How much is Passport Application in Kenya?

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To begin and enjoy a seamless travel experience to any destination of your choice (whether business or leisure), an international travel document in the form of a passport is required.

For airlines, airport authorities, and immigration offices, this is the most reliable form of identification.

Here are a few simple things you should know if you want to apply for a passport for the first time, renew an old one, or replace a lost one, as well as the amount required to apply for the passports.

Let’s get started with: How much is passport application in Kenya?


How much is passport application in Kenya?

For those wondering how much it costs to apply for a passport in Kenya, here’s a summary of the amount you need to have when applying for one.

Just so you know the application fees vary depending on the reason and type of passport you seek. The prices range between Kshs. 4,550 and Kshs. 12,050.

Below is a summary of the type of passport and the amount paid:

Type of passport Amount
Ordinary “A” Series (34 pages) Kshs. 4,550
Ordinary “B” Series (50 pages) Kshs. 6,050
Ordinary “C” Series (66 pages) Kshs. 7,550
Diplomatic passports Kshs. 7,550
Mutilated passports Kshs. 10,050
Lost passports Kshs. 12,050



How to apply for a Kenyan passport

To obtain a new passport, you must go through the Kenya Passport Application process.

This means you will apply for the passport online through the eCitizen platform.

The steps are as follows:

  1. The first step is to register on, an online government platform where one can access government services such as passport applications.
  2. After you have registered, go to the Immigrations Department’s online portal and select the passport application form.
  3. Fill out the form according to the instructions. You will need a variety of information, including your parents’ ID card numbers, your date of birth, and the ID details of a recommender, among other things.
  4. After completing the form, select your payment method and pay for the type of passport you’re applying for, which ranges from Ksh. 4,550 to Ksh. 12,050 (Immigration accepts M-Pesa, credit, debit, and online banking payment modes).
  5. Make an appointment with the immigration office to submit your application.
  6. After the application, download the application form and three copies of the transaction receipts.
  7. The application form should then be physically delivered to the Immigration office (on the appointment date) to have your fingerprints, signature, and passport photo taken. At the immigration office, you must also present your original birth certificate and a copy of it, your original ID card and a copy of it, and a copy of your recommender’s ID card.
  8. Your passport will be ready in due course, and you can pick it up after an official waiting period of at least 15 working days.


Kenya passport application requirements (What are the requirements for a Kenya passport application?)

So, what is required to obtain a Kenyan passport?

So, when submitting your application form and appearing at the immigration office for the biometric rollout, you must bring the following documents, which will be attached to your application form:

As a first-time applicant, you will require the following documents:

  1. A completed eCitizen passport application form, as well as three payment invoices
  2. Your original birth certificate and a duplicate of the same
  3. Your original national identity card as well as its copy
  4. Photocopies of your parents’ ID cards (or their death certificates, if they are deceased)
  5. A photocopy of your recommender’s national identification card
  6. Three passport-size photos of good quality (one signed by your recommender).



  • When applying for a passport renewal or replacement, you should bring your old passport as well as copies of its last three pages.
  • For lost passports, a sworn affidavit and a police abstract are required.


  • An official letter explaining the circumstances surrounding the loss or mutilation of your passport (this applies to lost or mutilated passports).


Who is a recommender in passport application?

A “recommender” is a Kenyan of good reputation who can certify that you are of good character and deserve a Kenyan passport. Remember that in order for your passport application to be accepted, you must have such a person sign it for you.

Your recommender can be a minister of religion, a lawyer, a civil servant, a bank official, or any other person considered trustworthy and acceptable as an endorser by the government, but they cannot be an immediate relative.

Also, keep in mind that your recommender must provide a copy of their national ID card as well as sign both your application form and one of your passport photos.


Frequently asked questions [FAQs] on: How much is passport application in Kenya?

How long does it take to get a passport in Kenya?

Once your application form is physically submitted at the immigration offices, it takes at least 10 to 15 working days to receive your first passport. It takes at least 5 working days for all other passport applications, such as mutilated or lost passports.

However, it may take longer if more information is required, your application is incomplete, or other factors.

How can I track my passport in Kenya?

There are two methods for checking the status of your passport. They include:

  1. Tracking through the e-Citizen portal.

Following the completion of the biometric tests, the stages in your e-citizen portal begin to transition from one to the next, depicting the progress of your transportation. The first stage is “loading,” followed by “production,” and finally “receiving,” which indicates that the passport is ready for pickup.

  1. Tracking by using a tracking number.

The tracking number provided on the photo token receipt can be used to track the status of your passport. To accomplish this:

  • Go to the passport booking and collection website.
  • Enter your tracking number (ten digits).
  • Then, select “track my passport.”
  • The tracking portal will display a page detailing the status of your passport application.


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