Cheap Internet In Kenya

With 85% of Kenyans online, Kenya has one of the highest internet penetrations in the World. Yet, the cost of internet bundles remains high leading to numerous complaints and a continuous search for cheap internet in Kenya.

And now that most of these users access the internet from their mobile phone, It’s not uncommon to find people hopping from one mobile company to another.

Indeed, mobile phone companies have perfected the art of creating peculiar deals as they compete for subscribers.

Take for example Telkom Kenya’s 5GB Bundles offer, christened Night Owl, and which costs Kshs.39. True, you get awesome speeds but the package is only available from 12AM to 6AM meaning you have to literary become a night owl to benefit.

Other players include kenya wifi providers such as Zuku, hai, poa internet, and others.

But the big battle (and your best bet to get cheap internet in Kenya) is with Telkos and the latest kid on the block, Jamii Telcom’s Faiba4g.

So, who is cheaper and how are the bundles like?

Here is a brief look at each of the providers and our recommendations on how to get super cheap internet in Kenya.

Telkom Kenya

Since rebranding from Orange, Telkom has undergone some major metamorphosis and has rousing internet offers.

What most Kenyans don’t know is the Telkom has always had very good internet packages since time immemorial.

Why Telkom Kenya is Awesome

  • Amazing speeds: Tell you what? This company has lightning fast speeds wherever it has its signals. Personally, I rate their 4G the fastest (perhaps equal with Safaricom).
  • Some Very cheap Bundles: In addition to the Night Owl bundle which gives you 5GB for just 39/-, Telkom has a daily unlimited whatsapp offer at only 5/-. Plus numerous other offers.

cheap internet in Kenya

Why Telkom Kenya Can Be a Pain

  • The company doesn’t cover the whole country so you need to confirm whether there is Telkom’s internet coverage in your area before buying a Telkom line.

Telkom Kenya’s Internet Bundles

A: Freedom Bundles

You get free Telkom to Telkom calls (maximum 60 minutes) & Free Whatsapp(Not more than 50MB)

Daily bundles Weekly Bundles Monthly bundles
Price Data Price Data Price Data
Sh.9 25MB Sh.19 40MB Sh.249 1GB
Sh.19 80MB Sh.49 150MB Sh.499 3GB
Sh.49 500MB Sh.99 2GB Sh.999 6GB
Sh.99 2GB Sh.249 2GB Sh.1499 10GB
Sh.990 12GB (Extra large- XL Offer) (Excellent with Telkom’s MiFi) Sh.1999 15GB
Sh.2999 30GB

 B: #Staywoke (Night Owl)Bundle

Price Data Validity
Shs.39 5GB 12AM-6AM


Telkom Kenya 4G

Telkom has also rolled out 4G internet services in a number of towns. To enjoy Telkoms 4G, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have A Telkom Kenya 4G Simcard
  • Have A 4G ready smartphone
  • Be in a covered location.

Telkom Kenya 4G: Covered Towns

Western Eastern Rift Valley Coast Central Nyanza Nairobi
Busia Meru Naivasha Diani Nyeri Kisumu Nairobi
Kakamega Embu Eldoret Kilifi Karatina Kisii Ngong
Bungoma Kitui         Kericho Malindi Kiambu Maseno Ongata Rongai
Machakos Kitale Mombasa Limuru
Kitengela Voi


Nakuru Thika


Airtel Kenya

Airtel also offers superb internet bundles. They have also launched their own 4G service and delivers exhilarating speeds in covered areas.

Why Airtel Kenya is Awesome

  • Great speeds: Airtel network is also very reliable. Their 3G & 4G options are up there with the best.
  • More data for the same price: In some instances, you get more MBs for the same price as what the other offers. To illustrate,  the monthly bundle option going at 1500/-. will gift you 10GB in Telkom, while in Airtel, you get 15GB.

Why Airtel Kenya Can Be a Pain

  • Sometimes the company changes its data offers abruptly so you may find that the package you usually use has been changed when renewing your subscription.


Daily bundles Weekly Bundles Monthly bundles
Price Data Price Data Price Data
Sh.5 8MB Sh.50 150MB Sh.300 1GB
Sh.10 25MB Sh.100 350MB Sh.500 3GB
Sh.20 70MB Sh.250 2GB Sh.1000 10GB
Sh.50 200MB Sh.1500 15GB
Sh.99 2GB Sh.2000 20GB
Sh.3000 36GB

 unlimited internet kenya

Airtel Kenya Unlimited Internet

Two of my favorite internet packages are from Airtel:

  1. The Airtel Modem Offer

If you dial *544# and then look at the available choices, you will find the Unlimited Modem.

