Solar Battery Prices in Kenya in 2023

Want to know what are the current prices of solar batteries in Kenya? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Perhaps your old cell is worn out (batteries won’t last forever) and you do need to replace it.

Or you are planning to install a new solar power system to save on your electricity costs.

Either way, we are here to help so continue reading to know how much you should have in hand depending on the capacity of the solar battery you are considering buying.

Solar Battery Prices in Kenya

Like in most countries, solar battery prices in Kenya are mainly dependent on the battery’s capacity.

Below is a list of commonly used solar batteries in Kenya plus their prices.

100ah (12v) Solar Battery Price in Kenya

Want to know the market price for 100ah (12v) solar batteries in Kenya? Here is what we discovered when doing our research:

  • 100ah (12v) Chloride Exide Solar Battery Prices in Kenya ranges from Ksh 11,000 to Ksh 32,000.
  • 100ah (12v) Dayliff solar battery price is currently selling at about Ksh 19,050.
  • 100ah (12v) SolarMax price is around Ksh 12,000.
  • At the time of writing this, the 100ah (12v) SolarPex solar battery price is from Ksh 8,500 to Ksh 11,000.
  • 100ah (12v) Nippotec solar battery price is about Ksh 11000.
  • 100ah (12v) SunnyPex solar battery is costing between Ksh 8,500 to Ksh 12,500.

Quick note: The above prices for solar batteries are for deep cycle cells. Lithium ion solar battery price in Kenya tend to be slightly higher (Lithium ion batteries are generally considered of better quality thanks to the advanced Battery Management System that is in-built in most models).

Let’s now look at the average prices of the next popular solar battery in Kenya.

150ah (12v) Solar Battery Price in Kenya

With 150ah, you’ve got a massive 50% increase in your battery wattage output compared to a 100ah (12v) Solar Battery.

That means that this could be the best option if you have more devices to power at home/business.

If this is the battery you have been advised to buy, then you have to dig a little deeper in your pocket for your battery.

Here are the average prices for the 150ah (12v) at the time of writing this:

  • 150ah (12v) Chloride Exide Solar Battery Price is priced at between Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 38,000.
  • The 150ah (12v) Dayliff solar battery price is about Ksh 28,000.
  • 150ah (12v) SolarMax price is between Ksh 9,000 to Ksh 15,000.
  • 150ah (12v) SolarPex solar battery prices is within the Ksh 13,500 to Ksh 16,000 range.
  • 150ah (12v) Nippotec solar battery is selling from Ksh 15,970 to Ksh 19,000.
  • 150ah (12v) SunnyPex solar battery is priced at between Ksh 11,500 to Ksh 18,500.

That’s it for 150ah (12v) solar batteries.

Now we can turn to the other commonly used battery capacity in Kenya- the 200ah (12V) battery.

12v 200ah Solar Battery Price in Kenya

Overall, one 200ah (12V) battery is likely to last you between 2 and 8 hours, depending on the amps your appliances/devices are drawing.

In other words, whether this battery will be right for you will come down to what appliances you’ll be powering (of course, you can have more than one200ah (12V) battery depending on your needs).

Now, below are the retail prices for a 12v 200ah solar battery in Kenya;

  • 200ah (12v) Chloride Exide Battery Price is going for between Ksh 40,000 to Ksh 60,000.
  • 200ah (12v) Dayliff battery price will cost you around Ksh 36,000.
  • 200ah (12v) SolarMax battery price ranges between Ksh 18,000 and Ksh 25,000.
  • 200ah (12v) SolarPex battery price is from Ksh 15,500 and can rise upto Ksh 32,000.
  • 200ah (12v) Nippotec battery is selling at between Ksh 23,000 and Ksh 30,000.
  • 200ah (12v) SunnyPex battery price is currently between Ksh 16,500 and Ksh 27,500.

Don’t forget this when shopping for a solar battery

Normally solar batteries will be used together with apparatus such as inverters and solar panels. Inverters will convert the low voltages of DC current to higher volts of AC currents necessary for appliances that need such higher amounts of power to start and/or run.

Solar panels will absorb the solar energy from sun to the battery though you can also charge your solar battery using electricity.

So, while choosing the solar battery to buy, check if it is appropriate for these other apparatus.

For example; the watts of a solar panel should almost correspond with the watts of an inverter so a 100ah solar battery will work best with a 1000w inverter.

Also ask your solar battery supplier about their warranty terms before purchasing – you really don’t want to buy a battery without a warranty just in case something goes wrong

Just know that most of the solar batteries on sale in Kenya come with a warranty period of at least one year.

Take Away

The above are the prices for solar batteries you expect to find in Kenya.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of solar batteries in Kenya including those of smaller capacity than 100ah and others with bigger capacities (over 1000ah).

Needless to say, the larger the capacity of the cell, the higher will be the price of a solar battery in Kenya.

That’s all for this post.

Talk soon.


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