Wines And Spirits Distributors In Kenya

In this post, I will talk about the major wines and spirits distributors in kenya. But before them, let’s discuss the whole business of wines and spirits in Kenya.

Is wines and spirit a good business in Kenya?

Morality aside, a lot of Kenyans drink religiously meaning there are huge profits to be made in this business. And you can easily confirm this by peeping into the latest wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya and then comparing the prices that wholesalers give retailers and the average retail prices.

Actually according to my source, the minimum profit you can make per bottle is Shs.30 so do your maths considering that you are dealing with fast moving goods.

Wholesalers make more because they are able to move bigger volumes.

What are the pros of the wines and spirit business in Kenya?

The biggest advantage is that you hardly lack customers. You see, the prices vary a lot and you’ll stock some cheaply priced liquors (make sure they’re KEBS certified) for common mwananchi as well as pricey whiskeys for the well-off.

This means that if you’re in a strategic location, the constant flow of customers and good margins will soon give you financial freedom.

What are the cons of the wines and spirit business in Kenya?

There are several issues here:

  1. Morality: if you are a deeply religious person, the business may seem as if it goes against Christian ethos. Certainly, your pastor, Imam, or Father will not be impressed.
  2. The Licenses: To start a wines and spirits business, the government may take as much as shs.100000 (more on this later) in licensing fees, an amount which is a bit steep for small traders.
  3. Corruption: The high cost of wines and spirits license in Kenya prompts some people to corrupt police officers and regulatory authorities in an effort to ‘save’ which can be very costly in the long run. .. Police should not be a problem if you have the listed licenses and open at the specified time.
  4. Operating hours: You may be prosecuted if you operate your business outside the authorized hours as per your license.

All the same, the profit margins make the business hugely attractive to thousands of enterprising Kenyans.

wines and spirits distributors in Kenya

What Do I Need To start A wines and spirit business in Kenya?

Like every other business, It’s may seem a bit hard at the start but once you pick, you will forget all the initial challenges.

Again, its always better to start small. The capital injection will be lower plus you will have ample time to study what your customers like instead of locking capital in slow moving brands.


Here is what you need to start..

#1- Strategic Location

In this business, location is everything- unless of course you have some unique drinks that can’t be found elsewhere.

So, start by getting yourself an amazing site in a busy street/road/corridor.

The room doesn’t have to be big for a start and some people start in premises smaller than 10×10 square feet.

#2- Get The Required Wines and Spirit Licenses

If you want to have some peace of mind, pay for all the licenses beforehand.

So, how much is a wines and spirit licence in Kenya?

Answer; It depends on the county you will be operating from.

For instance, here are the costs and how to apply for a wines and spirits license for a businessperson in Kiambu

Step 1: Single Business Permit

Budget about Kshs.10000 (can be more depending on the size of the premises)

Step 2: Liquor License

When you obtain the single business permit, proceed to apply for a Liquor License.

There are two different types of licenses- Retail (Usually Kshs30,000) and Wholesale (Normally Kshs.50000).

Now, the difference is here: With the more pricey wholesale license, you are allowed to run the business even during the day.

The first thing you do here is contact the sub-county liquor licensing officer (and pay the application fee of Kshs.6000)-Note that you can only apply for the licence after the inspection and approval of your premises.

After approval of the premises, it will be time to pay the Kshs.30000/50000 depending on the category you chose.

However, the cost vary and those in Nairobi usually pay more.

To give you a better idea of what to expect, below is a summarized breakdown of the licensing costs for a typical wines and spirit business in Nairobi.

License type/name Cost (Kshs)
Application fee 6,000 (Go to City Hall and pay this)
Liquor license (Retail) 50,000
Business permit 20,000 (can vary)
Fire and safety 4,500
Food and Hygiene 7,000
Handler health certificate 1,000
Fire extinguisher 2,300
Facilitation fee (Za MachoIf you know, you know) 30,000-50,000

Please note that in most cases, you may need to pay an extra Kshs,5000 to the Music copyright guys (to be allowed to play local music- if you’ll be doing that).

Then, budget for the weekly payout to Kalau (If you know, you know)- can be anything between Shs.600-1000 per week

In Nairobi, you apply for all these from city hall. In other counties, visit the local county council offices for licensing details.

Something else:

Consider registering your business name with the attorney general to prevent people from copying and using it to open a similar business.  This can come a bit later once you’re sure of getting the other licenses. It costs about shs.2000 (could be less) and about shs.10000 if you decide to register your new venture as a company.  Huduma centers and cyber cafes can help in business name registration.

wines and spirits wholesale prices in kenya

#3- Furniture and Fittings, Painting & Branding

After securing the requisite licenses, it’s time to move into a higher gear as you prepare for a grand opening of your wines and spirits joint.

You will need to mount some shelves and display cabinets so talk to your carpenter.

