Alibaba Online Shopping Kenya: Alibaba Agents In Kenya

You don’t have to use Alibaba Agents In Kenya to import stuff from the massive chinese online marketplace, Alibaba and its sister, aliexpress.

Instead, you can go to the website direct, select the product of interest, pay, and wait for it to be sent to the address you’ve specified.

Yes, it’s unbelievably simple!

Let’s talk more about importing from alibaba/aliexpress…

What’s the difference between Alibaba and Aliexpress? is the ‘mother’ website and mainly sells in bulk while Aliexpress is a retail store and sells to the final consumer meaning you can even order a single item.

That being said, the two sibling websites connects millions of sellers and buyers globally.

Does Alibaba Ship To Kenya?

Yes. Alibaba ships to Kenya and indeed to almost every other country in the World. Most alibaba kenya importers use either renowned shipping companies  such as Afrisali (at $10 or shs.1000 per kg).  For small packages, DHL or Post office would work.

Other faster but costlier methods includes TNT,UPS, and more.

So, where should I start?

Option 1: Create an Account on Alibaba- Use this for bulk importation.

To order from alibaba express Kenya, visit Alibaba (for bulk orders) and fill the following form

Alibaba Agents In Kenya

Simply enter your email address then drag the slider towards the right for your account to be verified.

You’ll be given a code to type. Go ahead to type it in the provided box and click submit. Remember to check the small box to agree the terms before clicking next.

A verification email is then sent to your email so log in to your email and open the new email from alibaba. Click the lengthy link (in that email) to finish verifying your account.

Now create the rest of the details..first name, last name, password, choose buyer, your company name and your phone as shown then click confirm.

aliexpress kenya

After you’re through with every detail, you’re taken here:

alibaba kenya office

Now to start buying, click the ‘buy now’ button under the resellers market.

The computer will take you to the search button

alibaba shops in kenya

Type the name of what you’re looking for and then check the options. I choose the following laptop as you saw above.


Complete the rest of the details like color, quantity, etc.  The information about the supplier isalibaba kenya importers displayed on the right hand side of the screen. You can read the supplying company’s profile or even contact the supplier for a direct chat.

The select start order.

You will see the various options for shipping though in some cases you are supposed to contact the supplier for shipping details. You can only pay after the supplier adds the shipping details so just click submit your order to proceed.

For me, I always prefer to get in touch with the supplier so as to get the best shipping deal. I typically advise the seller about my preferred shipping agent and their contact address.

By then I will have contacted and confirmed with my shipping agent about their ability to ship my order.

You will wait for the supplier advice before logging into your account to pay for the pending order.

Stage 2: Create an account on Aliexpress- Use this option for Individual purchases

For aliexpress shipping to Kenya, you’ll need to register on Aliexpress (for retail buys).

You still have to enter the requested data as indicated including the verification code that will be generated by the computer at the bottom of the form.

alibaba kenya contacts

Then click create account. That’s all. You will soon be taken to the shopping home page.

aliexpress kenya contacts

I previously showed you how to search for what you want.

Enter the quantity and everything else (there might be additional details) then click add to cart.

Click to view you shopping cart (or continue shopping to add more products).

does alibaba ship to kenya

Choose ship my order to Kenya. Sometimes you may stumble on free shipping offers otherwise the shipping cost will be added to the price (sellers have varying shipping methods but almost all ship to your P.o Box).

Then choose buy all/buy from this seller.

alibaba offices in nairobi

Now enter your actual shipping location and click to save the shipping address

alibaba furniture kenya

From there proceed to enter your credit card number, review the details then confirm.

alibaba online shopping kenya

That’s all. Just wait for your order to be delivered.


What if I don’t want to use the credit card?

Choose other payment methods to have an opportunity to add your preferred payment criteria.

An easier method involves you contacting the seller and requesting to pay via western union or paypal.

alibaba kenya location


That being said, it’s advisable to make payment through the methods provided for on Alibaba/aliexpress as you’ll be refunded in case of any mishaps.

Where and how do you get your package?

You shipment will be delivered to the location you specified or the local post office! Some methods might take longer to arrive than others.

Either way, your luggage must pass will be taken through taxes & customs. For small cargo, this is done at the city square post office and the relevant additional taxes computed. You will pay these when picking the item(s).

Posta guys will either call you, deposit the item in your letter box, or send you an advisory for bigger products (which won’t fit in the box).

How Can I Protect Myself? (How do you know which supplier is genuine)

People ask about alibaba kenya office but the best way to shield yourself against online scammers and bad sellers is to execise care.. here is what I suggest for alibaba..

