Diaper Importers in Kenya [Updated list]

Selling diapers is can be one of the most lucrative ventures in Kenya.

In fact, the demand for this critical product is estimated to be over 800 million pieces (per year) in Kenya.

And that means one thing: You can make good money by stocking and selling diapers in Kenya.

Now, as you might know, buying your stock from diaper importers in Kenya is the best way to go since they offer better prices compared to diaper distributors and wholesalers (which means better margins for you).

Below is a list of diaper importers in Kenya to help you get an idea of where to source supplies if you are planning to start selling diapers in Kenya…


Diaper importers in Kenya – Name and contact information

Here are the trading names plus contact information of leading baby diaper importers in Kenya:

1.    NAACIF General Trading Company Limited

The company mainly imports diapers from Turkey.

Contacts: P.o Box 16568 NAIROBI.



UR Home mainly imports diaper products from China

Contacts:  +254 724 561919 / urhomeintelkenyaltd@gmail.com



HASBAH is perhaps one of the best known diaper importers in Kenya.

They import from countries such as Egypt, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Germany, and Poland and are the primary importers of the popular Pampers brand of diapers.

Contacts:   0721 555777  (You can also visit their website here).



The company imports different diaper brands from countries such as China, Uganda, Tanzania, India and Indonesia.

Contacts:  0748 908290



The company imports diaper brands such as Softcare into the country.

Contacts:  P.o. Box 9303 NAIROBI



Mainly imports from Egypt – a good importer of baby joy diapers.

Contacts:  P.o Box 30075 NAIROBI.


7.    SUNDA Kenya Industrial Company Limited

Sunda Limited has been importing diapers from countries such as China and recently opened a local diaper manufacturing factory at Mavoko.

The company is making the Softcare brand of diapers at the factory (they also make Softcare Baby wipes).

If you want to buy directly from them, visit Sunda Kenya Industrial Park at Athi River.

Contacts:  0786 368233


8.    NEW LINE Trading Company Limited

At New Line, diapers imports come mainly from Pakistan or Turkey

Contacts:  P.o Box 385 Nairobi


Types of Diapers in Kenya

The following are the most popular types of baby diapers in Kenya:

a)   Cloth diapers

Cloth diapers are simply washable/re-usable pampers made using pieces of cloth/fabric.

They not only cut on costs (you don’t have to keep buying) but they are also more eco-friendly (because you can re-use it).


b)  Disposable diapers

Unlike cloth-made pampers, disposable diapers are not re-usable ….they are instead designed to be tossed away after just one use.


c)   Organic diapers

On the other hand, organic diapers are simply diapers produced using distinct eco-friendly materials such as wood, pulp, etc.

With that short explanation out of the way, let’s now proceed to the types of pamper brands in Kenya.

Diaper Brands in Kenya

Below are some of the most popular brands of baby diapers in Kenya;


One of the most popular diaper brands in Kenya is Huggies.

It is available in different varieties and sizes including:

  • New born pampers size 1
  • Newborn pampers size 2
  • Dry comfort pampers size 2
  • Dry comfort pampers size 3
  • Dry comfort pampers size 4
  • Gold maxi pampers Size 4
  • Gold junior pampers size 5
  • Dry comfort pampers size 5


The pamper brand – the pioneer baby diaper to be imported to Kenya- is another massively popular choice.

As mentioned, Pampers is imported by Hasbah Kenya limited.

It is however pricier compared to the majority of the other Diaper Brands in Kenya.

Pamper sizes include:

  • Premium Care Diapers Size 2
  • Premium Care Diapers Size 3
  • Premium Care Pants Size 3
  • Premium Care Pants Size 4
  • Premium Care Pants Size 5
  • Premium Care Pants Size 6
  • Baby Dry Mini
  • Baby Dry Maxi
  • Baby Dry Junior


Molfix is another Global diaper brand with good reviews in Kenya.

Their sizes include:

  • Molfix pants sizes 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • Diapers Small Size 2
  • Diapers Size 3
  • Diapers Large Size 4
  • Diapers X-Large Size 5
  • Diapers Size 3 (6.1 to 9 kgs)
  • Diapers Size 4 (9.1 to 15 kgs)


Soft care is among the top diaper brands in Kenya too and as indicated earlier, the first one to be manufactured locally.

Sizes of softcare diapers include:

  • Junior gold Diaper Size 5
  • Maxi gold Diaper Size 4
  • Mini gold Diaper size 3
  • Mini gold Diaper Size 2



Some of the features in Kisskids diapers include a soft elastic waistband and adjustable magic tapes, ensuring great comfort for the kid.

Some of the bestselling Kisskids baby diaper sizes include sizes 2, 3, and 4.


Snuggles diapers are produced using soft breathable and gentle materials that ensure maximum protection for delicate skins.

They come in different sizes including:

  • Newborn baby diapers
  • Baby mini diapers size 2
  • Baby Pull ups size 3
  • Baby Pull ups size 4

Kiddy Care

Kiddy care pampers are breathable cotton-based baby diapers and are slowly gaining popularity among Kenyan parents.

Their sizes include:

  • Size 4 large diapers
  • Size 5 large diapers
  • Size 3 medium diapers
  • Size 2 small diapers



You probably have heard about bouncy diapers, one of the super absorbent diaper brands in Kenya.

The brand is marketed locally by Interconsumer Products Limited.

Call 0800 722 680 if you’d like to try it.



Well, those are the Diaper Importers in Kenya to reach out to if you are planning to get into the business of selling baby diapers in Kenya.

There could be others (that is for sure) but at least this list will give you a good idea of where to begin your search for diaper supplies.

Good luck, buddy.


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