Haraka loan application: Instant MPESA Loans [Step-by-step]

Since you apply from the app directly, Haraka loan application just takes about three minutes or less.

The other reason why it takes much less time compared to several other loan apps in Kenya is that you’re asked very minimal details during your Haraka loan online application (more on this shortly).

I will be showing you how to complete your Haraka loan application in just a couple of minutes and how to repay your Haraka loan as well as what to do if you want to borrow more.

Perhaps you are wondering why Haraka loan app is considered one of the best apps for emergency loans Kenya?

Well, it’s because:

  • You get instant approval upon completing your Haraka loan application.
  • You are allowed as much as 21 days to repay your loan (sometimes more if your credit history is excellent).
  • You can use a Haraka loan coupon to significantly lower the loan charges
  • NO processing fee is charged on Haraka loan application (don’t fall for the conmen tricks).


See? It doesn’t sound bad at all if you consider the crazy terms offered by some competing apps.

Back to our main business and we shall start with a step by step Haraka loan application guide.

Let’s go:

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Haraka loan application: Get a loan disbursed directly to your MPESA number in 4 simple steps


Step 1: Haraka loan app latest version download

Like I mentioned earlier, you start your Haraka loan online application from inside the app.

Your very first step in getting a Haraka loan is, therefore, to complete a Haraka loan app download free.

This means you might have to use a friends phone to apply if you don’t have a smartphone (you’ll need to transfer your line to his/her phone).

So, how do you download Haraka loan app?

  1. From your phone, go to Google play store/ iPhone app store.
  2. Search for Haraka loan app (just type the name Haraka loan app ) and click on the install tab (or simply click here to install the latest Haraka loan app.)
  3. Hold on for a few seconds as the app downloads. It’s a small app (less than 5 mb) so it will soon be done.
  4. You will notice the Open button turn green as soon as it’s done installing.

Congratulations!  You just successfully downloaded Haraka loan app (Opesa).

Onwards now to creating an account (registration)

Step 2: Create your Haraka loan app account (you have to log into your Facebook account)

NOTE: You will need to be logged into your usual Facebook account to proceed with this step. Just open the Facebook app on your phone and Log in.

This article can help you create a Facebook account if you don’t have one (Note that you must first download the Facebook app in your phone).

Have you logged in to Facebook? Very well, follow these steps to create your Haraka account…

  1. Go to your installed apps section in your phone and Click on the Haraka app’s (Opesa) open tab (You can just click  on Open if you had not exited the app).
  2. The app next asks you for access to various information (You will see a message Allow Opesa access to Photos, Media, and Files on your device?) Click Allow.

This is important because Haraka uses these details to determine the amount they will lend you as your first loan.

That’s all (Don’t close the app as of yet).

You are now ready to receive your first Haraka loan.

This brings us to the third and the step you have been waiting for…which is…the actual Haraka loan application..


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Step 3: Apply for your first Haraka loan

As I said, this is the Haraka loan application stage at which you get your loan (I hope you haven’t closed the app).

Follow these steps..

  1. Still while in the Haraka loan app interface on your phone, click Apply Now.
    By the way, you can click on Apply and Get Coupons! (Get it now) to see if you have qualified for one. You will record the Coupon code and insert it on the provided space when applying to reduce your loan cost.
  2. The loan now app asks you to Register now /login. Click Register now since it’s your first time.
  3. You will be welcomed to Opesa (the platform that runs the Haraka loan app ) and then shown the terms of service. Read and click
  4. On the next Karibu Opesa window, click Allow access then Allow again on everything (SMS, location, calendar etc.)
  5. Next, enter your Phone number on the space marked 7xx xxx xxx (type your mobile phone number and without the first zero) then click on the Next step.
  6. You are sent a verification code on SMS -type it if it doesn’t place automatically on the given space. Now click Submit.
  7. Create a good 4-digit password in the next screen. Simply type it in the space marked Password and again there below on the space marked Confirm Password then click
  8. Create your profile. Type your names- First, Middle, and Last then your Date of Birth, national ID number, and Email address and finally 2 Emergency contact names (enter their full legal names e.g Alex Kimutai Otieno). Also, enter your estimated monthly income and payday in the shown spaces. You finally click Yes if you have outstanding loans or No if you don’t on the next space.

If you have typed in everything properly, click Next step to see how much your first Loan will be               and the applicable terms.


  1. Click Apply now if happy with the terms. I am being given kshs.2000 to repay within 14 days at shs 336 service which translates to about 8% interest rate (336/2000 x 100)…not very bad considering what some new loan apps I had tried were offering. I don’t know yours is how much, haha!
  2. The loan lands on your Mobile Wallet (MPESA) within a few moments and you can now happily sort out your pressing cash emergency.Haraka loan application

TIP: Ignore the registration steps and proceed to click Login if you’re already registered. The App is labeled Opesa in your phone so don’t look for Haraka, its Opesa!.