  • Read the reviews: Before buying any product, check the reviews on Alibaba/Aliexpress and see if the actual item matches the pictures published on their website. Verified buyers typically attach photos of what they actually received in Aliexpress’s review section so spend time going through the reviews. Again, don’t buy items with less or no reviews.
  • Buy From Gold plus suppliers: Gold plus suppliers are generally more trustworthy. Look out for verified locations, year they started selling etc on their profile. Also check pass over their recent transactions. Sellers who have lots of recent transactions are likely to be more genuine.
  • Trade assurance: This is the safest way to for things on Alibaba. And yes, you can always receive a refund if your goods don’t arrive at the agreed period. Refunds are however a bit slow.
  • Study the supplier’s communication: If a supplier is insisting on alternative payment methods,  run run run. Unless, of course, you’ve made previous transactions with him/her and you trust their business.


Do We Have Any Alibaba Agents In Kenya?

Alibaba and Aliexpress are online market places like Jumia so there are no official aliexpress Kenya dealers or alibaba agents in Kenya but for a couple of random individuals who market their alibaba ‘brokerage’ services online.

And What about alibaba shops in Kenya?

Yes. We have a number of alibaba shops in Kenya who advertise a variety of merchandise from flowers, solar systems, safari souvenirs, and even fruits on the website.

What’s the best and safe payment method?

As we said, trade assurance/ buyer protection is the best and where possible, you can use escrow. Under escrow, the money is released to the supplier only after you have confirmed receipt.

Coming to credit cards, I applied for KCB prepaid pepea card but I only load the exact amount of the purchase to reduce the likelihood of fraudsters stealing my funds behind my back.

I have also used an equity card previously (I always load the exact figures)

I find it convenient more than western union. Paypal can be great but the chinese don’t seem to love it.

What about duty…Is it a Must I Pay Custom Taxes?

It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be charged some duty. As I had previously mentioned, either city square or your shipping company will invoice you for duty.

To be in the good books of taxes authorities, advice your supplier not to under-declare or, like they do sometimes, fail to declare at all.

KRA calculates duty based on the categories of items being shipped. For example, the amount payable on electronics will differ from that charged on spare parts. I remember importing a phone valued shs.8000 and being charged shs.6000 as duty so you can do your estimate.

You pay the extra amount as you pick your items.

In some cases, items declared as under shs.1000 will not attract duty so you could be in luck.

Lastly, I know of some people who have sneaked laptops through customs without paying a dime by labeling them gifts but again, it’s a risky approach because in any case, KRA tend to open luggage.

buy goods from china

Experts Tips On Alibaba Online Shopping Kenya & Alibaba Agents In Kenya

  • DHL is one of the fastest shipping methods to Kenya but may charge more than posta. Advice your supplier accordingly.
  • You’ll need reliable postal address if you are going to use post office from Aliexpress.
  • Always contact the suppliers. Sometimes they have useful shipping tips apart from expertly answering your questions promptly.
  • Ask your banker to register your card for international payments if you will be importing frequently. Cards are better and recommended by the two websites.
  • For AliExpress, always pay for registered postal mail service for purchases. Unregistered mail somewhat get lost without a trace and you want to avoid  the long delays in refunds.
  • If you are buying clothes from Aliexpress, keep in mind that their sizes are a bit smaller so order bigger sizes. Also, clothes indicated “one size” are small sized.
  • Route big cargo from Alibaba through the shipping companies. It’s much cheaper though it takes longer to arrive.
  • You can also give African Salihiya’s Dubai registered address(0729 656182) as your official delivery address, then let African Salihiya deliver your package to Kenya.

How Long Do Refunds From Take?

Something I need to add is that sellers try their best to package their stuff professionally as they know that breakages or damages will prompt you to request for refunds in addition to negative reviews.

However, when request for refunds arise, they take their sweet time though they will still pay back.

Can The Shipping Companies Do The shopping For Me and Deliver The products?

Kentex cargo (0709 443000), Kesom Freight (0722 710299), and several other shipping companies are happy to do the hassle on your behalf including clearing customs.

For certain companies, you order then send them the links of what you’re interested in. Please contact them for clarification.

As usual, do your research (for example by checking the reviews online) as some may not be very trustworthy.

Final Word About Alibaba Agents In Kenya

As you can see, importing stuff from alibaba is fairly direct. Whether you are going to do it direct (cheapest) or use any Alibaba Agents In Kenya like the shipping companies, you should receive your packages soon.

And as I always keep telling you, with online purchases, research comes first so investigate the seller before releasing the cash.

Otherwise, considering advantages like variety and the convenience, internet shopping will always triumph over conventional physical buying.

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