How to call Kenya from US : Step by Step Guide

Wondering how to call Kenya from US? Well, it’s easier than you think.

Simply follow these steps..

How to call Kenya from US- Step by Step Guide

Method 1: Calling a landline

If you’re calling a fixed line, follow this procedure…

  1. Dial 011, the USA exit code. Note that this is the same code to use if you’re calling Kenya from Canada
  2. Dial 254, the country code (Kenya).
  3. Next, Dial the phone number you’re calling. Please don’t include the 0. You must, however, include the area code (Check the different area codes for various regions below).

Your number will look like this: 011 254 20 123 4567 where..

011= U.S. exit code

254= Kenya country code

20= Nairobi area code

123 4567 = The actual landline number you’re calling

Popular area codes

Here are the most popular area codes.

  • Mombasa Region- 41
  • Nairobi City Region- 20
  • Kisumu Area- 57
  • Nakuru Region- 51
  • Eldoret Area- 53
  • Embu Area- 68
  • Nyeri Region- 61
  • Thika Area- 67
  • Kakamega Region-56
  • Machakos Area- 44
  • Nanyuki Region- 62


Method 2: Calling a Kenya Cellular number

The process is almost the same if you want to call Kenya mobile number digits but for the last part.


  1. Dial 011, the regular USA and CANADA exit code for calls to Kenya
  2. Next, press 254, the country code for Kenya.
  3. Dial the mobile phone number you’re calling.In Kenya, most mobile phone numbers starts with a 7. Note that the 7 prefix has recently been exhausted and Safaricom and Airtel, the two leading mobile providers are rolling out new numbers starting with 1.

As usual you won’t include in the 0.

Your number will finally look like this: 011 254 722 123 456 where..

011= United States exit code

254= Kenya National country code

722 123 456= The actual mobile phone number you’re calling

I should add that your Kenyan buddy or relative may have downloaded what they call ‘Skiza tunes’ so you might hear an unusual dial tone.

Enjoy the exciting tune as you wait for him/her to receive your call.


That’s how to call Kenya from US …..quite straightforward.



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