How to pay Haraka loan (How do I pay my Haraka loan?)

Timely repayment is key if you want to be loaned larger amounts during your next Haraka loan online application. Here is how to pay Haraka loan..

  1. Go to your phone’s M-pesa menu.
  2. Click Lipa na M-pesa.
  3. Enter Haraka Loan Paybill no 817910.
  4. Type your Account no- that’s your Mobile telephone number.
  5. Enter the amount you’re paying off- that’s your Haraka loanamount.
  6. Type your M-pesa PIN and press Ok if you’ve confirmed everything.
  7. A confirmation message will soon be sent your way confirming the repayment.

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How much can I borrow from Haraka?

During the first application, you are awarded between shs.1000-shs 5000.

You might be advanced increased amounts in a subsequent Haraka loan application depending on your financial trend and repayment.

How Does Haraka Loan App Work?

Haraka micromobile loan app utilizes the various data on your device to assess how much loan you qualify for according to the automatically calculated credit score.

Specifically, the app scans your Mobile phones MPESA SMS transaction messages, contacts, other installed apps, call information, location, Facebook activity, phone model, and such data.

This information is collected immediately you click agree while installing the Haraka app.

They will then construct your credit profile and use this to continuously measure your creditworthiness and raise/reduce your credit limit.

Haraka Loan Customer Care Contacts

If for some reasons you are stuck during the Haraka loan application process, contact the friendly Haraka loan customer care staff as follows:

Office hotline phone: 020 2434 019 /020 2434 017 / 020 7650 999

Website: http://www.getbucks.com/

E-mail: Haraka@getbucks.com  or help@o-pesa.com (quote your registered MPESA number in the subject field)

Physical address: Muthithi Road, Westlands, Avocado towers, 1st floor, Nairobi

Haraka Loan customer Social media contacts

Twitter: @GetBucks1

Facebook: @GetBucksKenyaOfficial

Haraka Loan Paybill Number

Once again note that Haraka loan paybill number is 817910. Paying your Haraka micromobile loan app via Paybill is fast and convenient so take advantage.

About Haraka Loan App

Haraka loan app is owned and operated by Getbucks, the giant South African lender and has been active in the Kenyan market for several years now.

Haraka specializes in offering online loans in Kenya Via Mpesa although they are also active in a couple of African markets including our neighbors Uganda and Tanzania.

You can also be lent funds from Haraka loan app from Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, and Swaziland.

Getbucks Kenya contacts

I already mentioned that Haraka loans app is managed by Getbucks.

For this reason, you can use the above-listed to get through to Getbucks Kenya if you have any question during your Haraka loan application.

Haraka Loan app reviews and rating

The app has over 500,000+ downloads as of today and a positive rating of 4.1+ on Google play store. A rating of 4+ is generally regarded as more than satisfactory meaning that most of the borrowers have had an amazing experience while using the app.

On Facebook, Haraka is rated 3.4 stars out of 5. This is again quite respectable.

In addition, they have about 70000 followers.

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Is my Data safe?

Getbucks Kenya systems are secured and they go out of their way to guard your privacy.

They neither share no disclose your private information to third parties unless you consent to or if compelled by the laws of Kenya.

How can I increase my Loan Limit?

To apply for bigger loans, just ensure you stick to the set repayment deadline under all circumstances.

You may also earn a higher loan if you are more active on Mpesa (meaning you are receiving /paying more money from your MPESA wallet).

Frequently borrowing from Haraka will also help promote your credit score and may lead to  a higher loan limit.

How to troubleshoot common issues on Haraka Loan app


Q: I can’t log into Haraka loan app

Well, this is usually a connectivity problem. You’re supposed to check your current internet connection (ensure you have bundles) then try again.

It can also be caused by selecting incorrect location settings on your phone or installing Haraka loan app more than once (Delete all other installation but one).

If you continue experiencing the problem, contact Haraka customer care team via Haraka@getbucks.com

Q: Haraka loan app doesn’t send the OTP/Verification code

If the system can’t generate the verification code/OTP, it’s a technical issue.

Again alert Haraka support via Haraka@getbucks.com


Q: I am yet to receive my loan 2 hours after approval

This could be because the lending system is struggling to find some of your Haraka loan application information but it’s usually sorted with time.

You should, however, talk to Haraka via Haraka@getbucks.com if the delay prolongs.




You make your Haraka loan application from your phone via the Haraka loan app.

You start by downloading the app then creating an account – during when you must be logged into your Facebook account.

From there, you click the Register button, fill in the requested details before clicking on the apply button.

The app will tell you how much Loan you qualify for and if approved, the money is shortly credited to your MPESA account.

That’s the long and the short of the entire Haraka loan application process.

Be sure to pay on time to have your loan limit increased.

Good luck and use the funds wisely.


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