Child Adoption Agencies in Kenya (Where to adopt a child in Kenya)

Child adoption in Kenya starts with child adoption agencies in Kenya – find the best agencies in this article

For a reason or another, you might need to adopt a child and make them part of your family.

Old age plus cases of barrenness are some causes of child adoption.

You may also, as an immensely blessed individual, be looking to adopt in Kenya to show kindness or as a way of giving back to the community.

Now, the process of adopting kids in Kenya is quite rigorous and most people prefer to use an adoption agency to handle the process.

That being so, this guide will introduce you to the most reputable child adoption agencies in Kenya including how you can reach them (Remember adoption must legally start at a licensed adoption agency).

Let’s dive in.

Child Adoption Agencies in Kenya – Where to adopt a child in Kenya

The following is a list of the licensed child adoption agencies in Kenya where you can either adopt a child or offer your child for adoption in Kenya.

Buckner Kenya

Buckner adoption agency is a non-government organization and one of the leading Christ-centered adoption agencies in Kenya.

They not only provide a safe haven for the most vulnerable children in the society but also allow individuals to adopt one of their at-risk kids.

They have stations in Nairobi, Busia, Bungoma, Cherengany, and Kitale from where you can access their foster care services in Kenya.

Buckner Kenya contacts

Telephone: 0710 287302 / 796 333 444/0733713001



KKPI Adoption Society Nairobi

KKPI (Kenyans to Kenyans Peace Initiative) is an NGO which was registered in the 2007 as an adoption society.

They focus on integrating the most vulnerable kids (orphans, the destitute, and those abandoned by their relatives) back into the society.

In addition, KKPI also connects vulnerable children (as well as the orphaned/abandoned) to their forever families.

KKPI Adoption Society Nairobi Contacts

You can reach them for all of your child adoption needs via phone: +254 725 475 208.

If you’d like to pay them a physical visit, they are located at Kogo Star Plaza, Ground Floor (upper), Rm 14, off Mai Mahiu Road (Nairobi).


Little Angels Network Society

This is another Christian-based child adoption agency in Kenya.

It was established in 2001 with a view of providing quality life to children aged 1 to 3 years.

Their major targets are the orphaned due to cases related to HIV/AIDS, the neglected, the abused, and the abandoned kids in the society.

The society is accredited both locally and internationally and can be another good option for those who would like to give up their kids for adoption or those seeking to adopt a child.

Little Angels Network Society contacts

Call 254 786 941 326/ +254 790 894 669/0729 914 326 /0791 419 663 or visit them at Kamirembe Place (1st floor) – Ring Road, off Ngong Rd- Nairobi

You can also email


Kenya Children’s Homes Adoption Society

KCH is another registered adoption society in Kenya and has been in the hands of the ACK(Adoption Committee of Kenya) since 2005.

KCH is also accredited to facilitate adoption services both here in Kenya and Internationally.

I have looked at reviews from their past clients and most have commented that KCH is immensely supportive during and after the adoption process.

Don’t forget that you can also offer your kid(s) for adoption through the organization.

Kenya Children’s Homes Adoption Society contacts



New Life Home Trust

NLHT (in my view) is one of the best for couples looking to adopt newborns in Kenya as they mainly deal with the most vulnerable babies aged 0 to 6 months.

They provide quality foster care to the newborns as they wait for interested families to adopt them.

New Life Home Trust contacts

Reach them via;

Phone: 0722 406 064


Mahali pa Maisha

Owned by Dave & Jenn Bell, Mahali pa Maisha is very helpful especially if you want to adopt a child with special needs.

Dave Bell is actually an advocate for children with special needs in Kenya so you’ll be in very good hands.

Mahali pa Maisha contacts

Email: or


Hope House Babies

Hope house is another good option and one of the best known child adoption agencies in Nairobi Kenya.

The home was started in 2002 by Christian missionaries from Australia and had 2 kids at the beginning.

It has since grown tremendously and now handles over 20 children at any single time.

Though the centre does not handle children above 3 years, it is still one of the fast growing child adoption societies in Kenya.

Most importantly, they handle adoption issues for children from all races and gender.

Hope House Babies Contacts

Telephone: 0721 437 994, 0720 009 716




Child Welfare Society of Kenya

CWSK is a government organization that is mandated to respond to emergencies, facilitate rescue, and generally handle the welfare of vulnerable children in Kenya.

You can try them out too if you are looking to adopt an abandoned/orphaned kid in Kenya (or to give up your baby to new parents).

Child Welfare Society of Kenya contacts

Phone: +254 (020) 6003




Requirements for adopting a child in Kenya

Here are the  requirements to adopt a child in Kenya including who can adopt a child in Kenya:


You have to be  a Kenyan citizen (National ID card will be asked for)


You must be between 25-65 years. Also, you need to be 21 years (at least) older than the kid you intend to adopt.

Gender plus Marital status requirements

If you’re female and single, you can only be allowed to adopt  baby girls.

