The Best Homes for the Aged in Kenya

If you are having challenges taking care of your aging beloved parent or grandma/grandpa perhaps because you’re super busy or live outside the country, perhaps homes for the aged in Kenya can be your best bet.

That is because you can’t always trust a relative (or a hired caretaker) to do the job as well as you’d want- remember a lot of people need close supervision to work and that can’t always be possible when you work away.

Now, there are quite a number of homes for the aged in Kenya that give the aged maximum care and dignity (they do not deserve anything less).

Below we bring you a list of the best homes for the aged in Kenya to help you know where to start, if you would like to try out this option for your aged parent/relative/friend daily care needs.


Homes for the Aged in Kenya – your options

Now, the places you can hand over your 65+ old parent in Kenya offer diverse arrangements- some are absolutely free (especially those run by church missions) while others levy a fee.

To get us started, here are the most popular and well established homes for assisted living in Kenya:

  • Akiniita Foundation
  • Thogoto home for the aged
  • Nyumba ya Wazee
  • Harrison House Retirement Home
  • Kasarani home for the elderly
  • Karen brookdale retirement home
  • ElimerCare


Akiniita Foundation

The first on our list of elderly homes in Kenya is Akiniita, a community-based interdenominational home for the aged with residential homes in Kenya, Liberia, and DR Congo.

The foundation offers important daily care for senior citizens while keeping them spiritually nourished – He/she is taught a range of Christian values with the main theme being John 10:10.

Most importantly, the foundation is basically a charity so the cost for caring for your dear elder is minimal.

Akiniita Foundation contacts

You can reach them through:

Phone: +254 202 054 334/ +254 722 830 182



Location: Ukulima Co-operative House, 5th floor, Nairobi


Thogoto home for the aged

Thogoto home for the aged is one of the best old age homes in Kenya and a good choice too.

They have been caring for the aged in Kenya for years and have more than 33 elderly citizens (90 to 113 years) living with them (at the time of writing this).

Their main target is the most vulnerable aged members of the community who have been left behind by their children due to high incidences of HIV/AIDS.

The home is located in a very serene environment and your retired papa or mama will love being there.

The home also allows members of the larger community to pay a visit to the residents and offer them gifts as a way of helping them interact with the outside world.

The guests even engage the elderly persons in playful activities such as dancing, singing, running/walking to keep them warm and relaxed.

Keep in mind that you need to pay some token for your dear one to be here.

That being said, they don’t charge for the elderly who have been abandoned by their families.

Thogoto home for the aged contacts

You can visit them at their physical location in Karuri, Kikuyu or call them via +254 706 631 036 .

Nyumba ya Wazee

Also known as Kariobangi Cheshire home, Nyumba ya Wazee is an iconic permanent residence for 40 aged persons and has a day-care program for more than 200 elders from the nearby slums.

The home shot to prominence during the period it hosted Mr. Kimani Maruge (The world’s oldest student even) as one of the residents (Kimani lived here until his demise at 90yrs old in 2009).

The home’s main source of funding is  Little-Sisters-of-the-Poor who are the principal sponsors.

In addition to the 200 elders mentioned above, Nyumba ya Wazee has also registered some other old folks (with an average age of 70 years) who visit the institution on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. to around 4.p.m. for essential care.

These are fed, medicated (those in need), and allowed to interact with each other.

They are also allowed to join in prayer sessions and participate in table games such as draft.

At the end of the day, the visiting group usually receives vegetables, maize, and beans donated by firms such as Veg Pro Ltd, KHE, and Finely Ltd to take back home.

In addition, registered destitute aged persons receive soap, fat, salt, and donated clothes once a month.

The facility also extends the same services to 50 registered post Leprosy individuals.

In short,  Nyumba ya Wazee is one of the best caring institutions for aged persons in Kenya.

Nyumba ya Wazee contacts

Location: Kedong Hse (Lenana Rd), 2nd Flr, Room 14, Nairobi.
Phone: 0724637323 / 0724637323/ 0780637323


You can also support their charitable services by calling 0738639268/ 0716537866 or visiting them.


Harrison House Retirement Home

Harrison house is another wonderful option and also one of the best elderly homes in Nairobi.

Here the retired and aged enjoy warm company and extra care while living within the institution.

Besides, the aged living outside can visit when in need of healthcare services.

Just so you know, Harrison place is a fully-fledged home-alike institution with flower gardens and state of the art (for the aged) residential apartments.

You will find the houses well-conditioned and furnished (you will especially love the spacious bathing facilities, dining rooms, TV rooms, and bedrooms).

Sing-alongs, Christian music, and walks are some of the activities the residents are led in twice a week.

Most importantly, the institution has an in-house team of qualified nurses who offer professional nursing services promptly when required (the facility is widely considered one of the best nursing homes in Nairobi for the elderly).

Harrison House Retirement Home contacts

Location: 3rd Ngong Avenue, Nairobi.

Phone: 0202347041/ 0202347021



The next on our list of homes for the aged in Kenya is ElimerCare- they also target the old folks in the country.

They have earned raving reviews thanks to  their luxurious living residences and quality nursing services for the aged.

Overall, the team behind the success of the institution is warm and compassionate and is well placed to fulfill the daily care needs of your parents (they offer 360 degrees care – physical, mental, and spiritual).

ElimerCare contacts

Location: Nairobi, Nazareth Hospital Rd

Phone: +256 (0) 705 946 821




Elderly homes in Nairobi – other homes worth mentioning

If in Nairobi, you can also check out the following two homes (they have excellent services too):

  • SJ Remedial Care Home for the Elderly – This is a private institution with great nursing care services for the elderly. Call 0720 847730.
  • Eillen Moffat Care – This is in Karen Langata. Visit them online here.

Wrapping it up

Homes for the aged in Kenya are superb options to support the aging persons especially in this urbanization era where the younger generation is forced to leave behind their elderly relatives/parents in rural areas where accessing meaningful care is difficult.

Of course, old age comes with special needs as most of the aged are prone to experience health challenges such as poor vision, low mobility, chronic illnesses, etc so these institutions offer healthcare alongside other essential services.

Here at, we believe that providing your folks with wholesome care in their last days on Earth is something that everyone should take seriously.

And you now know where to start.


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