Best accounting Softwares in Kenya including Cute Profit  accounting software

This articles reviews the best accounting softwares in Kenya and will help you choose the right accounting software for your business….

According to research, maintaining proper financial records can help you make better decisions for your business..

The truth is, the decisions you make in the day-to-day running of your business can help you grow your enterprise exponentially (In contrast, you are likely to make your business suffer if you’re consistently making bad judgments).

Which brings me to what I want us to talk about in this article: The best accounting softwares in Kenya…

Now, we all know that keeping your books manually is both outdated and very cumbersome (it takes a lot of time to enter data and come up with essential financial reports).

Plus, you can never be sure of the accuracy of the financial reports you’re getting from your accountant/bookkeeper if they’re doing things manually.

The bottom line is that installing a quality accounting software can make a massive difference in the running of your business- from getting real-time financial information to issuing automated invoices, sales receipts, credit notes, etc., there’s a lot a solid accounting application can bring to your business.

With that in mind, below we review the best accounting softwares in Kenya to point you in the right direction if you’re currently shopping for the best accounting software in Kenya.

Read on.

Best accounting softwares in Kenya

Here are the best accounting softwares in Kenya – they are the top 3 commonly used accounting software used in Kenya..

Cute Profit  accounting software

Cute Profit is, by a mile, the best accounting software in Kenya..

You see, unlike other accounting software packages in Kenya (for example, QuickBooks and Sage), Cute Profit is completely customizable so the vendor can tailor the software to serve every one of your unique business needs including calculating VAT.

What’s more, the software is online meaning you can access your important financial details (about your business) from anywhere on the Planet and from any device!

And that’s not all..

In fact, Cute Profit has a ton of innovative features that you cannot find on many other most used accounting software in Kenya.

Below is a preview of the wonderful additions that make Cute Profit cloud accounting software the best accounting Software in Kenya..


M-PESA payment integration– With Cute Profit, you will be processing and tracking payments your clients make via MPESA automatically (It automatically sends receipts to your clients when they pay you through M-Pesa!)

Bulk SMS receipting/invoicing– You can as well be sending invoices and /or sales receipts to your customers (it only takes one click of the mouse).

Project Management– Cute Profit can be configured to help teams track their work when undertaking projects (and get results) in real-time. This helps teams beat project deadlines.

Complete CRM(Customer Relationship Management)- Cute Profit comes with a complete CRM tool.  From tracking contacts and communication with customers/prospects to viewing the status of deals, the software has everything to help you quickly seal deals!

Super friendly accounting features– Another thing that makes Cute Profit a game-changer is its easy-to-understand user interface. To be frank, this is one of the reasons most CPAs recommend Cute Profit to entrepreneurs.

Top-notch security– Unlike some cloud accounting softwares in Kenya,  Cute Profit accounting software is very secure so you’ll never have to worry about someone accessing/comprising vital business information (The servers hosting it are tightly protected using a combination of the latest software application security technologies!)

Excellent customer service– Once you are on board, the team behind Cute Profit will always be there to hold your hand (when stuck), troubleshoot any issues, offer expert advisory, and more. Keep in mind that Cute Profit’s call center operates 24Hrs.

Continuous updates- Cute Profit programmers continuously work with businesses until the application can do all you want it to. And oh, the software is constantly being updated to make it more dynamic and reflect new customer needs..


How to get Cute Profit cloud accounting software

Now, Cute Profit is made and supported by Mine Softwares (Mine Softwares is one of the most reputable accounting software firms in Kenya).

If you’d like to have this amazing software, you can call (+254) 711 082 715 or Go to Cute Profit’s main website here to sign up for the software (or chat with a customer care officer from Cute Profit).


Quickbooks can be an alternative if you’re not looking for accounting software that supports extensive customization.

In a nutshell, the main limitation of the software is that you can only customize QuickBooks to a certain degree.

For example, it takes more work to make QuickBooks support MPESA payments while Cute Profit comes MPESA-ready.

That said, Quickbooks is pretty easy to learn and it can do a lot of the basic stuff smoothly and fast.


The final accounting software that is quite popular in Kenya is Sage- and there is Sage Business Cloud that you can use to manage all your finances, do all accounting, process payroll, and generally manage your business operations online.

Other than Cloud accounting software, Sage also sells ERP Software, Dedicated Payroll software, several HR solutions, and even CRM software.

Wrapping it up

When it comes to the best accounting softwares in Kenya , Cute Profit online accounting software is hands down the best primarily because it can be custom-tailored to meet all your business accounting needs including managing MPESA transactions and cash flow.

Simple call Cute Profit programmers on (+254) 711 082 715 or visit Cute Profit’s main website here to explore its features and get started.

We cannot recommend it highly enough!


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