DSTv Access Channels List in Kenya (Full list and pricing)

Read this to the end if you are looking for a full DSTv Access channels list in Kenya…

DSTv is one of Kenya’s top entertainment destinations.

Now, DSTV has a couple of packages- and one of them is DSTV Access.

In this, we will look at the  channels in the DSTv Access package to help you make the right decision..

Read it to the end if you are searching for a full DSTv Access Channels List in Kenya.

Dstv Access Channels List In Kenya (What is in the package of access DStv?)

Here is a full list of DStv Access Channels in Kenya:

Cartoon network Children channels in DStv Access Kenya

  1. Disney Junior Channel 309
  2. Mindset Channel 319
  3. JimJam Channel 310
  4. Nickelodeon Channel 305

Documentary channels in DStv Access Kenya

  1. Discovery Family Channel 136
  2. Nat Geo Wild Channel 182

DStv Access Kenya General Entertainment & Movies channels

  1. AfricaMagic Yoruba Channel 157
  2. B4U Movies Channel 451
  3. AfricaMagic Epic Movies Channel 152
  4. AfricaMagic Family Channel 154
  5. AfricaMagic World Channel 155
  6. E! Entertainment Television Channel 124
  7. Eva Channel 141
  8. Telemundo Channel 118
  9. Eva + Channel 142
  10. FOX Life Channel 126
  11. Iroko Music Channel 109
  12. AfricaMagic Hausa Channel 156
  13. AfricaMagic Igbo Channel 159
  14. M-Net Movies Zone Channel 139
  15. Maisha Magic Bongo Channel 160
  16. Vox Africa Channel 191
  17. Zee World Channel 166
  18. Maisha Magic East Channel 158
  19. Pwani Channel 276
  20. Star Life. Channel 291
  21. Televista Channel 194
  22. Trybe Channel 195

DStv Access Kenya Lifestyle & Culture channels

  1. Spice TV Channel 192
  2. Fashion One Channel 178

Local Channels  in DStv Access Kenya

  1. Citizen TV Channel 273
  2. Adom TV Channel 96
  3. Nile Broadcasting Services (NBS) Channel 44
  4. Star TV Channel 291
  5. K24 Channel 275
  6. KTN Channel 272
  7. Inooro TV Channel 269
  8. KTN News Channel 274
  9. NTV Channel 271
  10. KBCTV Channel 270
  11. eTV Africa Channel 250

Music channels in DStv Access Kenya

  1. Sound City Channel 327
  2. Fiesta TV Channel 329
  3. TRACE Mziki Channel 323
  4. Hip TV Channel 324s

DStv Access Kenya News & Commerce channels

  1. Al Jazeera Channel 406
  2. CNBC Africa Channel 410
  3. Joy News Channel 44
  4. NDTV24x7 Channel 413
  5. SABC News Channel 404
  6. CNC World Channel 415
  7. EuroNews German Channel 445
  8. BBC World News Channel 400
  9. Bloomberg Television Channel 41

Religion channels in DStv Access Kenya

  1. Emmanuel TV Channel 349
  2. Faith Broadcast Network Channel 341
  3. Eternal Word Television Network Channel 348
  4. Islam Channel Channel 347
  5. DayStar Channel 344
  6. Dove TV Channel 349
  7. TBN Channel 343

Specialist channels in DStv Access Kenya

  1. CCTV4 Channel 447
  2. Phoenix News and Entertainment Channel 485
  3. Hunan TV Channel 483
  4. Shanghai Dragon TV Channel 482
  5. Jiantsu Television Channel 484
  6. CCTV Entertainment Channel 480
  7. Hunan TV Channel 483
  8. China Movie Channel Channel 481
  9. Deutsche Welle Channel 446
  10. RAI International Channel 430
  11. TV5 Monde Afrique Channel 437

Sports channels in DStv Access Kenya

  1. SuperSport 9 Channel 229
  2. SuperSport 10 Channel 231
  3. SuperSport Blitz Channel 22
  4. SuperSport 4 (HD/SD) Channel 224

DStv Packages Kenya  Prices ( at the time of writing this)

  1. DSTV Access price– Kshs.1,050
  2. Compact Plus Package – Kshs.5,100
  3. Premium Package – Kshs.8,400
  4. Compact Package – Kshs.2,800
  5. Family Package – Kshs.1,500


How to subscribe to DStv Access Channels in Kenya

As you know, to start watching the TV channels in the above DSTv Access channels list in Kenya, you will need to subscribe to DSTV Access package in Kenya.

Below is how to subscribe to DStv Access Channels in Kenya:

If you have not yet purchased DSTV

If you don’t have the dish, you’ll need to buy it from an accredited DSTV install and have it installed.

You can find a list of DSTV accredited installers/dealers here.

If already an existing DSTv subscription and you want to upgrade

You just need to download the app and then upgrade/downgrade to DSTV access from the app.

Here is how to download the DSTV app (it’s pretty easy):

  1. Just click on the apple app store or the Google play store
  2. Then search for the DStv app and click to download (it’s free to download)
  3. Next, you need to sign-up- you register with your email address, phone number, and create your password.

Once you’re done, you’re immediately ushered into the App – once there, look for DSTV access and choose upgrade/downgrade.

All that you need to do now is follow the prompts.

Note that you can also upgrade by dialing *759# from your phone or from DSTV Kenya website directly.

How to pay for DStv Access via Mpesa

Before making the payment, ensure your decoder is turned on to avoid error E164.

Then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Safaricom menu(on your phone) and choose ‘M-PESA’
  2. Enter DStv MPESA Business number (DSTV Paybill number is 444900)
  3. Type DStv Basket ID (ref number) as shown on the Eazy Self-Service (on the app)
  4. Enter the amount (Kshs.1050)
  5. Confirm the details you have typed then Click ‘Ok’
  6. Wait for the confirmation message verifying your payment.
  7. You will finally receive a confirmation text of your payment to DSTV.

That’s how to pay for DSTv Access via Mpesa.

DSTv Access Channels List in Kenya -Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the cheapest DStv package in Kenya?

The cheapest DStv package in Kenya at the moment is actually DSTV Access (and we have just listed the channels in the package above).


Wrapping Up

With DStv access, you can watch over 95 channels including several sports channels, religion channels, children channels like Nickelodeon and a few specialist channels (Deutsche Welle Channel, CCTV 4, and more).

So there is a good choice of channels for everyone!.

Hopefully, the above list of DSTv access channels in Kenya will help you make an informed decision.


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