Best Shipping Company from China to Kenya in 2023

Shipping companies helping Kenyans ship products from China have mushroomed and it is difficult to make an informed choice especially if you are shipping to Kenya from China for the first time.

So, which is the best shipping company from China to Kenya today?

Well, there are quite a number of excellent Cargo shippers from China to Kenya – and a good number can handle big loads

Continue reading to learn which is the best shipping Company from China to Kenya along with other shipping companies you can use anytime you want to import something from China.


Best shipping company from China to Kenya

The following is a list of the very best companies that can bring your merchandise from China to Kenya including their contacts.


Rolling cargo limited

So far, Rolling cargo is widely considered the best shipping company from China to Kenya.

In fact, the company ships to Kenya from countless countries – China, Dubai, US, UK, Turkey…you name it.

There are two things we love most about the company: their excellent customer service and quick deliveries.

And yes, Rolling Cargo rates are among the cheapest for importers.

We highly recommend them.

Rolling cargo contacts

Telephone number: +254 709 286 286.




Bansar Freight Forwarder

Bansar is another trusted shipping company and you can try them too if you have goods you are planning to bring in from china.

They offer a free warehouse for goods awaiting shipping from China and they do door to door delivery for cargo from China.

Bansar contacts

Telephone number: +086 181 5110 2222



Salihiya Cargo and Shipping Agency

Salihiya Company has also been a reliable shipping company to Kenya for goods from China for over 2 decades.

Popularly known as ASCC Logistics , Salihiya operates from General Waruinge Street in Nairobi ( Opposite Pumwani Maternity Hospital) and have reasonable turn-around times for goods from China.

You can try them, as well.

Salihiya Cargo contacts

Telephone number: +254 722 859 680.




Golden Gate cargo

Golden Gate Cargo Ltd offers secure, hassle-free and credible cargo logistics solutions from China, Dubai, Turkey, India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, the wider Europe, and UK.

They deliver your goods safely to your doorstep and at extremely fair rates.

Golden Gate cargo contacts

Telephone number: +254 727 485 151/+254 724 393 999



Afrigate Cargo and Clearing Services Limited

Afrigate is yet another reputable option when it comes to sourcing and shipping of products from China.

Afrigate has offices in Eastleigh, Nairobi.

Afrigate Cargo contacts

Telephone number: +254 722 640695



Aquantuo Kenya

If you would wish your goods to be delivered to your doorstep safely and promptly, Aquantuo can be a fantastic option.

Like Rolling Cargo, Aquantuo is very professional – from professional communication to reduced shipping times, they will leave you thoroughly impressed.

Aquantuo Kenya contacts

Telephone number: 0720 761 333/0743 818 461.



Choice Logistics

Choice logistics has been managing supply chain logistics for Kenyans from 1997 and can be an option too.

Their offices are long Mombasa road, Nairobi.

Choice Logistics contacts

Telephone number: 0722 580 147 / 0704 948969


Salama Cargo (East Africa)

Salama is also another good choice – they are very good when it comes to customer service, communication, and handling your cargo.

And yes, their rates are pretty affordable.

Salama Cargo contacts

Telephone number: 0711901818/ +254 206 764 439



Shardi shipping and cargo

Established in 2004, Shardi has seen its reputation grow with time and is today considered one of the best shipping companies in Kenya.

They ship from China, Dubai, Turkey, UK, Egypt, to Nairobi, Kenya.

Shardi shipping and cargo contacts

Telephone number/WhatsApp: +254 722 111 262





TNT Express Kenya

Though not popularly known, TNT Express is another shipping company that ships from China.

TNT Express Kenya contacts

Telephone number: +254 0703052020


How long does shipping from China to Kenya take?

Now, the time taken to deliver your goods will mainly depend on the mode of shipping – air freight tends to be faster (maximum it can take is 10 days) though it costs more.

On the other hand, shipping by sea will be more cost-effective but of course, it can take 1-3 months for your consignment to arrive.

Keep in mind that some bulky items can only be shipped by sea.


Take away

Overall, the best shipping company from China to Kenya is Rolling cargo so if you’re a beginner, we recommend you first check them out.

Don’t forget that the other shipping companies from china to Kenya in this article have been having good reviews so you can take time to visit/call them as you do your research.

Good luck.



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