in Meru to the dirt roads in Nyakimencha in Kisiiland.

If you are looking for a car that is always happy to serve- whatever the task-, is ready to stomach abuse, and can run like a cheetah if circumstances demand, then a Probox is your ride.

Ladies and gentlemen, can I hear an AYE?

3.      Toyota Corolla Fieldermost economical cars to own in kenya

I am by no means biased towards Toyota but it’s clear that the Japanese car maker has a thing going on with Kenyans.

Or how would you explain the presence of all these Toyotas in the top 10 most popular cars in Kenya?

Well, Toyota Corolla Fielder came number 3 and according to the manufacturer it’s the most stylish station wagon for the Kenyan roads.

If you’re looking for ultimate reliability and real value for your money, a fielder, one of the best Toyota cars in Kenya is your surest bet!

4.       Mazda Demiomost bought cars in kenya

Mazda has the honor of breaking Toyota’s domination with none other than their cute, and easy-handling Mazda Demio.

One of the cars which appear very purposeful, this hatchback is famous among Kenyans who want to make a lifestyle statement.

I am not 100% sure about it but it seems here we voted with our eyes considering how appealing Demio’s low stance and aerodynamic design looks.

5.    Toyota Corolla Axiowhich is the best car to buy in kenya

This 5 seater saloon has been making waves on Kenyan roads since 2010 and is a brilliant alternative to the immensely popular Toyota Fielder.

Of course, the boot is nothing to write home about but the elegance and the roomy interior fully compensates for its tiny boot.

Toyota Axio’s better fuel efficiency (it beats the Fielder thanks to its lesser weight) is pushing thousands of Kenyans to this vehicle.

In a nutshell, Toyota Axio is one of the most economical cars to own in Kenya.

6.    Nissan Notebest second hand cars to buy in kenya

Nissan has somehow always managed to spoil Toyota’s party in Kenya.

And they seem to be doing a great job with the Nissan Note ranking number six in the latest most popular cars in Kenya ratings.

It’s a highly competitive, practical car with a more palatable supermini body.

Perhaps the greatest reason why Kenyans have a soft spot for this sleek hatchback is its price when compared to competitors like the Toyota Ractis.

7.    Honda Fithonda fit price in kenya

This has been said repeatedly and I will repeat it:

Honda gives you the best of the Japanese car market if you are not a fan of the too-obvious Toyota.

And since actions speaker louder than words (Sorry for the cliché), Kenyans have proved it going by the number of Honda Fits on Kenyan roads.

People love Honda Fit’s finesse on paved roads besides its dependability and superior durability.

8.    Subaru Imprezawhich is the best car to buy in kenya

You seriously were not expecting a Subaru to miss in the list of the most popular cars in Kenya..or were you?

The Subaru Impreza walks away with the prize of being an ever present on Kenyan roads thanks to a certain class of Kenyans (your guess is as good as mine) who prefer turbocharged drives.

The Impreza turbo simply knows how to run and can even take a few blows before caving in.

Do you believe in your rallying skills? If yes, go for an Impreza!

9.    Toyota Vanguardmost popular cars in kenya

Toyota Vanguard is also among the most bought cars in Kenya and it’s easy to see why.

It’s one of the few models that perfectly combine the resilience of a SUV (sport utility vehicle) and the comfort of a sedan.

Toyota Vanguard is actually a descendant of the classic Kluger, a high quality crossover and accommodates up to seven people.

A Vanguard will never disappoint if you’re searching for a car that can comfortably carry your whole clan.

10.  Toyota LandCruiser VXmost bought cars in kenya

The real lioness of four-wheel drives and one of the most popular used cars in Kenya, the classic VX is proudly perched number 10 in our analysis of the most popular cars in Kenya.

Considered the quintessential SUV, the Landy is the go-to vehicle for ardent four-wheel drivers and is a cut-price alternative to premium luxury SUVs.

I have an admission to make: I am one of VX’s secret admirers (I am sure I’m not alone).


Toyota is dominant among the most popular cars in Kenya (No real surprise there). The other models to be represented are Nissan, Honda, and Mazda.

Coincidentally, most of these cars also happen to be in the list of the best second hand cars to buy in Kenya.

A quick one…Do you agree with these rankings? Drop us your opinion in the comments section.








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