Online SACCOs in Kenya [Updated list]

Kenya is rich in SACCOS (Savings and Credit Co-operative Societies).

Luckily, you don’t have to visit the physical offices (thereby wasting time), thanks to the emergence of Online SACCOS in Kenya.

This article will introduce you to the best-known Online SACCOs in Kenya (including their contacts and websites).

Online SACCOs in Kenya

Mombo Sacco

Here the interest can rise up to 10% p.a. on your savings.

You can also open a fixed saving account and earn even more.

In addition, they have one of the best apps.

Don’t forget that Mombo is one of the fully regulated online-based SACCOs in Kenya.



Kenya USA Diaspora Sacco

Kenya U.S.A Diaspora Sacco targets Kenyans living in the USA but also accepts other Kenyans.

The SACCO has an amazing online system so you can access 24/7 accessibility to both credit and savings services.

Opening an account is also super easy and you can do everything from the website.

Importantly, the SACCO is fully registered in Kenya (and actually operates in accordance Kenya’s Co-operative Societies Act- Cap 490 of the Laws of Kenya).



Safaricom SACCO

Safaricom SACCO is rated as one of the most progressive online SACCOS in Kenya.

The SACCO targets employees of Safaricom and other technological companies so it can be a good option if you work in the telecoms industry.

To access SACCO’s virtual services, you can either log into the website or use your phone (dial USSD *345# then option 5 to access their KONA emergency loan advance).

Safaricom SACCO contacts


Telephone: 0111 222 226/ 0111 222 227



Finnlemm sacco also offers online saving, investment, and credit services and can be yet another wise option if you are looking to join an online SACCO.

Not only does the SACCO offer a variety of credit services such as school fees loans, emergency loans, loans refinancing, school fees loans but also helps members own homes through their housing scheme.

Like the rest, the SACCO also pays healthy dividends on member savings.

Give it a thought.

You can join the SACCO online here or explore their main website here.



How do I choose a Sacco? -Tips to help you Choose a Good SACCO In Kenya.

Research if it is legit

This is very important- You obviously do not want to risk losing your hard-earned cash to fraudulent operators.

The best way to ensure that you are in safe hands is taking your valuable time in gathering detailed information over your prospective SACCO.

Products on offer

Please do observe keenly if your number one preference offers the products that you are looking for.

Some offer housing financing while there are those that offers just standard products such as a savings and loans.


A word on guarantors

Most SACCOS in Kenya require at least two guarantors to be eligible for a loan (some need more guarantors).

Now, the best thing is to go for a SACCO where your friends are since getting the needed number of guarantors will not be a hassle.


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The app/website

Check if the SACCO has a smooth app or member’s portal- some SACCOs have buggy apps and can frustrate you when you want to access your cash or account statement.


Joining a SACCO is of course a wise decision.

In fact, SACCOS come with huge benefits over banks including:

  • Low interest rates than banks.
  • Easier borrowing terms.
  • High dividends from some of the money you pay back as loan interest (you can earn dividends for life).

Go ahead and pick a digital SACCO that you feel could help you secure financial freedom from the list above- it could prove to be your best financial decision to date.


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