Here are the Mpesa Till Number Charges [2023]

This is a comprehensive guide to Mpesa till number charges, as well as how to obtain a till statement and balance, and more.

The Buy Goods Till number provides payment collection via Mpesa.

It is appropriate for both small and large retailers that collect money from customers on a regular basis, such as supermarkets, restaurants, hardware stores, pharmacies, boutiques, salons, and so on.

With the Mpesa till number, customers are able to for goods and services in your store in an easy, convenient, and secure manner.

So, how much will it cost you to make transactions using an Mpesa till number?

The following is a detailed breakdown of Mpesa till number charges.


Mpesa till number charges

For money collected in their till, business owners are charged a maximum of 0.5% and no more than Kshs. 200 per transaction.

But transactions are free for collections of Kshs. 200 and less.

The table below shows how much it will cost you to use the Lipa na Mpesa Till Number:

Transaction Charges (Kshs.)
Pay to another Buy Goods Till 0.25% capped at 200
Pay to a mobile number (B2C) Normal Mpesa send money charges apply
Pay to a utility till (C2B) The standard paybill charges apply.
Withdraw at agent Normal Mpesa agent withdrawal charges apply
Sell Airtime to customer 5% commission earned

The table above is summarized below.

Where it is written:

  • Pay to another Buy Goods Till: This is the cost that customers incur when paying for a transaction at a business that uses a Buy Goods Till rather than a Pay Bill number.
  • Pay to a mobile number (B2C) – the cost incurred by a business owner when sending money from their till to their mobile numbers. The standard Mpesa send money fees apply.
  • Pay to a Utility Till (C2B): This is the cost that customers incur when paying utility bills such as water and electricity to utility companies (such as Kenya power, Nairobi Water, etc.).
  • Withdrawal at agent: This is the fee that a business owner with a till number must pay if they choose to withdraw cash from their till from an Mpesa agent rather than having the money sent to their mobile numbers. The standard withdrawal fees from Mpesa agents apply.
  • Sell Airtime to Customer – it is the cost that a business owner with a till earns if they sell airtime to customers using funds from their till.

It’s worth noting that except for payments made at gas/fuel stations, there are no customer fees for payments made with the Lipa na Mpesa Buy Goods Till.

That’s it for the Mpesa till number charges.


More on Mpesa till number charges:

Mpesa till app

Business owners with till numbers can use their accounts to send money to other Mpesa customers via this app (the Mpesa Business App).

It also provides a slew of management tools to business owners, such as an overview of how various tills are performing in the case of businesses with multiple locations.

Furthermore, it provides simple visualizations of various metrics for the business, such as cash inflows and outflows, as well as detailed reports and visual charts.

All in all, the Mpesa Business App offers users a faster and easier payment experience.

Click on this link to download the Mpesa Business App for Android and click here to download Mpesa Business app for IOS.


Mpesa till reversal

Reversing money sent to the wrong till number is a difficult task for Safaricom users.

However, it is possible to reverse a payment sent to the wrong Mpesa till number, but it is not as simple as it is to reverse a payment sent to the incorrect Safaricom mobile number.

So, to get your money back, follow the steps below:

  1. When you realize you’ve sent money to the wrong till number, call Safaricom Mpesa customer service at 100 or 234 and request an Mpesa reversal.
  2. Safaricom customer service will hold the money in the till not to be used, then call the merchant in charge of the till number to confirm whether they received the money and whether or not they provided you with a service.
  3. The merchant will then be asked whether or not they will accept the reversal. If they accept the reversal, your money will be returned to your Mpesa account within 72 hours. If the till number owner refuses to initiate a reversal, Safaricom will advise you to file a police report.

Regardless of how effective the reversal service is, it is important to always verify till numbers before making transactions to avoid losing money by sending to the wrong till numbers.

When you realize you’ve sent to the wrong till number, call the owner and agree to have it reversed. And don’t threaten them because you might lose everything.


Mpesa till statement

It’s a good idea to keep track of your business transactions, and an Mpesa till statement can help with that.

This is a self-service automated process that provides you (the business owner) with on-demand access to your daily, monthly, and annual statements.

The good news is that obtaining your Mpesa till statement is a straightforward procedure.

Owners can access their 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, or full statements for a specific period (1 month only) by following the simple steps outlined below.

Full merchant Mpesa statement

  1. From the nominated line, dial *234#.
  2. Go to “Mpesa Business Till.”
  3. Enter your head office/store number.
  4. Choose Mpesa statements.
  5. Select “Full statement” from the list of partner statements.
  6. Choose the statement period.
  7. Enter the operator id and operator pin, and then press the send button.

After successfully completing the steps, you will receive an SMS confirming that your full statement has been sent to your email address.


Full statement for a specific time period

  1. Dial *234# from the nominated number.
  2. Go to “Mpesa Business Till” option.
  3. Enter your head office/store number.
  4. Choose Mpesa statements
  5. Choose a specific period statement from the list of partner statements.
  6. Enter the date range that begins with “Date from” – “Date to.”
  7. After confirming the specified period, enter the operator id and operator pin.
  8. Then send.

After successfully completing the process, you will receive an SMS confirmation that your full statement for the specified period has been sent to your email address.


How to check Mpesa till balance

As a business owner who uses till number services, you may want to track down your Mpesa till balance.

So, here are the steps for checking your Mpesa till balance:

  1. Dial *234# from your Lipa na Mpesa till number line.
  2. Choose “Mpesa Business Till” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your head office or store number.
  4. Navigate to “Account Services,” then select “Check Balance.”
  5. Enter the operator ID, followed by the operator pin.

You will then receive an SMS confirmation with your business’s remaining balance.



So that’s all there is to Mpesa till number charges.

I hope you found this article to be useful.



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