Here, you can choose a fantastic subscription like the Modem Daily which gives you unlimited internet for 24 hours for as little as 50shs.

But that is even not my best….On digging deeper, you will see the Modem Weekly which delivers a whole week’s unlimited internet for just 250shs.

The best part?

You don’t need a modem to qualify for the discounted offer. Just dial *544# from your phone and enjoy!

  1. The Airtel Weekly Offer (Mobile)

For just Ksh. 250, you can buy a whole week’s Unliminet all-inclusive pack that comes with 350MB , 50 minutes talk-time (Airtel to Airtel) and a further 50 Minutes talk-time to other networks.

To cap it all, you get 500 SMSs which you can use on any Network!


Faiba4G Kenya

Owned by Jamii Telkom- the company behind the famous Njoroge adverts on our TVs, Faiba4G internet has been a revelation since it’s entered the market for cheap internet in Kenya.

Stunning speeds, consistency, and rock-bottom prices….Faiba4G has it all!

Let me walk you through Faiba4G extraordinary packages..

Daily bundles Weekly Bundles Monthly bundles
Price Data Price Data Price Data
Sh.50 1GB Sh.300 8GB Sh.1000 25GB
Sh.500 15GB Sh.2000 40GB
Sh.3000 70GB
Sh.4000 120GB
Sh.6000 210GB


What you need to Access Faiba4G

faiba internet Kenya requires that you either buy a Faiba mifi (a portable Wi-Fi router), have a compatible 4G phone, or lately, a Faiba4G Model.

The MiFi costs about shs.5400 while the Faiba4G Modem comes at a slightly cheaper price of shs.4850.

You can also use select 4G compatible phones. Note that not all smartphones are Faiba4G compatible and you will need to confirm if your phone works with this network before going for Faiba4G.

So far, the following phones works amazingly on this network:

Nokia Nokia 2, 5, 6, and 8 (these Devices are Fully Compatible with both Faiba4G Voice and Data)
TECNO Camon CX, Phantom 8, K8, and Camon CX Air
Infinix Zero 4 & Zero 5
OPPO F5, F5 Youth, F1s, A57, R5,F3 Plus, F1 & R7,
iPhone iPhone 6s & above (including iPhone SE)
Samsung Galaxy S6/S7/S6 Edge/ S7 Edge/S8 & S8+/ Note 4/Note 5/Note 8/ A5 (2016 & 2017)/ J7 Pro/J7 (2017)/ J2 Prime/ J5 Prime/ Grand Prime/ J1 Ace/ C7 (2017)/Note FE/ J2/ A9 Pro (2016)/ A7 (2016 & 2017)
Huawei P8/ P9/  Mate 7/  Mate S/  Mate 8/ Mate 9/  Mate 9 Pro/  P10/  P10 Plus/  Mate 10 / Mate 10 Pro/  GR5 (2017) /  Honor 6
HTC 10/ U Ultra/ Desire 10 Pro/  U Play/ U11/ Desire 825/ Desire 530/ Desire 610/ Desire 628/ One E9+/ Desire 626/ Desire 820/ Desire 530/ One M9/ One M8/ One X9/ One A9
Moto G4/ G4 Plus/ G5/ G5 Plus/Z/ Z Play/ Z2 Play
LG G3 (Dual-LTE)/ G4/ G5/ G6/ Q6/ V10/ V20/V30
Sony Xperia Z3/XZ Premium/ XA/ XZ/ XA1 Ultra/ Z5/ XA Ultra/ X/M4 Aqua/ Z3 Compact/ Z3+/ Z5 Premium/ C5 Ultra/ E5/ M5/ X Compact/ X Performance/ C3/ C4/ Z2a (D6563)
Lenovo P2/ K6 Note
Xiaomi Mi Mix2/ Xiaomi/ Mi Note 2
ZTE Axon 7
OnePlus 5/ 5T
Blackberry Priv/ KeyOne/ DTEK 50/ DTEK 60

faiba internet kenya

Where Can I Buy Faiba4G MiFi?

You can visit Tuskys (Tuscom), Naivas, and Phone Express.