Depending on the size of the shop, furniture can gobble up anything between shs.30000 and shs.70000.

Be sure to paint and brand the business at this stage.

#4- Stocking your business

A lot of new owners ask about the most reasonable amount to invest in stock first but there’s no correct answer as its contingent on so many factors.

However, my trusted source says anything from shs.50000 worth of stock going up is fantastic. Then top up slowly by slowly as you learn the ropes of the industry. The quality itself will be determined by the prevailing wine and spirits prices list as of the day of buying the initial stock.

To get the best deal, compare the wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya from the various wines and spirits distributors in Nairobi and buy from the fairest.

This takes me now to the juicy part…here is a list of the most reputable wines and spirits distributors in Kenya.

Wines And Spirits Distributors In Kenya

Here are some of the distributors to consider if you want to get the best wines and spirits wholesale prices in Kenya…

Distributor Contact
Jays Wines Distributors Limited Nairobi Kenya 0705 570066


Mwalimu Wine Agency Nairobi City 0701 222648
Kenya Wine Agencies  0722 202041
EABL Gift Shop-Ruaraka 0727 224 444
Rwathia Kariokor 0726 698 383


Ishano Distributors Buruburu / Embakasi


Veew Distributors-Huruma/ Pangani/Eastlands/ Umoja 0722933640


Central Region
Kamahuha Ruiru


Muranga Wholesalers


GK Kamuri ,Sagana/ Karatina




Wamuti Distributors – Nyeri & Nanyuki




Mbote Distributors -Gatundu


Pekay Brothers-Thika


Eastern Region
Laare Springs- Isiolo & Meru




Mt.Kenya Distributors – Embu, Meru, Nkubu 0711307114
Lenairoshi Maralal 0728 687040


Benjuma – Naivasha & Njabini




Santafee Suppliers Limited





Coast Region
Kioko Enterprises Malindi


Mombasa Tamasha


Tamasha Voi


Kizingo Beer Southcoast


Shiva Mombasa Ltd


Shan E Punjab-Diani South Coast


Western, Nyanza & Rift valley
Ayoti Distributors-Kisumu 0722671279
Busia Bottlers Limited


Kavuca Holdings -Kakamega 0720204880
Supplies And Marketing Co.Ltd

Kisii /   Migori /   Homabay




Kericho Guest Limited


0737 024 137
Happyland Investments Limited  – Bomet & Narok




Cyden Enterprises- Eldoret/ Iten


Komoto Agencies-Eldoret


0715683 321
Winam -Kitale Town


Mbig Ltd.-Bungoma


Mahungu Distributors-Lokichar


Epuruto Distributors -Lodwar


Crested Acres Limited -Nakuru


Moss -Olkalou Town



Suffice to say that most of the wines & spirits wholesalers nairobi city offer the best prices compared to upcountry dealers.

Then, Mwalimu Wine Agency’s  and kenya wine agencies price list seem to be somewhat on the lower side on bulk purchases.

The other wholesaler with best prices is the Jays Wines Distributors Limited Nairobi Kenya.

But don’t ignore the rest- you may be in for one or two surprises.

wines and spirits distributors in nairobi

When is the best time to start a Wines and Spirits Business in Kenya?

You can open anytime but there are more sales towards the end of the year as people get into festive mood (November to December).

Apart from holidays, sellers also typically can make a kill during weekends.

So, How much do i need to start a wine and spirit shop in Kenya?

I would estimate a minimum of shs. Ksh180, 000 and a maximum of Ksh 500,000

What about the Competition?

Well, for this one, you really don’t have to worry much. Provided you’re in a busy town, there will always be drinkers!

The Don’ts

The following will land you in hot soup with the government agencies..

  • Opening before time
  • Selling to kids below 18 years.
  • Failure to renew licenses
  • Selling fake liquors

Final Thoughts on the Wines And Spirits Distributors In Kenya

There you have them – the list of wines and spirits distributors in Kenya. But we have also given you a lowdown on practically everything you would need to start and succeed selling wines and spirits in Kenya.

Let us of any other efficient distributor out there in the comments section.

Also share the article if you found it helpful and be sure to make sober decisions.

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  1. Admin ; i wants to start importations of wines from Italy,which is the best cost effective importation company ,2: lists of licences needed and costs ,3, if i wants to have a warehouse at Mombasa rd ,what area code county council will i deal with ,is it the one in city hall CBD or there is the one at Mombasa rd ,thanks

    • For shipping companies, check this
      Then, about area code I suppose that depends on the exact location on Mombasa road. Could be Nairobi or Machakos.
      On the list of licenses you should have county government liquor license (cost depends on location and volume- contact your nearest local government offices) and you’ll need to clear with KRA. I am not sure about the specific costs for that so you may have to contact them for clarification. That said, most of the shipping companies can help you estimate the amount of payable customs

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