HELB loans for KASNEB students : All you need to know

Here is all you need to know about HELB loans for KASNEB students.

First, the good news: You’re eligible for HELB (Higher Education Loans Board) financing for your tuition fees when undertaking any KASNEB course.

Now to the not so good news: You have to meet certain conditions for you to access HELB financing for your KASNEB program.

Here they are:

HELB loans for KASNEB students : Applicable conditions

· Your college must be accredited

To begin with, you must be studying in an accredited college.

This means that the institution you’re pursuing your course in must not only be TVETA approved but must also have met all the requirements set by various educational agencies including  KUCCPS, KASNEB, and HELB itself.

At the moment, most of the colleges to have met these conditions are those government owned. Accreditation is, however, continuous and more higher education institutions –including credible private colleges- will certainly be getting the necessary approvals.

And so you might want to enquire if a college is eligible for HELB advances next time you’re searching for college.


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· You must be deserving

HELB loans are specifically targeted at students from disadvantaged backgrounds and those with education financing difficulties because of other genuine reasons.

You should thus only apply for HELB loans for KASNEB students if you belong to this category.

HELB usually ask for the necessary evidence during the application process and it rejects thousands of applications from undeserving learners every year.


· You must apply before deadline

There are strict deadlines for HELB loans and you must beat them for you to get help.

Applications are typically made via the HELB portal and it’s upon you to track their calendar to know when to apply.

I propose that you follow HELB on Facebook to get notifications about the various deadlines.

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Other conditions

To get financing, first apply for your KASNEB certificate/diploma courses via the KUCCPS student postal.

You will also select your preferred college from the list of institutions listed on the portal.

You can then apply for your HELB loan after reporting or by the given deadline, whichever comes earlier.

You can ask your school to guide you if you have already reported.


How to apply for KASNEB loans

You should apply for KASNEB loans and bursaries through HELB student portal (Look for the KASNEB loan application option).

Usually, KASNEB announces the deadline on their social media handles and you must apply before the given deadlines to qualify.


How much is the HELB loan for KASNEB students?

The amount varies from course to course.

But generally, HELB funds students shs.40000 per year with shs.26400/- going to fees and the balance to the students bank account to cater for living expenses and stationeries.

PS: To learn more about HELB, visit their YouTube channel here.


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