Faiba4G Coverage

Nairobi & Surroundings Machakos & Environs Eldoret Nakuru Kisumu
Kiserian Testimony Engashura Manyatta 2
Athi River Centre West indies Jandu Mountain View
Ngong Town Town Railways Koinange Migosi
Ruiru Miwani Kapsoya Barracks Stadium
Syokimau Thika & Vicinity East Milimani Mamboleo
Kitengela Town Kimumu Pangani Nyalenda
Juja Makongeni Langas Naka Car wash
Kiambu Industrial area Lanet Industrial area
Kikuyu landless Mombasa Railways Milimani
Limuru NSSF Unga estate
Rongai Mtwapa Eden
Bamburi cement Bondeni
Makaburini Kiamunyi


Voyager Kiamunyeki
Shimanzi Road
Mombasa Polytechnic


Unlike Safaricom’s other products such as Mpesa, their Internet has of late been facing stiff competition from the other players.

A lot of users complain of its expensive pricing and tendency to ‘get swallowed’ up fast.

Here is a summary of their bundles and, admittedly, the competitors have much better offers:

Daily bundles Weekly Bundles Monthly bundles
Price Data Price Data Price Data
Sh.5 7MB/7SMS Sh.50 100MB Sh.250 350MB
Sh.10 15MB/15SMS Sh.99 350MB/ Whatsapp Sh.500 2GB
Sh.20 50MB/50SMS/ Whatsapp Sh.250 1GB/ Whatsapp Sh.1000 5GB
Sh.50 150MB/150SMS/ Whatsapp Sh.500 3GB/Whatsapp Sh.2000 15GB
Sh.99 500MB/500SMS/ Whatsapp Sh.3000 25GB

To make matters worse, Safaricom has scrapped the popular daily 1GB Data bundle offer so if you’re a heavy internet user on mobile, you may have to look elsewhere.

*Update: After a lot of hullaballoo and  noise from the KOT(Kenyans on Twitter) community,Safaricom has bowed to pressure and reintroduced the daily 1GB @ shs.99 offer so you can still enjoy this popular package.

Safaricom Mifi

Not to be left behind, Safaricom has a portable Mifi router and gives you 30GB for shs.3500/-.

Well, if you are a fan of MiFi internet, that could be an option.

Unlimited Internet Kenya/ home internet kenya

The advantage of unlimited internet is that you can make unlimited downloads. Several Telcos offer unlimited internet but at varying prices. If you want be streaming Netflix at home, you can install one of the incredible home internet month packages.

By the way for home, Safaricom’a Home Faiba is the real deal- at least according to me. It’s fast and absolutely reliable.  Zuku has also been there for some time and has a fair share of followers.

Here is a summary of options:

Bundle Price Data Provider Requirements
telkom kenya unlimited internet


Shs.3999 Unlimited – 30 days Telkom Telkom 4G Router –comes with

a 4G SIM card & FREE 10GB ( valid for 30 days)


Faiba 4G Home Shs.5000 Unlimited – 30 days Faiba4G Installation by the company* you can go for higher plans if you so wish.
Safaricom Home Faiba Shs.2500 Unlimited – 30 days Safaricom Installation by the company* you can go for higher plans if you so wish.
Triple Play Shs.5999 Unlimited – 30 days Zuku Installation *The package is bundled together with 58 TV channels. Again, more expensive options are available


Cheap Internet in Kenya: Final Thoughts

If you are searching for cheap internet in Kenya, you may find Telkom’s Night Owl package quite interesting. Other factors like coverage considered, I believe Telkom is one of the top 2 for personal internet.

However, their monthly Unliminet (for home and cybers )is, at 3999/- a bit expensive than Safaricom’s which is priced at 2500/-.

Still, as far as high speed internet Kenya is concerned, Airtel has cheap daily and weekly options. For me, Airtel weekly unliminet package is wonderful, especially if you work online provided you don’t use lots of data.

However, If you use more data like in Video and are looking for a flexible option you can use on the go,  Faiba4G could perhaps be the cheapest.

For home unliminet, Safaricom and Zuku are the top 2- as of now.

When choosing the company to subscribe to, remember to check that that company’s signal is available in your area. And whether your devices are compatible, especially for Faiba4G which works with very specific devices.

You can also look at the pricing and customer service.

So, what’s your most preferred bundles’ package?

Let me know from the comments.







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