If you’re male and single, you can only be allowed to adopt baby boys.

That said, a single person is sometimes allowed to adopt the opposite sex (e.g. a single mom may adopt a boy) under the following special circumstances:

  • You are already a mother/dad biologically or by adoption to another child/children.
  • You’re adopting an older child (of 4 years+)
  • You’re adopting a relative-you can be allowed to adopt relatives even when you’re older than 65 years.
  • You’re adopting a kid with special needs.

Finally, married couples can adopt any sex- but you must have been in marriage for 3 years (at least). Note that you’ll be required to provide your marriage certificate.

Mental state

You obviously have to be of perfectly sound mind.

Criminal records

Your name must not appear in criminal records- a certificate of good conduct asked for.


You need to be healthy so a medical report (not more than 3 months old) must be provided. Results of your Urine and HIV tests must be attached.

It’s worth mentioning that HIV+ persons can adopt as well- but your doctor must write a detailed report on how you have been fairing (CD counts, medication history, etc).

Financial status

While there’s no set minimum amount that you need to be earning to be eligible for adoption, you must provide prove enough evidence that you earn (bank statements, pay slips, business licenses, etc).


You need to have a home(rented or owner-occupier)

Legal guardian

While this is not legally mandatory for domestic applications,  none of the above Child Adoption Agencies in Kenya will agree to process your application to adopt a child if you don’t have a legal guardian.


You have to give the names of 3 people as referees (these will vouch for your integrity/character).

Other requirements to adopt a child in Kenya

  1. A letter from either your religious leader/chief/government official– Keep in mind that not all Child Adoption Agencies in Kenya ask for this.
  2. 2 full-size photos of yourself- add similar photos of any child/children you have.
  3. Consent- you need written consent from the child you’re planning to adopt if they’re  14 years+ old.
  4. Spousal consent- you need written consent from your spouse if they’re married but you want to apply for adoption as a single.

Child Adoption Agencies in Kenya -Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is my application to adopt a child in Kenya being rejected?

There are various reasons that may lead to rejection of applications for child adoption in Kenya.

Here are just some of the most common reasons:

  • Being a joint unmarried applicants (you are joint applicants but you’re not legally married)
  • If you are a sole foreign male
  • Having past cases of child abuse or you have been previously convicted of a crime
  • If you have failed to prove that you are of sound mind
  • If you are a homosexual

What is the cost of child adoption in Kenya?

So,how much does it cost to adopt a child in Kenya?

Well, it depends on your adoption agency but the cost of child adoption in Kenya (the entire process including certificates) ranges from Ksh 25,000 but can rise to Kshs 100000 depending on the agency and your situation.

To give a better idea, here is sample cost for a parent who has adopted 2 babies in Kenya:

Baby 1

Agency fee-19500/-


Good conduct-1050/-

Legal process-30,000/-


Baby 2

Agency fee-19500/-


Good conduct-1050/-

Legal process-5,000/- (The lawyer was paid only to file the paperwork and the parent took over and self-represented himself)



How long is the process of child adoption in Kenya?

Well, in about 6 to 9 months, you can secure your new family friend.

But to speed up your adoption process, you must be committed to the process and particularly provide all the necessary documentation and other requirements in time.

I should add that sometimes you may wait for upto 2 years- so many factors matter!


Where do adoption societies get their money from?

Well-wishers are the main source of funding for most child adoption agencies in Kenya.

They also accumulate funds from individuals and corporate partners as well as holding ‘fund raising ceremonies.

In other words, the government does not play any part in funding adoption societies.


Important tips for parents who’d like to adopt a child in Kenya

  1. Read and read more about how to adopt a child in Kenya– you don’t want to start the process without enough information about the procedure for adopting a child in Kenya including the cost, what to expect at various stages, the requirements, etc.
  2. Have someone walk with you– if you can have someone who has adopted walk with you, things are going to be way easier for you.
  3. Visit multiple child adoption agencies in Kenya– Don’t just settle for one agency. As a smart person, you want to visit at least 3 agencies and compare notes (ask as many adoption questions as possible including about their facilitation fee!).
  4. Use a good lawyer– to avoid delays, get a lawyer who’s very conversant with child adoption matters in Kenya. Ask for referrals and get to hear from parents who may have used that lawyer.
  5. Get full information about the health of the kid you want to adopt– you even have a right to obtain a second medical opinion!
  6. Join AFAK after approval– After you are approved, join AFAK (Adoptive Families Association of Kenya) – here you’ll interact with other parents on any topic concerning adoption.
  7. Don’t BRIBE– it’s not right (fixing the nation starts with you!)
  8. Prayers!– If you’re a believer, pray and ask God to guide- the best interest of your adopted child is so crucial and you’d want God to show you the way (otherwise it could end up in tears if you’re adopting for selfish reasons)

Final words

We want to help others so if you have knowledge of any other good child adoption agencies in Kenya, please let us know in the comments.

Feel free to share with us your experiences with them too.


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