Equitel Charges To MPESA, Agent withdrawal charges, etc

Overall, Equitel charges are way cheaper than MPESA charges for sending money. For instance, it will costs you a maximum of shs.44 to send between  shs.11000. In comparison, Mpesa charges you shs.97.

Likewise, Equitel charges to other banks (sending) are very affordable. For example you will pay just shs.62 to transfer shs.50000 cash to any other bank account from Equitel.

The same transaction will set you back roughly shs. 105 from MPESA.

Here is a summary of all Equitel charges..

Note that the fees may be subject to government taxes where applicable.

Equitel to MPESA charges 2019 (and Airtel Money)

Amount Equitel Charge
 0-100 34.10
101-500 38.50
501-11000 44.00
1,001-1500 49.50
1,501-2500 60.50
2,501-35000 60.50


Equity agent ATM withdrawal charges

Amount Agent Charge
100-2500 25
2501-5000 45
5001-10000 75
10001-20000 145
20,001-35000 170
35,001-50000 195
50,001-100000 225


Equity agent deposit charges

Amount Charges
100-5000 0
5001-10000 0
10001-20000 0
20,001-100000 0

Equitel  charges for other services

Service Charges
ATM Application: VISA Or Master Card 600
Bill payments 30
Dormant Accounts reactivation 200
Statement request (sent via Email) 5
Balance enquiry via Equitel POS Free
School fees payment Free
Rent payment Free
Airtime purchase Free


Equitel charges to other banks (Sending via PESA-LINK)

Amount Charges
10-500 Free
501-10000 37.00
10001-50000 62.00
50001-100000 87.00
100,001-200000 112.00
200,001-500000 137.00
500,001-999999 162.00

Equitel charges to send money to your Equity bank account (RTGS)

Amount Customer charges
1-300000 30 per transaction

Note that you can only transfer from Equitel to your Bank Account in batches of shs.300000 where you want to do a bulk cash transfer.

This is important, for example, if someone has paid into your Equitel a huge amount from a business deal.

However, maximum you can transfer this way in a day is shs.1000000.


Equitel Calling & SMS charges (across all networks)

Call Rate (per minute) SMS Rate (per SMS)
4.50 1.10

Summary of other Equitel services

Equitel also offers a plethora of services. Enquire from the agent about the cost if not captured..

  1. Account opening
  2. Payment for goods/services
  3. Equitel registration and activation
  4. Issuing and/or topping up of any Equity prepaid cards

Equitel Customer care contacts

If you run into trouble, you can contact Equitel customer care department on +254 0763 026 000 or +254 763 063 000


Source: https://equitybankgroup.com/uploads/default/files/2017/forms/eazzy-baking-app-rate-card.pdf

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